01:15:54 <zhangchi> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:16:27 <zhangchi> Hello everyone welcome back to tricircle bio-weekly meeting
01:16:46 <Yipei> hi
01:18:00 <zhangchi> Hi Yipei Nice to meet you
01:19:06 <zhangchi> Right now our development cycle Ussuri begins
01:20:00 <zhangchi> Our jobs listed bellow:https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tricircle-ussuri-plan
01:21:41 <zhangchi> Welcome everyone can take over interested work items :)
01:22:02 <Yipei> we have a fresh undergraduate student join in our project, he will finish the rest work of new l3 networking model
01:22:06 <Yipei> his name is Zhen
01:22:53 <Yipei> i invited him in our WeChat group just now
01:23:01 <zhangchi> Oh good Welcome Zhen
01:23:32 <Yipei> We will help him learn to use irc
01:25:00 <zhangchi> Okay
01:28:31 <zhangchi> #link: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#Tricircle_Meeting Maybe this is useful
01:31:08 <Yipei> got it. thx
01:32:51 <zhangchi> You are welcome :)
01:38:14 <zhangchi> Tricircle working with container listed So XSM_HUST you can improve and perfect it
01:38:46 <XSM_HUST> ok
01:46:12 <zhangchi> I will registered  the bluepints for you later Please tell us you email address later
01:49:55 <Yipei> ok, got it
01:53:03 <zhangchi> Okay Thanks Yipei we can try our best to have more contributions in Ussuri
01:53:22 <Yipei> ok
01:58:47 <zhangchi> Any other issues or advices is  welcome for you
01:59:19 <zhangchi> Our next meeting is December 11th
01:59:48 <zhangchi> Thank you Yipei and XSM_HUST
02:00:04 <Yipei> you are welcome
02:01:03 <XSM_HUST> bye
02:01:18 <zhangchi> Thank you  bye
02:01:32 <zhangchi> #endmeeting