20:03:46 <devananda> #startmeeting tripleo
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20:04:34 <devananda> hi!
20:04:46 <echohead> greetings
20:04:53 <GheRivero> o/
20:05:13 <devananda> lifeless probably ought to be here, but i can probably cover some things w/o him
20:05:37 <devananda> the agenda looks simple enough
20:05:39 <devananda> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TripleO
20:05:58 <devananda> #topic bugs
20:06:47 <lifeless> devananda: hi
20:06:49 <lifeless> OH DOH
20:06:52 <lifeless> wrong calendar
20:06:55 <devananda> #chair lifeless
20:06:56 <lifeless> so hi :)
20:06:56 <openstack> Current chairs: devananda lifeless
20:07:25 <echohead> c'mon - lifeless was late, but there is no need to throw chairs at him.  ;)
20:07:30 <lifeless> current bugs - https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/
20:07:56 <devananda> echohead: you're right. how 'bout popcorn?
20:07:58 <lifeless> we've 8 'high' bugs at the moment
20:08:11 <lifeless> some of which are at the end of various dependency chains
20:08:33 <lifeless> I should add the Quantum PXE thing there too I suspect;
20:09:00 <lifeless> can everyone have a quick look there
20:09:20 <lifeless> and speak up if there are *missing* issues that affect usability
20:10:02 <devananda> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1174952 is fixed in trunk and backported to grizzly
20:10:05 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1174952 in tripleo "baremetal nodes are garbage collected incorrectly" [High,In progress]
20:10:25 <devananda> i'm updating it in tripleo
20:10:26 <lifeless> cool
20:10:37 <lifeless> so one downside to tracking things this way is manual updates to status
20:10:55 <lifeless> OTOH we occasionally run a fork for things that we can't get in quickly enough
20:10:59 <lifeless> so I think it reflects reality
20:11:44 <lifeless> ok; that seems to be it :).
20:12:15 <lifeless> I'll ensure there is a bug for the PXE thing
20:12:28 <lifeless> and one about adoption guidance
20:12:43 <lifeless> so - open discussion; how are we going?
20:13:47 <devananda> i've been hacking together ironic for a couple days
20:14:21 <lifeless> Cool
20:14:26 <GheRivero> any repo for ironic?
20:14:27 <devananda> i'm seeing more and more that i need to refactor in order to detangle from nova
20:14:30 <lifeless> btw did you consider using #openstack-baremetal for the IRC channel ?
20:15:09 <devananda> #link https://github.com/devananda/ironic/tree/WIP
20:15:10 <lifeless> I'm asking because there seems to be a trend for project codenames to become issues; so trying to avoid it...
20:16:29 <NobodyCam> lifeless: wanted to check if https://bugs.launchpad.net/diskimage-builder/+bug/1103084 was still valid got marked incomplete
20:16:30 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1103084 in diskimage-builder "Script does not Fail if Element Not Found" [Critical,Incomplete]
20:16:46 <cody-somerville> Bugs against the tripleo project - should they be anything that needs to be/would be nice to have done to move us forward towards the larger tripleo goal or only stuff that is specific to baremetal provisioning?
20:17:02 <GheRivero> NobodyCam: that bug is invalid...
20:17:21 <NobodyCam> GheRivero: I saw your comments
20:17:29 <NobodyCam> :) and thats what I thought
20:17:29 <lifeless> cody-somerville: so tripleo != baremetal, though baremetal is a key component.
20:18:12 <cody-somerville> right, it just seems like we have specific lp projects for other bits like dib so wondering what sort of stuff should specifically go into tripleo lp project.
20:18:13 <lifeless> cody-somerville: so the tripleo project is collecting tasks on a) tripleo specific bits like docs, and b) non-tripleo bits where the defect blocks, or significantly impairs, the tripleo story
20:18:41 <lifeless> cody-somerville: bugs in category b) should have tasks on the other project.
20:18:51 <devananda> lifeless: other project channels are, afaict, generally openstack-${codename}, not openstack-${official name}, but I would like to see if the TC has an opinion on it tomorrow
20:19:21 <lifeless> devananda: please do :) - it's only a thought after all.
20:20:40 <devananda> lifeless: i didn't see any bugs about our lack of docs :)
20:20:41 <NobodyCam> dkehn: any update on the quantam pxe patch
20:21:36 <dkehn> I'm working on the data from the cli to the back-end, and refactoring the test unit code
20:21:55 <dkehn> need tomake sure that I can actuall perform a create
20:21:58 <dkehn> then update
20:22:08 <dkehn> progress is being made
20:22:11 <NobodyCam> :)
20:22:23 <devananda> if we can get quantum doing pxe, it'll also majorly simply the refactoring i'm doing for ironic
20:22:43 <devananda> eg, i'd rather not copy all the nova/virt/disk stuff for file injection
20:22:50 <devananda> s/if/when/
20:23:32 <cody-somerville> Should we create a project space on wiki.openstack.org?
20:24:30 <devananda> cody-somerville: what do you have in mind to put there?
20:24:46 <lifeless> devananda: I am adding such a bug :)
20:25:07 <lifeless> devananda: which reminds, me I was going to mail the list about file injection
20:25:17 <lifeless> devananda: do you know, is file injection an extension in nova, or core ?
20:25:32 <lifeless> devananda: are there any existing hypervisors that don't support file injection ?
20:25:33 <cody-somerville> The same sort of bits other projects have. Info about what we're trying to accomplish, how to get involved, and how to get started with it.
20:26:11 <lifeless> cody-somerville: yes! I'll put my hand up for that - I've been planning on rewriting the current meta-link that points to baremetal to point to tripleo specific stuff.
20:27:28 <devananda> #action lifeless to start tripleo wiki
20:27:30 <SpamapS> I know at least one person has raised the red flag to me that tripleo's notes.md is the only decent baremetal documentation they could find, thus making it feel like tripleo == baremetal
20:28:01 <lifeless> SpamapS: IIRC devananda wrote a bunch of docs for the users guide on baremetal
20:28:07 <lifeless> IMBW
20:28:09 <devananda> SpamapS: yea, that's been a concern of mine as well. a while back I did the baremetal wiki, but it's somewhat incomplete
20:28:24 <devananda> and doesn't have an end-to-end walkthrough for deployers like notes.md
20:28:43 <lifeless> I think it's ok that the most useful docs are for tripleo
20:28:44 <devananda> re: openstack-manuals, i added skeletons for baremetal config and deployment
20:28:53 <lifeless> given that infra deployment is the only viable use case for baremetal today
20:29:07 <lifeless> and we're all about infra deployment
20:29:09 <devananda> but it's not much more than "here are the services; here are the config options"
20:30:04 <lifeless> I get the impression that we don't need to help baremetal take off :)
20:30:13 <lifeless> [IMBW]
20:30:14 <devananda> hehe
20:30:59 <lifeless> FWIW my suggestion is to a) enable anyone that wants to make baremetal specific docs better, and to b) when writing our docs, if its truely generic, put that bit of docs somewhere baremetal specific
20:31:05 <lifeless> e.g. wiki.../Baremetal
20:32:03 <devananda> lifeless: re: file injection, grep suggests both libvirt and xenapi support(ed) it
20:33:24 <lifeless> devananda: yeah
20:33:34 <lifeless> ok, so we're dragging.
20:33:41 <lifeless> #topic new business
20:34:09 <lifeless> Anyone have new business?
20:34:33 <devananda> nothing here (besides my hacking on ironic)
20:34:56 <lifeless> echohead: / SpamapS: / cody-somerville: / NobodyCam: / ???
20:35:17 <cody-somerville> I've added support to run heat w/o an admin token. Am working now on getting it to work with hpcloud which identity api has some v3 stuff.
20:35:22 <dkehn> just trying to complete the quatum task, and move for checkin
20:35:46 <NobodyCam> nothing new from me
20:35:51 <lifeless> dkehn: is there a bug on the quantum project for the pxe stuff?
20:35:55 <echohead> i'm working to use boot-stack to provision servers in the freecloud rack.
20:35:59 <dkehn> no, bp
20:36:24 <lifeless> dkehn: kk; I think I know the url for that. I'll link a bug and so-on.
20:36:52 <dkehn> lifeless, might check with markmcclain with that
20:37:14 <dkehn> he had mention that other were interesed in the dhcp optioon code
20:38:01 <lifeless> echohead: so, we might want to dogpile on that
20:38:07 <echohead> lifeless: so i've heard.
20:38:10 <lifeless> echohead: get a use case actually up and well, useful.
20:38:31 <lifeless> ok, anything from anyone else?
20:40:39 <lifeless> #endmeeting