01:02:56 <zhangchi> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:04:04 <zhangchi> Hi  Morning welcome back
01:04:29 <zhangchi> Time's up for tricircle bio-weely meeting
01:37:47 <zhangchi> Hello Yipei and XSM_HUST
01:37:53 <zhangchi> Thanks for attending
01:38:04 <Yipei> hi, zhangchi
01:38:18 <XSM_HUST> Hello
01:38:59 <zhangchi> Nice to meet you Yipei and XSM_HUST.
01:39:33 <zhangchi> How thing's going about the container test recently?
01:42:14 <XSM_HUST> sorry. Because of summer vacation, nothing has progressed recently.
01:44:44 <zhangchi> Oh sad to see But it is ok :)
01:45:10 <XSM_HUST> The kuryr team hasn‘t fixed the bug that I submited.
01:48:09 <zhangchi> Yes I saw it we will prompt the bp
01:49:16 <XSM_HUST> Should we write a doc in advance and say what needs to be modified?
01:51:13 <XSM_HUST> Then,once the bug has fixed we will continue to complete the next work.
01:51:26 <zhangchi> Good idea we will refresh it. most bp has finished following the etherpad. plans need to be freshed
01:51:57 <zhangchi> And We plan to delivery the stein version in the next two or three month
01:52:16 <zhangchi> The new work need to be done in advance will refresh soon
01:53:42 <XSM_HUST> ok
01:56:20 <zhangchi> Thanks for attending and good advice The next meeting 's 28th August
02:06:34 <zhangchi> Welcome to see you all
02:06:38 <zhangchi> Bye
02:06:46 <zhangchi> #endmeeting