19:01:22 <SpamapS> #startmeeting tripleo
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19:01:24 <greghaynes> hi hi
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19:01:27 <slagle> hello
19:01:28 <bnemec> o/
19:01:47 <rpodolyaka1> o/
19:01:54 <lsmola> hello
19:02:02 <SpamapS> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TripleO
19:02:05 <tchaypo> Morning
19:02:18 <SpamapS> #topic bugs
19:02:22 <pblaho> o/
19:02:25 <GheRivero> o/
19:03:01 <SpamapS> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/
19:03:01 <SpamapS> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/diskimage-builder/
19:03:01 <SpamapS> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-refresh-config
19:03:01 <SpamapS> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-apply-config
19:03:01 <SpamapS> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-collect-config
19:03:03 <SpamapS> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tuskar
19:03:06 <SpamapS> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-tuskarclient
19:03:37 <SpamapS> still swimming in red
19:04:21 <devananda> o/
19:04:31 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1270646
19:04:32 <SpamapS> no assignee
19:04:41 <SpamapS> "PMTUd / DF broken in GRE tunnel configuration"
19:05:05 <SpamapS> Does anyone have time or want to dive into that?
19:05:26 <SpamapS> dprince: am I to believe that you don't actually see this problem on the RH CI region?
19:05:48 <slagle> i see it on baremetal all the time
19:05:49 <dprince> SpamapS: Not yet.
19:05:57 <slagle> i've been asking neutron folk to look at it
19:06:05 <dprince> SpamapS: I'm hitting a problem much earlier than that.
19:06:14 <GheRivero> I can dig in it
19:06:24 <slagle> so far the only response has been that, yes, you must lower mtu to at least 1458 in the vm
19:06:27 <SpamapS> ahh.. can't tell if the fuel injectors are broken if the starter is busted right? ;)
19:06:49 <SpamapS> slagle: ugh
19:07:17 <slagle> in fact, comment 13 says to do that
19:07:24 <SpamapS> Right, but no actual solution.
19:07:26 <slagle> i don't think that's a "workaround", i think it's the requirement
19:07:26 <SpamapS> just a workaround
19:07:30 <slagle> why?
19:07:35 <slagle> you have to account for the gre overhead
19:07:43 <slagle> (that's what i'm being told anyway)
19:07:52 <SpamapS> slagle: IIRC, the problem is that something is setting DF
19:07:57 <slagle> openstack install guide says to do the same thing
19:09:08 <slagle> http://docs.openstack.org/admin-guide-cloud/content/openvswitch_plugin.html
19:09:13 <slagle> actually says to use 1400
19:09:21 <SpamapS> well that may just be the common workaround. :-P
19:09:38 <slagle> maybe
19:09:41 <GheRivero> the root cause is that most of public routers, block the ICMP messages with the PMTU
19:09:48 <tchaypo> My reading was that we're not seeing the icmp messages to tell us something was fragmented
19:09:51 <slagle> we need someone in neutron to care about this :)
19:10:11 <SpamapS> indeed, ok, so we need somebody to care..
19:10:15 <tchaypo> And the neutron team's response was that you can't rely on those because of what GheRivero said
19:10:25 <GheRivero> no neutron/host do not realize about the limitations
19:10:39 <SpamapS> GheRivero: so you'll assign yourself and spend a little time making sure it should still be a critical and/or getting MTU set lower on vms?
19:10:51 <GheRivero> SpamapS: sure
19:10:58 <SpamapS> GheRivero: my hero. :)
19:11:08 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1271344
19:11:20 <SpamapS> "neutron-dhcp-agent doesn't hand out leases for recently used addresses"
19:11:26 <SpamapS> I haven't run into this in a while
19:13:06 <SpamapS> Seems to me like it is really blocked on Neutron and we can't do much to mitigate
19:13:34 <SpamapS> so I'll leave it at that
19:14:09 <SpamapS> no derekh so I'll skip bug 1272803
19:14:19 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1272969
19:14:27 <SpamapS> "dhcp-all-interfaces interactions breaks bridged configurations"
19:14:29 <SpamapS> dprince: ^^ ?
19:15:17 <dprince> SpamapS: That is the one you put a -2 on sir
19:15:22 <dprince> SpamapS: for good reason :)
19:15:32 <SpamapS> dprince: indeed, I rechecked it this morning..
19:15:57 <dprince> SpamapS: My fix works on Fedora, I fixed the seed on Ubuntu, but still seem to get Undercloud/Overcloud failures w/ Ubuntu.
19:16:04 <SpamapS> dprince: anyway, if it is still just wending its way through our twisty review process.. we can move on.
19:16:37 <dprince> SpamapS: yes, I think so. Also, I proposed a session for the dev summit around core networking stuff
19:17:27 <SpamapS> dprince: cool, I want to also tie into that the discussion about how to make sure when we reboot we configure os-collect-config properly as well... they are related
19:17:46 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1285269 seems to be a duplicate of 1289582, marking as such
19:18:43 <SpamapS> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1287453 is the heat domain users thing.. we're making incremental progress on that I think.
19:18:47 <SpamapS> slagle: concurr?
19:20:34 <SpamapS> anyway, more bugs..
19:21:21 <SpamapS> no assignee for https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1290486 .. it probably could use a new pair of eyes to try and verify it.
19:21:46 <slagle> SpamapS: yes, i believe the patch just needs another core review
19:22:25 <SpamapS> also https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1290490 looks like it may need to be verified.. may have been transient problems
19:22:37 <SpamapS> 4 more..
19:23:03 <SpamapS> slagle: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1291011 ... you're assigned.. isn't that a dupe?
19:23:22 <SpamapS> log is lost so we'll never know.. :-P
19:23:45 <SpamapS> slagle: I think we need to close that as Invalid .. I seem to recall that one breaking CI for a day and then getting fixed upstream.
19:24:16 <SpamapS> greghaynes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1291060 .. I pinged you earlier.. you'll pick this back up yes?
19:24:31 <greghaynes> yep, hopefully this afternoon
19:24:39 <tchaypo> I'm happy to start looking at +1290486 (dhcp agent not serving)
19:24:51 <tchaypo> It should be a good learning exercise
19:25:08 <slagle> SpamapS: not sure it's a dupe, but i'll close it, since we're not seeing it anymore
19:25:28 <SpamapS> this one is ongoing and causes headaches a lot ... https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1292141
19:25:42 <SpamapS> I think derekh is looking into it.. but he's not here to claim the bug so I'll leave it alone for now
19:26:07 <SpamapS> and https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1293782 has an assignee.. StevenK seems to be on it
19:26:21 <SpamapS> two untriaged bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bugs?search=Search&field.status=New
19:26:25 <SpamapS> please attack those :)
19:26:29 <jang1> ^^ (fwiw on the 1292141, I'm using checkspelling on and haven't hit this since)
19:27:02 <SpamapS> jang1: interesting
19:27:34 <jang1> the case semi-sensitivity is "an interesting choice" :-/
19:28:04 <SpamapS> jang1: I didn't look closely in the comments, but if you haven't added your findings there it would be most helpful.
19:28:37 <tchaypo> I'm not sure how checkspelling works; is it possible that it's implicitly trying to get the file a second time and succeeding that time?
19:28:55 <SpamapS> any other bugs people wnat to discuss? The other bits seem to be under control and have a healthy bug collection relative to their size and complexity.
19:29:11 <SpamapS> tchaypo: thats what I wonder too. :-P
19:29:37 <jang1> checkspelling generates a redirect if the original file isn't there and a nearby one is.
19:30:08 <SpamapS> ah that sounds .. diabolical. :-P
19:30:24 <tchaypo> Although the errors seem to specifically be on pypi.openstack.org - I'm guessing you must have your own mirror, maybe that's inherently more stable?
19:30:46 <tchaypo> Do your logs show spelling doing it's thing and issuing redirects?
19:31:04 <jang1> yup.
19:31:20 <tchaypo> Actually we should probably take this offline and let the meeting continue
19:31:23 <jang1> also to the having a local mirror. There was truly no alternative.
19:31:24 <SpamapS> Aye
19:31:28 <jang1> (agreed)
19:31:32 <SpamapS> #topic reviews
19:31:48 <SpamapS> http://www.stackalytics.com/report/reviews/tripleo-group/open
19:34:07 <SpamapS> #link http://www.stackalytics.com/report/reviews/tripleo-group/open
19:34:10 <SpamapS> #link http://stackalytics.com/report/contribution/tripleo-group/30
19:34:14 <SpamapS> #link http://stackalytics.com/report/contribution/tripleo-group/90
19:34:18 <SpamapS> there we go
19:34:21 <SpamapS> so russelb's stats are I think down
19:34:25 <SpamapS> or were last week anyway
19:34:28 * SpamapS updates wiki
19:34:43 <russellb> up again now
19:34:57 <bnemec> \o/
19:35:53 <SpamapS> russellb: the only thing that stays the same is everything changes :-P
19:36:13 * slagle wonders what "Emails" is in the stackalytics tables
19:36:19 <SpamapS> # http://russellbryant.net/openstack-stats/tripleo-openreviews.html
19:36:25 <dprince> russellb: a real statsman you are
19:36:40 <slagle> whatever it is, i'm aiming to keep my 0 of them
19:36:42 <SpamapS> slagle: hopefully something that is sorted ascending.. as in.. the winner is the person who sends 0 :)
19:36:56 <SpamapS> anyway, we are not doing as bad as we were
19:37:03 <SpamapS> but there are 89 reviews waiting on reviewers
19:37:42 <SpamapS> note that there are a bunch of reviews in t-i-e that are for glance changes that seem to have been sort of abandoned by the submitters
19:38:29 <SpamapS> I think we can probably run through and mark them all WIP since they are mostly dependent on OUTDATED patches
19:38:42 <SpamapS> That should be part of our normal weeding process.
19:39:35 <GheRivero> +1 to mark them WIP
19:39:47 <SpamapS> anyway, on a related note.. CI _should_ be working, but please always wait for recent check passes before +A
19:40:08 <SpamapS> and check in #tripleo if you are seeing spurious failures.
19:40:21 <SpamapS> anybody else have more on reviews?
19:40:46 <SpamapS> #topic Projects needing releases
19:40:56 <rpodolyaka1> not a problem, I can take this
19:41:00 <SpamapS> woot
19:41:08 <SpamapS> rpodolyaka1: my release tag pushing hero :)
19:41:12 <rpodolyaka1> :)
19:41:18 <SpamapS> #topic CD cloud status
19:41:21 <SpamapS> :(
19:41:33 <SpamapS> Basically Heat is so broken we can't keep the stack alive.
19:41:38 <SpamapS> so I've given up
19:41:55 <tchaypo> in what manner is it broken?
19:41:59 <tchaypo> just generally all over?
19:42:14 <SpamapS> This is, to me, a critical bug.. but a strong argument has been made that so is the lack of graceful failure notifications.. and the latter unblocks people working on HA
19:42:28 <SpamapS> tchaypo: no, specifically, if a stack-update fails, the stack must be deleted
19:42:45 <SpamapS> tchaypo: which means servers turned off, data deleted, generally "not a good thing for a running cloud"
19:43:17 <tchaypo> excitement
19:43:18 <SpamapS> so basically, our CD cloud is dead until we can recover from a failed stack-update
19:43:35 <SpamapS> Or until Heat promises 0% failure rate for all OpenStack apis.
19:43:55 <SpamapS> #topic CI
19:44:07 <SpamapS> CI is working.. or was when the meeting started.
19:44:20 <SpamapS> We were broken by Neutron for about 24 hours or so
19:44:28 <tchaypo> a 0% failure rate sounds difficult to achieve. is there anything we can do to make the rebuild easier?
19:44:49 <SpamapS> tchaypo: it is impossible to achieve. That was snark. :)
19:44:54 <tchaypo> say, some way of making the server do pxe-boot on next startup and be treated as though it's a new blank machine ready for emborgening?
19:45:13 <SpamapS> tchaypo: the retry problem is a fundamental flaw in the way Heat handles updates. It requires rewriting stack-update.
19:45:22 <greghaynes> do all our CI's now pass or is precise still broke?
19:45:31 <SpamapS> greghaynes: precise is the only CI we have
19:45:44 <SpamapS> all 3 jobs are passing
19:45:47 <SpamapS> or at least, should be
19:45:59 <greghaynes> er, pricise undercloud I think is the one that was broke forever
19:46:01 <greghaynes> \O/
19:46:48 <lifeless> btw topic for extra discussion - splitting the meeting into two diferent tz riendly times
19:47:30 <SpamapS> yeah I think we'll have to do an alternating TZ meeting
19:47:34 <SpamapS> 5am is not really doable
19:47:52 <SpamapS> ok anyway, CI .. working.. growing.. caring.. sharing.. it's all good until it is broken by neutron/nova/keystone again.. ;)
19:48:05 <SpamapS> #topic alt TZ meeting times
19:48:22 <SpamapS> I think we should probably start this on the mailing list, since those who might benefit most from the discussion are likely not here or are very tired right now
19:48:31 <SpamapS> lifeless: concurr?
19:49:33 <lifeless> yes
19:50:04 <SpamapS> anybody want to take that action?
19:50:26 <slagle> sorry, trying to keep Emails=0
19:50:45 <slagle> jk, i'll do it :)
19:51:14 <SpamapS> nice
19:51:33 <SpamapS> #action slagle to email list about alternating time zone friendly meetings
19:51:37 <SpamapS> #topic open discussion
19:53:03 <tchaypo> I've been keeping notes about things I had to do to get myself set up at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tripleo-newdev-notes
19:53:14 <SpamapS> tchaypo: ^5 .. great idea
19:53:28 <tchaypo> Hopefully we can point future newbies at it and it will help get them across all the things faster
19:53:34 <pblaho> tchaypo: +1
19:54:06 <SpamapS> yes.. another good thing to do with that knowledge is to write docs for the tools
19:54:25 <SpamapS> It can be hard and extra-boring to write docs for tools that you create yourself and organically grow over many months..
19:54:31 <SpamapS> but as a newbie, you'll know what is and isn't obvious.
19:54:52 <tchaypo> I've also been rummaging through unassigned bugs and looking for things I can replicate and work on, which is working okay as a way to get me introduced to bits of the stack
19:55:35 <tchaypo> but if anyone has something they want an extra pair of hands/eyes on, especially if it's something that would benefit from more working during APAC daylight, feel free to ping me :)
19:56:07 <SpamapS> tchaypo: I will have some Heat templates that will need mass testing and refactoring soon. :)
19:56:17 <SpamapS> but not quite yet
19:56:33 <SpamapS> I'd like to give everyone back 3 minutes of their lives. Anyone objet to early endmeeting?
19:56:56 <tchaypo> none from me
19:57:24 * SpamapS evokes the black knight
19:57:26 <SpamapS> SO BE IT
19:57:28 <SpamapS> #endmeeting