01:04:40 <zhiyuan> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:06:45 <zhiyuan> I have submitted a patch to create the rocky stable branch and the patch has been merged
01:09:03 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, you can continue you development and later merge that patch to master
01:09:23 <xuzhuang_> ok
01:09:44 <xuzhuang_> The first part of new l3 networking implement has completed, I will test it in online environment.
01:10:46 <song> good
01:12:18 <song> but we may will frozen the feature not later?
01:14:20 <song> sorry do not see the above talk, pass my noise.
01:22:46 <zhiyuan> sorry, just back from my team meeting
01:23:42 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, cool. please also prepare a doc for how to play the new feature
01:23:54 <zhiyuan> it can be in another patch
01:23:59 <xuzhuang_> ok
01:25:19 <zhiyuan> song, I think you may start thinking about what to bring to tricircle the next cycle
01:26:08 <song> yes, I have plan three blueprints.
01:27:59 <zhiyuan> great!
01:28:55 <song> zhiyuan will you be continue lead us in the next cycle?
01:29:08 <zhiyuan> our project is cycle-with-intermediary type, so we need to have at lease one release per cycle
01:30:35 <zhiyuan> no, I have been taking this role two cycles, so I would like to have a change
01:31:43 <song> but we also need you in the next cycle.you are the most familiar with the tricircle.
01:33:17 <zhiyuan> we can continue to discuss features offline, and I can also review the patch
01:34:45 <zhiyuan> but my focus will move from tricircle to other products
01:34:57 <song> that is good.best wishes to you. thank you for all your contribute to tricricle.we will continue on it.
01:38:14 <song_> sorry for disconnect.
01:39:12 <zhiyuan> :) you can also integrate tricirle and trio2o
01:42:05 <chi> ? integrate in deployment or source-code
01:42:09 <song_> try to make the trio2o be the office. so work with trio2o we can really multi cloud cascade.
01:43:47 <song_> to chi trio2o is most depend on you.
01:46:35 <zhiyuan> being official is hard, since trio2o reimplement nova/cinder API
01:46:36 <chi> I have just test , endpoint retrieve  functions for trio2o in a uniform eviroment for trio2o and tricircile
01:47:12 <zhiyuan> but can have a doc to show how to make two projects work together
01:48:56 <song_> it can be done in the next cycle.
01:49:34 <song_> make tricricle and trio2o more close together.
01:53:47 <zhiyuan> yes
01:54:14 <zhiyuan> other topics ?
01:54:33 <song_> no from me.
01:54:46 <xuzhuang_> no from me
01:55:03 <zhiyuan> ok, thanks for attending
01:55:09 <song_> bye
01:55:16 <chi> no from me
01:55:24 <zhiyuan> bye
01:55:30 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting