19:08:24 <slagle> #startmeeting tripleo
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19:08:34 <derekh> hi
19:08:39 <slagle> #topic Agenda
19:08:41 <akrivoka> hello
19:08:49 <slagle> bugs reviews Projects needing releases CD Cloud status CI Insert one-off agenda items here open discussion
19:08:56 <slagle> doh, failed at that
19:09:09 <bnemec> heh
19:09:10 <slagle> you get the idea, let's move on
19:09:14 <slagle> #topic bugs
19:09:24 <slagle> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/
19:09:24 <slagle> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/diskimage-builder/
19:09:24 <slagle> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-refresh-config
19:09:24 <slagle> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-apply-config
19:09:27 <slagle> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-collect-config
19:09:29 <slagle> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tuskar
19:09:32 <slagle> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-tuskarclient
19:09:46 <lifeless> oh nuts
19:09:47 <slagle> incidentally, i was just triaging as we were waiting for the meeting
19:09:52 <lifeless> I have this in my calendar for an hour later
19:09:54 <lifeless> hi!
19:10:03 <slagle> we had several untriaged bugs on tripleo :(
19:10:05 <slagle> close to 10
19:10:11 <slagle> lifeless: you want to take over? :)
19:11:01 <tchaypo> I can take a look at some of those after the meeting
19:11:23 <lifeless> slagle: nooo
19:11:31 <lifeless> slagle: I *do* very much want to talk about configs i nthe context of reviews
19:11:41 <lifeless> slagle: but I'm more than happy for you to run the meeting
19:11:42 <slagle> lifeless: ack
19:11:58 <slagle> so for the untriaged stuff, i did see a pattern on a few...
19:12:05 <slagle> if you assign the bug to yourself, please triage it :)
19:12:31 <slagle> set a priority, mark as in progress if you're working on it, etc
19:13:36 <slagle> unassigned crit: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1304085
19:13:42 <slagle> derekh: you want that one ^^?
19:13:59 <derekh> slagle: yup, will take
19:14:15 <slagle> unassigned crit: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1304424
19:14:36 <slagle> i just triaged that, and marked as critical. but it needs an assignee
19:15:06 <slagle> i actually think some of dprince's patches in queue may address it
19:15:17 <slagle> around bringing the network stack back up
19:15:26 <slagle> any volunteers?
19:15:32 <rpodolyaka1> I can check it tomorrow
19:15:47 <slagle> thx
19:15:53 <rpodolyaka1> np
19:16:19 <lifeless> so thats the openvswitch issue
19:16:45 <lifeless> dprince: ^ - I haven't checked, but I gave pointers on what I would really prefer to see for Ubuntu, I haven't had time to try to write it up myself
19:16:56 <slagle> is there a bug already opened?
19:17:12 <lifeless> pretty sure, lets see
19:17:23 <tchaypo> "The" openvswitch issue?
19:17:36 <lifeless> bug 1272969 is part of it
19:17:39 <dprince> lifeless: I left you a reply about that.
19:17:52 <lifeless> dprince: oh cool; let me gohunt that down
19:18:09 <dprince> lifeless: My choice was to go with what all the distro's do for openvswitch and let the bridge get destroyed
19:18:53 <dprince> lifeless: and I would point out that not destroying the bridge is exactly why DHCP gets broken today on a reboot (thus my initial approach to use neutron-ovs-cleanup to work around this)
19:19:30 <lifeless> dprince: wouldn't it be much simpler then to jut put the ovs db in tmpfs, if we're going to be stateless?
19:19:43 <lifeless> dprince: It's really confusing to be half and half
19:20:03 <dprince> lifeless: my take is this: everyone cleans up openvswitch ports on a reboot. We do it in openstack (aka. neutron-ovs-cleanup). So do all the distros via their init scripts (mostly so things are compatible with linux bridge perhaps). So why not us too? Especially since it doesn't cause any problems.
19:20:23 <lifeless> dprince: my problem is that 'ifdown foo; ifup foo' will break neutron flows and thats non obvious
19:20:32 <lifeless> dprince: its not the ports I'm concerned about per se - its the flows
19:21:04 <dprince> lifeless: ifup/down manually might yes. But for that matter so would many things (like calling neutron-ovs-clean).
19:21:04 <lifeless> dprince: what if we land your stuff to unbreak things and someone can work on revising it later - would you object if that happened ?
19:21:29 <dprince> lifeless: no, in fact I put a session on for Atlanta to hash through this stuff
19:21:37 <lifeless> ok
19:21:39 <lifeless> so lets do that
19:21:46 <dprince> lifeless: but before it lands we need to land the MAC addresses fix
19:21:59 <dprince> lifeless: otherwise all the virtual dev environments are hosed
19:22:06 <lifeless> dprince: thats in incubator right?
19:22:23 <dprince> lifeless: yes, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/83867/
19:23:14 <lifeless> ok, back to slagle :)
19:23:43 <slagle> any additional bug business?
19:23:53 <slagle> the other criticals all have assignees
19:24:14 <slagle> i don't think we need to go through those individually unless folks are blocked on them...
19:24:30 <lifeless> agreed
19:24:40 <slagle> #topic reviews
19:24:51 <slagle> #link http://russellbryant.net/openstack-stats/tripleo-openreviews.html
19:25:34 <slagle> sounds like we should have some new cores soon :)
19:25:40 <Ng> \o/
19:25:55 <slagle> i think saw votes from most existing cores on the ML
19:26:04 <slagle> there's 2 threads
19:26:10 <slagle> so reply to both if you haven't yet
19:27:02 <slagle> #action lifeless to do core updates after everyone has voted
19:27:25 <lifeless> the first thread is actioned
19:27:33 <lifeless> since I know dan is already interested ;)
19:27:41 <lifeless> the second thread is waiting for clear consensus from -core
19:27:47 <lifeless> and then the folk to commit to 3/day
19:27:50 <slagle> cool
19:27:59 <lifeless> also
19:28:05 <slagle> so, if you've been nominated, plz reply and say if you're willing to commit
19:28:12 <vishy> o/
19:28:12 <jdob> lifeless: something formal or can I just say I'm good with that -- nevermind, I'll reply
19:28:18 <lifeless> my brain melted doing the meta-review fo rthat, 3 hours or so of mass review reply reading
19:28:26 <greghaynes> will do
19:28:27 <slagle> thanks jdon :)
19:28:43 <lsmola2> lol
19:28:49 <jdob> :D
19:29:01 <jdob> better than the time I was called "jbod" for a good two week
19:29:02 <slagle> we are about where we were last week in terms of Stats since the last revision without -1 or -2
19:29:08 <slagle> Average wait time: 4 days, 13 hours, 32 minutes
19:29:38 <slagle> oh no, scratch that
19:29:45 <slagle> it was 3days last week
19:29:49 <lifeless> given we had a massive CI fail last week, I'm not suprised
19:29:56 <lifeless> we're clawing it back I think
19:30:06 <lifeless> but this is actually what I want to talk about
19:30:07 <slagle> yea, we feel back a bit
19:30:08 <slagle> *fell
19:30:13 <lifeless> for context
19:30:30 <lifeless> HP has a bunch of very experienced product folk spinning up on TripleO right now
19:30:34 <lifeless> you may have noticed :)
19:30:59 <lifeless> many of their reviews are tied into expanding the configuration surface area
19:31:07 <dprince> lifeless: is that where all the config changes came from!
19:31:39 <lifeless> now
19:32:11 <lifeless> every single one of those changes, more or less, is what HP is running in its existing, at scale configs, that are different to what tripleo delivers today
19:33:00 <lifeless> so I think we've got a big opportunity to pull together a consistent view of the delta between that particular production cloud and the defaults
19:33:12 <lifeless> we've got a thread going at the moment on the list about the topic *in general*
19:33:25 <lifeless> but I'd like to avoid us all churning around what to do with these options in the very short term
19:34:14 <dprince> lifeless: who is going to work on this?
19:34:15 <lifeless> I have a commitment from the teams manager that they'll work on the bigger picture in the medium term - but right now its a) killing us and b) killing them to get all these settings in play
19:34:30 * dprince is interested
19:34:31 <jdob> lifeless: when you say "product folk", do you mean people who have adminned OpenStack in the past?
19:34:52 <lifeless> jdob: yes, folk who are running thousands of nodes of OpenStack right now :)
19:35:22 <jdob> awesome, i'm psyched to have admin experience v. just a developer presence
19:35:39 <lifeless> so anyhow
19:35:54 <matty_dubs> Indeed
19:35:57 <lifeless> what I'd like to achieve is some way to get past this huge bloat of reviews
19:36:49 <lifeless> and get back to incremental improvements - and put making a scalable config system a high priority post-bloat - since, as I said, I have committment from the management chain (up several levels in fact) that they're here fo rthe long term, working upstream on TripleO now.
19:37:00 <lifeless> does anyone have thoughts on how we might do this?
19:37:30 <lifeless> dprince: 'who will do the work' - review work is us; but work to make things better - the new folk are here to do such work
19:38:02 <lifeless> dprince: their first order of business is essentially bringing across all the learnt experience - which is where this huge influx of stuff came from
19:38:35 <Ng> lifeless: when you said avoiding churning earlier, do you mean you pretty much want to just get all the config changes landed?
19:39:03 <lifeless> Ng: so right now we have nearly 200 open reviews
19:39:26 <dprince> lifeless: right, I was more talking about proof of concepting some new config implementation to make configuring everything possible, without having to constantly review and keep our elements in sync
19:39:37 <lifeless> Ng: and a review team that is able to give deep thoughtful reviews on all of that, but its going to take time to work through and make it all relly good and orthogonal
19:39:50 <dprince> lifeless: if we do this right many of those could go away I think
19:39:54 <lifeless> Ng: *and* there's the open-ended aspect we're talking about too which would make 95% of said reviews just Go Away
19:39:59 <lifeless> dprince: yeah
19:40:17 <lifeless> dprince: but we'll need something similar on the heat side too
19:40:21 <slagle> i guess there is a question of how soon do they need support for what they've submitted landed?
19:40:31 <lsmola2> dprince: +1
19:40:44 <lifeless> dprince: as well as good consistent answers for when to make something part of the UI vs exposed plumbing
19:40:48 <derekh> lifeless: are their more similar reviews to come or do we have the complete list ?
19:40:53 <slagle> i don't want to see folks getting turned off by slow review times
19:41:14 <dprince> lifeless: on the heat side we could follow a model similar to what derek and yourself are doing for the CI environments... essentially allowing people to have their own site specific stuff that would get merge.py'd in
19:41:24 <lifeless> slagle: they're suffering right now; aggressive deadlines internally, and caught on the other hand with 'work upstream'
19:41:40 <lifeless> dprince: Ideally thats all tuskar really
19:41:45 <slagle> ok, so why don't we just slog through the reviews that are out there in the short term
19:42:03 <slagle> recognizing we have a problem, and there are some ideas that have been brought up on how to fix it
19:42:10 <lifeless> so actually
19:42:23 <slagle> but it sounds like those aren't likely to get implemented quickly enough to satisfy these folks?
19:42:41 <lifeless> what I'd like to do is find a volunteer - and those teams may well provide one - to implement a config pass through system and have us prioritise reviewing and approving that
19:42:41 <dprince> slagle: I would like to be caution about top level element options because if we eventually remove them we may break compat for someone
19:42:47 <lifeless> get that landed tomorrowish.
19:43:35 <lifeless> I was considering asking if folk would be open to landing stuff with a light touch, but I think it would be hard for them to post-review fix them up effectively - too easy to drop stuff through the cracks.
19:43:59 <Ng> yeah I was just mulling around the idea of dropping the two-cores requirement for this specific set of reviews
19:44:21 <lifeless> so here's my proposal - how about we : get *a* pass-through config system in place ASAP, with knowledge that its first gen and we can replace or fix it down the track.
19:44:30 <lifeless> For both TIE and THT
19:44:42 <lifeless> we say that for this bulk set of options they should all be done passthrough
19:45:15 <lifeless> and the team will come back and help us(all ofopenstack) have better defaults in the medium term?
19:45:24 <slagle> i would be ok with that, as long as it's understood we may very well take a different route later on
19:45:47 <lifeless> The specific ask of the review team is to a) help get the passthrough thing in place and b) understand its form may change
19:46:05 <derekh> lifeless: when you was "config passthrough", you mean a generic config option setter? sounds ok to me
19:46:05 <jdob> and then close out the bulk of the open reviews instead of merging?
19:46:13 <lifeless> derekh: e.g. dprince or my strawmans in the list thread
19:46:17 <lifeless> jdob: right
19:46:28 <dprince> lifeless: my thoughts exactly
19:46:31 <lifeless> jdob: there will be a bunch of reviews needed to enable the passthrough thing I suspect.
19:46:39 <derekh> lifeless: ok, cool
19:46:40 <jdob> i'm guessing this is implied, but their ambitious deadlines are ok with that?
19:46:55 <lifeless> I believe so
19:46:55 <dprince> lifeless: I was more or less asking who is going to do this initial pass through, and do we have an approach we like best?
19:46:55 <jdob> assuming, like you said, it lands tomorrow/thursday
19:47:02 <lsmola2> lifeless: sounds good
19:47:49 <lifeless> what do folk think of the config schema in my strawman
19:47:54 <jdob> it'll certainly help flush out the generic one having so many use cases that quickly, and if they are ok with the few more days delay it sounds like a good plan
19:47:55 <lifeless> - that is in my reply to dan ?
19:49:34 <jdob> i like the section nesting better than dot namespacing
19:49:40 <lifeless> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-April/032183.html specifically
19:50:06 <Ng> I think it makes sense
19:50:27 <dprince> lifeless: it looks like XML converted to JSON
19:50:53 <dprince> lifeless: why not my suggestion above it?
19:51:15 <dprince> lifeless: unless we are eventually going to go for XML too ;)
19:51:20 <derekh> how about a generic inifile setter? if seems the examples in the mail will need knowledged of file locations etc...
19:51:22 <lifeless> dprince: that requires more parsing and a new tool e.g. augeas, so it will replace the existing tempaltes - more work to bring in
19:51:54 <lifeless> the vast bulk of the problem we have is openstack settings in openstack files we already know about
19:52:23 <slagle> lifeless: so just the adding those template lines you show in the mail to the existing templates, will produce the config options from your yaml example?
19:52:31 <lifeless> slagle: I believe so
19:52:40 <slagle> (just making sure i understand)
19:52:42 <dprince> lifeless: or, we could have a simple glue layer which auto-templatizes the upstream example config (nova.conf.sample for example)
19:52:51 <slagle> yea, that's rather slick actually
19:52:55 <lifeless> slagle: shove them down the bottom of the file
19:52:58 <dprince> lifeless: and with the glue we have our way with the config format
19:53:11 <slagle> lifeless: but what about the heat templates? you still need all the yaml there?
19:53:13 <derekh> wont we end up adding multiple DEFAULT sections?
19:54:11 <lifeless> derekh: I'm fairly sure iniparser doesn't care about that, I'd need to check. We can of course translate our *current* stuff in heat into the schema and have templates htat are solely this format
19:54:24 <lifeless> derekh: which avoids that problem. Implw
19:54:32 <derekh> lifeless: ok
19:54:36 <lifeless> slagle: thats why we need a passthrough for heat too
19:54:50 <lifeless> slagle: which I'll nab e.g. stevebaker or SpamapS on in a few minutes
19:54:56 <slagle> ok
19:55:14 <slagle> well, i'm fine with reviewing this stuff lightly so it can be fast tracked
19:55:41 <lsmola2> so am I
19:55:50 <slagle> oh...but still want to see passing CI though
19:55:54 <lifeless> ok
19:55:59 <lifeless> thank you!
19:56:25 <dprince> slagle: review what stuff lightly, the stuff up for review now? or the stuff we are going to do for pass through?
19:56:29 <lifeless> dprince: I think those options are ones to explore for a rework later, which as I said - I have folk tagged to do whatever remedial work we need for helping them through this hump
19:57:09 <slagle> dprince: the pass through
19:57:24 <dprince> lifeless: sure, fundamental work...
19:57:33 <Ng> we're down to 3 minutes btw, do we have anything else we want to squeeze in to the meeting?
19:57:52 <lifeless> do we have enough consensus or should I raise this on the list ?
19:57:56 <lifeless> or both ?
19:58:10 <slagle> list would still be good, for absent folks
19:58:17 <slagle> i'd think
19:58:32 <lifeless> action for me
19:58:45 <slagle> #action lifeless to mail ML about short term config pass though
19:59:01 <slagle> Ok, any other business in 2 minutes?
19:59:10 <tzumainn> Hey, if anyone was able to look at the tuskar proposal for Juno mentioned in an upstream email - http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-April/032034.html - that would be greatly appreciated!
19:59:24 <ccrouch> slagle: releasing the things?
19:59:26 <slagle> tzumainn: indeed!
19:59:29 <slagle> ccrouch: oh yes
19:59:35 <slagle> i will release this week
19:59:44 <jistr> tzumainn: still have that sticky note on my screen, sorry :(
19:59:45 <Ng> new ssl certs for ci/cd overcloud endpoints are on the way. just waiting for the verification/processing. I guess all the ssl registrars are pretty busy today ;)
19:59:51 <slagle> need to bump the .Y's now that the stable branches are setup.
19:59:56 <tzumainn> jistr, lol, no worries
19:59:59 <jdob> Ng: that's an understatement :)
20:00:04 <slagle> #action slagle to release the things
20:00:15 <slagle> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-April/032034.html
20:00:39 <slagle> thanks everyone, plz continue in #tripleo. sorry for the rush at the end
20:00:44 <marios> goodnight tripleo
20:01:00 <slagle> #endmeeting