20:01:05 <SpamapS> #startmeeting TripleO
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20:01:35 <SpamapS> #topic Roll Call!
20:01:40 <SpamapS> o/
20:01:43 <dkehn> yo
20:02:09 <dkehn> cue crickets
20:02:12 * SpamapS wonders just how much of TripleO is off to burn the man :)
20:02:28 <dkehn> lol, I alos think its an English holiday
20:02:54 <SpamapS> I do believe if we have but 2 active participants, I may declare this meeting lacking in quorum.
20:03:10 <dkehn> I seconded to motion
20:03:22 <jog0> I third that
20:03:24 <dkehn> s/to/the/
20:03:37 <dkehn> no say it ain
20:03:47 <dkehn> so say it ain't so
20:03:53 <dkehn> oh crap
20:04:08 <SpamapS> ok lets meet :)
20:04:25 <NobodyCam> o/
20:04:38 <SpamapS> #topic bugs
20:04:52 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/
20:05:10 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/diskimage-builder/
20:05:16 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-refresh-config/
20:05:22 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-apply-config/
20:05:31 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-collect-config/
20:06:15 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1213967 seemed rather nasty
20:06:17 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1213967 in nova "Seed VM filtering out compute resources" [Critical,In progress]
20:07:03 <jog0> SpamapS: that was because of me
20:07:15 <jog0> and the lack of tests in the baremetal driver
20:07:39 <SpamapS> are we just waiting on lifeless to respond to reviews?
20:08:14 <jog0> for that  bug I don't think so the nova patch was reverted
20:08:52 <SpamapS> so do we just need to mark the bug as fix committed manually in nova, and fix released in tripleo?
20:10:00 <SpamapS> jog0: ^^ ?
20:10:19 <jog0> SpamapS: yes
20:10:27 <jog0> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/43235/
20:10:44 <jog0> although a related bug should be opened in nova for lack of tests in barematal driver
20:10:46 <SpamapS> Cool. The two criticals assigned to me should be addressed/closed/split/something by end of this week. I've been distracted by Heat issues the last week or so.
20:11:09 <SpamapS> jog0: sounds like an action for you. :)
20:11:26 <SpamapS> (and agreed)
20:11:33 <pleia2> ci currently has a baremetal test bug open
20:11:40 <SpamapS> probably low priority though, as it is an ironic release away from being deprecated :)
20:11:58 <pleia2> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ci/+bug/1082795
20:11:59 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1082795 in openstack-ci "Add baremetal testing" [High,Triaged]
20:11:59 <SpamapS> any other bugs people want to bring up?
20:12:37 <SpamapS> the other ones lead to the Grizzly POC we did.. so..
20:12:42 <SpamapS> #topic  Grizzly test rack status
20:13:03 <SpamapS> My plan has been to go after the POC: bugs after I tackle the other two criticals. Still the plan.
20:13:22 <SpamapS> Have not heard anything specific about the test rack lately though.
20:13:35 <SpamapS> so if nobody else has anything
20:13:39 * SpamapS pauses 30s for lag
20:14:28 <SpamapS> #topic CI virtualized testing progress
20:14:31 <jog0> SpamapS: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1217082
20:14:32 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1217082 in nova "baremetal driver needs better tests" [Undecided,New]
20:14:36 <SpamapS> jog0: cripes
20:14:44 <SpamapS> jog0: oh ok that was just "here's the bug" ;)
20:14:48 * SpamapS un-cripes jog0
20:14:52 <pleia2> no updates since last week (I got busy with other infra things)
20:14:53 <jog0> SpamapS: haha yeah
20:14:56 <SpamapS> pleia2: ^^ you're up.
20:15:33 <pleia2> jog0: perhaps you just want to instead add nova to https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ci/+bug/1082795 ?
20:15:34 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1082795 in openstack-ci "Add baremetal testing" [High,Triaged]
20:15:50 <SpamapS> pleia2: perhaps you and I should buy a round of beers for the team for every week we get distracted from our TripleO tasks. ;)
20:15:53 <jog0> pleia2: that too but I want unit tests
20:16:01 * jog0 updates bug
20:16:04 <pleia2> jog0: oh ok :)
20:16:07 <pleia2> SpamapS: haha
20:16:23 <SpamapS> #topic open discussion
20:16:43 <jog0> I have one actaully
20:16:48 <jog0> upgrade ordering
20:16:51 <dkehn> few more reviews on  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/30441/22/neutron/db/extradhcpopt_db.py after we added the new features
20:17:14 <jog0> so I recently got stuck by the fact that nova has no rpcapi compat testing
20:17:37 <jog0> so a a first pass I am just trying everything trunk and grizzly compute
20:17:57 <jog0> does it seem reasonable to assume nova-compute nodes will be the last step in an upgrade?
20:18:46 <SpamapS> jog0: yes. I've been thinking actually about the fact that we really need something that systematically controls orchestration changes in Heat..
20:19:21 <jog0> SpamapS: yeah, well for now i am ignoring the actual upgrade and testing the mid-upgrade code path
20:19:29 <jog0> but to do so I need to define what that is
20:19:57 <SpamapS> jog0: I think all of the components should be able to express, at least in documentation, what they need done and when, for an upgrade.
20:20:29 <SpamapS> jog0: so if nova compute needs all other RPC partners to be speaking the "new" RPC, then it should say that in the manual. :)
20:20:30 <jog0> SpamapS: ++, having this docuemnted in triplo will be really helpful
20:21:03 <jog0> SpamapS: well with upgrade_levels the rpc upgrade stuff is a little easier
20:21:06 <jog0> in theory
20:21:15 <SpamapS> Yeah I'd hope all new things can talk to all old things.
20:21:23 <jog0> SpamapS: exactly
20:21:51 <SpamapS> But I would accept that there may be a few special pieces that need ordering.
20:22:05 <jog0> SpamapS: yeah, for example nova-compute should be last
20:22:12 <jog0> I think
20:22:37 <SpamapS> nova-compute may also be one where the nodes are just decomissioned and allowed to die-off through attrition.. so they should be able to stay online for a long, long time.
20:23:11 <jog0> so early testing looks pretty decent for running grizzly nova-compute with trunk
20:23:26 <jog0> after I reverted a patch, tempest only had 10 failures
20:23:33 <SpamapS> only 10!
20:23:36 <SpamapS> :)
20:23:55 <jog0> so just 1% failure rate
20:24:45 <SpamapS> ok, good stuff to keep in mind.
20:24:46 <SpamapS> anything else?
20:25:09 <jog0> nothing over here
20:25:20 <pleia2> thanks SpamapS
20:25:31 <SpamapS> By the power vested in me by the distinguished technologist Robert Collins and the great foundation of OpenStack, I release you all back to productivity. May the code be with you.
20:25:38 <SpamapS> #endmeeting