01:06:32 <zhangchi> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:08:26 <zhangchi> Morning all
01:08:48 <zhangchi> Welcome back to join. Time's up for tricircle meeting
01:08:52 <XSM_HUST> morning
01:09:19 <zhangchi> Hi XSM_HUSt
01:10:18 <XSM_HUST> hi zhangchi
01:12:00 <zhangchi> I saw community has released and fixed the problem that zun add region name
01:13:38 <XSM_HUST> yes
01:13:50 <zhangchi> while kuryr keep still
01:15:06 <zhangchi> so can the job test container running in tricirlce enviroment move on
01:17:43 <XSM_HUST> Yes, it can .
01:21:47 <zhangchi> Great!
01:23:28 <zhangchi> Tricircle tempest ci has get recovered
01:24:10 <zhangchi> The problem is neutron master introduced the patch https://review.opendev.org/#/c/660174/
01:24:50 <zhangchi> this resolution inject admin context by force
01:28:04 <zhangchi> We should update the security rule tempest test case
01:35:53 <zhangchi> Meanwhile the spec join tricircle and trio2o together has submitted to github
01:38:04 <zhangchi> This is a huge project and will take a lot of work
01:41:32 <zhangchi> we will divide the job shown in etherpad. anyone interested in this can claim the jobs
01:44:23 <zhangchi> ok
01:45:13 <zhangchi> Any other problems or topics?
01:46:33 <zhangchi> Welcome and please feel free to join this
01:52:08 <zhangchi> You are welcome to make suggestions
01:53:14 <zhangchi> If not we will endmeeting now. Wecome to join.
01:53:39 <zhangchi> Next session is July 17th
01:54:15 <zhangchi> Thanks XSM_HUST
01:54:18 <zhangchi> bye
01:54:23 <zhangchi> #endmeeting