01:03:10 <zhangchi> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:03:29 <zhangchi> Morning Yipei
01:03:43 <Yipei> hi, zhangchi
01:03:53 <XSM_HUST> hi all
01:04:13 <zhangchi> Hi Yipei XSM  Nice to meet you all
01:04:23 <zhangchi> is every one here
01:04:49 <zhangchi> welcome back to our bi-weekly meeting
01:05:02 <ziyu> hi
01:05:17 <zhangchi> hi ziyu
01:05:31 <zhangchi> let check and begin our topics today
01:08:17 <zhangchi> The container eviroment need zun and kuyrr add configuration
01:09:10 <zhangchi> #info XSM_hust I think you can submit a bug or patch on lanuchpad
01:09:33 <XSM_HUST> ok
01:11:48 <zhangchi> ziyu  what about you ipv6_mode function test
01:12:10 <ziyu> that already merged
01:12:22 <ziyu> I with yaguang are studying zull v3
01:12:40 <ziyu> maybe you can help us to have a look, after the meeting.
01:16:32 <zhangchi> ok let's check the zull v3 later
01:17:44 <ziyu> good!
01:23:24 <zhangchi> some format changed between zuul v3 and v2
01:24:08 <zhangchi> https://docs.openstack.org/infra/system-config/zuulv3.html
01:24:52 <ziyu> thank you!
01:25:15 <zhangchi> xiaohan is now working on funtional test over 80%, now reached 78%
01:25:51 <Yipei> Sorry, guys, I have some personal business to address. I have to leave now.
01:26:27 <zhangchi> ok Yipei take your time
01:26:49 <Yipei> Thank you, bye
01:27:34 <zhangchi> Ok bye Yipei
01:28:04 <zhangchi> what about the else topics now
01:29:06 <zhangchi> #info xsm please show me the bugs link later we'all check later
01:29:18 <XSM_HUST> ok
01:36:55 <zhangchi> right now we are planning to make tricirle and trio2o working together, on plan stage now
01:38:41 <zhangchi> any other topics now
01:39:01 <zhangchi> if not we'all end right now
01:39:24 <zhangchi> bye
01:39:29 <zhangchi> #endmeeting