01:05:37 <zhangchi> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:06:22 <zhangchi> Good morning everyone
01:06:36 <Yipei> hi
01:06:46 <zhangchi> Morning Yipei
01:07:44 <XSM_HUST> Morning!
01:08:01 <zhangchi> Morning XSM_HUST
01:08:31 <hust_xwq> Good morning!
01:09:21 <zhangchi> How things going on? what about the api can not disapatch to correct region
01:12:37 <zhangchi> in container enviroment #info XSM_HUST
01:13:39 <XSM_HUST> the zun container management just like nova vm management.I find that the nova has specified the region_name when called neutronclient api rather than zun hasn't.
01:18:15 <zhangchi> so the availability_zone parameters in zun rest api not work?
01:18:52 <XSM_HUST> yes
01:21:23 <zhangchi> In physical enviroment, wo need to create mapping between az and region
01:21:38 <zhangchi> s/wo/we
01:24:19 <zhangchi> Do you make the mapping firstly like this #command openstack multiregion networking pod create --region-name RegionOne --availability-zone az1
01:25:37 <zhangchi> #info hust_xwq what about your l3 networkmodel
01:27:14 <XSM_HUST> yes,I have mapped. But it doesn't work.
01:28:34 <zhangchi> oh I think we'd better check the  detail log
01:29:09 <hust_xwq> I am still studying how it work
01:31:15 <zhangchi> ok
01:31:47 <zhangchi> may this develop document help you https://docs.openstack.org/tricircle/latest/devspecs/devspecs-guide.html#recommended-layer-3-networking-mode
01:35:49 <hust_xwq> I get it.Thanks for your recommandation
01:38:22 <zhangchi> I have submit the patch about Make tricircle function test work with python3
01:38:55 <zhangchi> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/660285/
01:40:39 <zhangchi> I have add yipei as reviewer.maybe can help me to improve the bp about py3 funtional test job together
01:43:16 <Yipei> i am not very familiar with the functional test jobs, but i will do some investigation and try my best
01:44:33 <zhangchi> ok Thank you Yipei
01:45:14 <Yipei> you are welcome
01:49:49 <zhangchi> our to do list  mainly shows here #https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tricircle-train-plan
01:51:34 <zhangchi> hi yaguang
01:51:37 <zhangchi> cyg
01:51:49 <zhangchi> what about your Make Tricircle work with zuul v3
01:53:39 <cyg> I think it has been done by someone
01:54:51 <cyg> The .zuul.yaml file is the v3 style
01:55:50 <cyg> I don't know what else needs to be modified
01:57:22 <zhangchi> https://specs.openstack.org/openstack-infra/infra-specs/specs/zuulv3.html#
01:59:08 <zhangchi> ziyu is handling on-site faults now
02:00:13 <zhangchi> any other topics
02:02:06 <Yipei> no
02:03:19 <zhangchi> Ok Thank you Yipei XSM Hust_xwq cyg
02:03:35 <zhangchi> If not we will end meeting now
02:03:40 <zhangchi> bye
02:04:05 <cyg> bye
02:05:27 <zhangchi> #endmeeting