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01:02:47 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, any update for your patch?
01:03:57 <xuzhuang> I have tried to use anthor physical network
01:04:36 <xuzhuang> I think there is a problem in neutron/services/segments:db.py:117
01:06:32 <zhiyuan> that line will trigger a notification and invoke registered callback
01:06:54 <zhiyuan> so functions subscribe that event will be called
01:07:27 <xuzhuang> yeah, It will have an affect on unittest and the logic that we use routed network.
01:08:44 <zhiyuan> what functions will be called by that event?
01:09:03 <xuzhuang> When we use routed network, we don't need create a network for each segment, we just use segment to maintain the relationship of routed network and real external network
01:09:53 <xuzhuang> In the unit test, it calls : Callback unit.network.test_local_plugin.FakePlugin._handle_segment_change
01:10:57 <zhiyuan> so _handle_segment_change has some logics to process segment change
01:11:30 <zhiyuan> can we override that function? if it affect our logic?
01:12:21 <xuzhuang> I haven't finded the method of _handle_segment_change in test_local_plugin
01:13:25 <zhiyuan> so the test fails becauuse missing that function?
01:15:30 <xuzhuang> the method may be created in program dynamically, it fails because the callback method need to create network
01:17:01 <zhiyuan> you can find this function in plugins/ml2/plugin.py
01:17:11 <xuzhuang> If we use mock to fix the bug in unit test, how we deal the network creation in callback when we actually use routed network and segment in new l3 network model.
01:17:41 <zhiyuan> so I think you may need to override this function
01:20:47 <zhiyuan> from the function I don't see it is creating a network
01:21:52 <xuzhuang> yeah, I have tride to override but they used notify in the db layer of segment
01:22:35 <zhiyuan> you can override the handler, the "handle_segment_change"
01:25:39 <xuzhuang> ok, I see
01:33:25 <zhiyuan> ok, have a try
01:33:39 <zhiyuan> other topics?
01:34:08 <xuzhuang> no
01:35:25 <Yipei> no
01:38:55 <zhiyuan> ok, let's end the meeting shortly
01:39:01 <zhiyuan> thanks for attending
01:39:10 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting