08:16:14 <lxsli> #startmeeting tripleo
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08:16:33 <lxsli> #topic agenda
08:16:36 <lxsli> * bugs
08:16:38 <lxsli> * reviews
08:16:42 <lxsli> * open discussion
08:16:51 <lxsli> #topic bugs
08:16:57 <marios_> thanks lxsli my head was about to explode
08:17:10 <lxsli> :)
08:17:35 <marios_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/
08:17:35 <marios_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/diskimage-builder/
08:17:35 <marios_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-refresh-config
08:17:35 <marios_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-apply-config
08:17:35 <marios_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-collect-config
08:17:38 <marios_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/os-cloud-config
08:17:40 <marios_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tuskar
08:17:43 <marios_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-tuskarclient
08:17:47 <lxsli> #bug 1188067
08:17:48 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1188067 in tripleo "* listening services available on all addresses" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1188067
08:18:02 <lxsli> tchaypo?
08:18:02 <tchaypo> wa-hey, that’s mine, isn’t it?
08:18:05 <d0ugal> woah, the meeting is alive. sorry, I got distracted
08:18:42 <marios_> so this bug reads more like a spec though
08:18:46 <tchaypo> so I don’t seem to have notes on the bug
08:18:56 <marios_> (i mean about what could be done to mitigate)
08:19:28 <tchaypo> but my thinking is that a lot of mitigation has already been done with our support for two vips
08:19:29 <marios_> (+combined with robert's comment about the creds)
08:20:03 <tchaypo> which makes it easier to only listen on a non-public interface
08:20:52 <lxsli> So we're picking "be careful"? Option 2
08:21:03 <tchaypo> this came to me because HP security people noticed that our undercloud had dnsmasq responding on the public interface, so it was being used as part of a dns amplification attack. It seems like we can continue the work we’ve already done to make dnsmasq only listen on selected interfaces
08:21:05 <marios_> tchaypo: so ok you can use that to discriminate
08:22:28 <tchaypo> once dnsmasq listens by default only on selected interfaces I don’t think we’ll have any known services that always listen on all interfaces
08:22:29 <lxsli> Remaining bugs are all owned + not by people present
08:22:41 <tchaypo> so i think we can drop this bug back to high at that point
08:22:50 <lxsli> Sounds good - motion to move on?
08:22:54 <d0ugal> +1
08:23:18 <lxsli> #topic reviews
08:23:26 <lxsli> Anything anyone wants to bring up?
08:23:39 <marios_> tchaypo: don't quite follow the dnsmasq comment (listens on a specific bridge for the whatever subnet in a q-xxx namespace) - let's take discussion to the bug
08:24:06 <lxsli> I'd like some more +2 on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/133258/
08:25:06 <marios_> lxsli: will add it to my review list for today
08:25:34 <tchaypo> marios_: sure, I’ll update it with some details about what we saw dnsmasq doing today
08:25:42 <lxsli> Thanks - moving on to long-standing reviews if no one else has anything?
08:25:45 <marios_> tchaypo: thanks man
08:26:50 <marios_> +1 move on
08:26:58 <lxsli> I propose we use the flat "Oldest reviews" from:
08:27:02 <lxsli> #link http://russellbryant.net/openstack-stats/tripleo-openreviews.html
08:27:25 <marios_> lxsli: +1
08:27:26 <lxsli> The oldest is 222d old, it needs to be merged or abandoned
08:27:39 <d0ugal> +1, I didn't know about that report. neat.
08:28:02 <lxsli> so in clueless round-robin style, I propose tchaypo, marios_, d0ugal and lxsli take in order:
08:28:06 <marios_> lxsli: so actually
08:28:15 <marios_> lxsli: it IS 222 day old but it was updated Nov 7
08:28:28 <d0ugal> Yeah, that review is active really.
08:28:49 <tchaypo> I can’t abandon anything
08:28:51 <marios_> lxsli: so .next
08:29:05 <tchaypo> but I can read it, make a decision, and ask someone else for action
08:29:10 <lxsli> tchaypo: really? weird
08:29:14 <d0ugal> Likewise
08:29:20 <d0ugal> lxsli: neither I or tchaypo are core
08:29:23 <tchaypo> which at least saves people from having to read and decide
08:29:29 <lxsli> Oh how about that
08:29:50 <lxsli> I should know this... marios_ are you core?
08:30:03 <d0ugal> he is :)
08:30:06 <tchaypo> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/85130/ might be active but it looks like it could do with some help
08:30:11 <marios_> lxsli: yeah i can abandon but this one doesn't warrant it
08:30:30 <marios_> same goes for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/92204/
08:30:40 <tchaypo> I’ve looked at that in the past, I’d be happy to jump in and see what I can do to help get it across the line
08:30:47 <marios_> 190 days old, updated Nov 12
08:30:55 <lxsli> marios_: OK so can you take ownership and try to help it merge?
08:31:11 <marios_> lxsli: heh, clint uploaded a version _today_
08:31:17 <marios_> i'm sure he won't mind :)
08:31:18 <marios_> lol
08:31:26 <lxsli> gah
08:31:33 <d0ugal> We need a different report
08:31:37 <marios_> "it's ok, lxsli said"
08:31:44 <d0ugal> lol
08:31:50 * marios_ grabs clint's keyboard
08:31:58 <lxsli> this is what happens when I try to lead things
08:32:18 <lxsli> What about "Longest waiting reviews (based on oldest rev without -1 or -2)" then?
08:32:23 <d0ugal> Don't we want "Longest waiting reviews (based on latest revision): "
08:32:25 <d0ugal> Yup!
08:32:33 <marios_> this ^^
08:32:39 <lxsli> those are different btw
08:32:42 <marios_> d0ugal: you're doing it to me now with the typing thing
08:32:44 <d0ugal> oh yeah
08:33:04 <tchaypo> does the tripleo dashboard have a thingy we can use?
08:33:06 <d0ugal> lxsli: "based on oldest rev" seems wrong?
08:33:20 <tchaypo> i think that hashing this out makes this a worthwhile meeting..
08:33:22 <lxsli> d0ugal: as in not as described?
08:33:24 <marios_> lxsli: yeah, even if there are just comments there
08:33:26 <marios_> tchaypo: +1
08:33:27 <lxsli> tchaypo: +1
08:33:42 <d0ugal> lxsli: Yeah, it appears to be current revision but I'm a bit confused now :)
08:33:44 <tchaypo> dashboard has
08:33:44 <tchaypo> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/label:Verified%253E%253D1%252Cjenkins+NOT+owner:self+NOT+project:openstack/tripleo-specs+NOT+label:Code-Review%253C%253D2+age:5d+(project:openstack/tripleo-incubator+OR+project:openstack/tripleo-image-elements+OR+project:openstack/tripleo-heat-templates+OR+project:openstack/tripleo-specs+OR+project:openstack/os-apply-config+O
08:33:44 <tchaypo> R+project:openstack/os-collect-config+OR+project:openstack/os-refresh-config+OR+project:openstack/os-cloud-config+OR+project:openstack/diskimage-builder+OR+project:openstack/dib-utils+OR+project:openstack-infra/tripleo-ci+OR+project:openstack/tuskar+OR+project:openstack/python-tuskarclient)+status:open+NOT+label:Workflow%253C%253D-1+NOT+label:Code-Review%253
08:33:44 <tchaypo> C%253D-2,n,z - “5 days without feedback"
08:33:58 <tchaypo> that’s a poor attempt at pasting
08:33:59 <marios_> lxsli: i mean, if there are just comments there and it's been a while since revision, imo, that's the kind of candidate we can try and help for getting merged (ping author, address comments etc)
08:34:13 <marios_> lxsli: so longest waiting since revision seems like a good one imo
08:34:44 <lxsli> OK lets use "based on latest revision"
08:35:04 <tchaypo> I don’t think the dashboard has anything helpful, mostly because gerri orders things by newest-first and we want oldest-first
08:35:05 <lxsli> #info Assigning "Longest waiting reviews (based on latest revision)"
08:35:06 <marios_> lxsli: BUT we can quickly also check the really old ones, let's not make it a rigit thing
08:35:35 <lxsli> Suggest we also don't assign out patches whose owner is already core?
08:35:37 <marios_> lxsli: (rigid) like some of those in the other lists maybe need closing etc
08:35:46 <lxsli> They can chase us themselves
08:35:59 <marios_> lxsli: unnecessary to explicate that imo but sure
08:36:19 <marios_> ping the author would be my very first thing to do anyway, regardless
08:36:26 <tchaypo> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98336/ looks like it just needs a licence file/header
08:36:37 <tchaypo> should be trivial for one of us to add that and update
08:36:50 <marios_> tchaypo: i can take that, i'll ping derek later
08:36:59 <lxsli> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/103105/
08:37:06 <lxsli> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/129157/
08:37:13 <lxsli> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106727/
08:37:19 <marios_> how do we add action items here? is it 'note' or 'info' ?
08:37:23 <tchaypo> although on second reading, lxsli has a few other comments I think deserve followup - but again it should be simple for someone to make those changes
08:37:27 <tchaypo> marios_: action
08:37:38 <tchaypo> followed by name of the person it’s assigned to
08:37:54 <marios_> #action marios to take ownership of https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98336/ - ping author see whatsup - followup
08:38:07 <lxsli> #action lxsli https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106727/
08:38:23 <tchaypo> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/129105/ looks like it was stalled waiting for ci to pass, which it now has
08:38:28 <lxsli> #action lxsli https://review.openstack.org/#/c/129157/
08:38:36 <lxsli> they both look pretty easy, got +2
08:38:54 <marios_> #action marios https://review.openstack.org/#/c/129105
08:39:05 <lxsli> marios_: can you take 103105?
08:39:13 <marios_> ITS A TRAP
08:39:14 * marios_ looks
08:39:32 <marios_> sure
08:39:38 <marios_> #action https://review.openstack.org/#/c/103105
08:39:59 <lxsli> #action marios https://review.openstack.org/#/c/103105
08:40:06 <lxsli> #topic AOB
08:40:19 <marios_> haha and thus it was the most productive meeting in tripleo ever, nice one lxsli
08:40:26 <d0ugal> +1
08:40:29 <lxsli> Nothing from me, nice to meet most of you in Paris :)
08:40:46 <marios_> lxsli: sorry i missed you. i was running around most days between neutron sessions
08:40:58 <lxsli> you should have checked more bars ;)
08:41:09 <marios_> :)
08:41:28 <lxsli> #endmeeting