19:10:12 <slagle> #startmeeting tripleo
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19:10:54 <slagle> anyone still around? :)
19:11:00 <apuimedo> slagle: I am
19:11:07 <apuimedo> karume: and devvesa too
19:11:09 <slagle> apuimedo: hi
19:11:15 <karume> hi slagle
19:11:57 <slagle> we usually run through a pre set agenda, do some bug triage, etc
19:12:13 <slagle> #topic agenda
19:12:13 <slagle> * bugs
19:12:13 <slagle> * reviews
19:12:13 <slagle> * Projects needing releases
19:12:13 <slagle> * CI
19:12:15 <slagle> * Specs
19:12:18 <slagle> * open discussion
19:12:26 <slagle> #topic bugs
19:12:43 <slagle> so, i haven't done the bug triage in a while, so i suspect there are many untriaged bugs...
19:12:55 <slagle> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/
19:13:09 <apuimedo> slagle: we are here from MidoNet. We'd like to integrate with Tripleo
19:13:27 <apuimedo> I believe devvesa has been talking to some of you
19:14:07 <slagle> apuimedo: indeed
19:14:15 <slagle> apuimedo: there was a thread on openstack-dev i believe
19:14:48 <apuimedo> slagle: ah, devvesa is back :-)
19:15:49 <slagle> i see the filed blueprint. we don't use the blueprint workflow much, but i'm happy to go with it if it's useful to track this work
19:16:21 <slagle> overall, the highlevel plan sounds reasonable and correct to me
19:16:32 <devvesa> slagle: how is the workflow you use? we can change it
19:16:32 <slagle> did you have any followup points for discussion about it?
19:16:53 <apuimedo> slagle: what do you use instead?
19:16:55 <apuimedo> spec?
19:17:02 <devvesa> slagle: I'm afraid we still have to start :/
19:17:46 <slagle> we were using specs for a while, but they were a little heavyweight, honestly, we haven't been using anything other than tracking some work in some etherpads
19:17:51 <apuimedo> well, we were waiting to confirm that the blueprint is okay and will be accepted
19:18:15 <apuimedo> to kick off the work on the items that were discussed in the ml
19:18:38 <slagle> apuimedo: ok i see. i think the blueprint is fine and the work will be accepted
19:18:55 <slagle> i can't think of much reason anyone would really be opposed to it
19:19:14 <apuimedo> slagle: very well, thanks
19:19:22 <devvesa> just for keep track...
19:19:29 <devvesa> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tripleo/+spec/midonet-deployment-support
19:20:12 <apuimedo> in that case, it would be useful to know the busiest hours in the irc channel and contacts for discussing?
19:21:17 <slagle> it's usually around 11:00 - 16:00 UTC
19:21:46 <slagle> that's the afternoon for european folks, and the morning for north america folks
19:22:16 <slagle> not sure what timezone you all are in
19:22:47 <apuimedo> same as the Brno office
19:22:53 <slagle> ok
19:22:55 <devvesa> yep. CEST
19:23:32 <slagle> looking at the blueprint...one other thing you might need is puppet module support to configure the backend
19:23:46 <apuimedo> slagle: you mean puppet-neutron support?
19:23:56 <slagle> apuimedo: yes. do you know if that's already there?
19:24:07 <apuimedo> let me check
19:24:17 <apuimedo> now I don't know if we have it merged already
19:24:21 <devvesa> yes, it is
19:24:46 <devvesa> it was merged during kilo lifecycle, and even backported to Juno after that
19:24:59 <apuimedo> great
19:25:04 <devvesa> https://github.com/openstack/puppet-neutron/blob/master/manifests/plugins/midonet.pp
19:25:12 <slagle> yea, i just saw that :)
19:25:20 <slagle> so cool, that part looks done
19:26:14 <devvesa> we do have even the puppet module that installs the midonet SDN controller: https://forge.puppetlabs.com/midonet/midonet
19:26:18 <apuimedo> slagle: is there any other component that has recently followed this path, so we could check how it went?
19:26:47 <devvesa> apuimedo: in the mail attached on the blueprint we have urls to cisco reviews
19:27:00 <apuimedo> oh, I missed it
19:27:10 <slagle> yea, the cisco n1kv support
19:27:15 <slagle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/201398/
19:27:19 <devvesa> well, actually a link to a mail that has these urls
19:27:21 <devvesa> :)
19:27:35 <devvesa> that will be so helpful
19:27:45 <devvesa> since we are kind of noobs on tripleo
19:27:53 <apuimedo> not kind of
19:27:56 <apuimedo> total noobs
19:28:04 <apuimedo> at least I am
19:28:06 <apuimedo> ;-)
19:28:27 <devvesa> hahaha. yes we are, but I didn't want to seem so ignorant in front of so many people
19:29:11 <slagle> we can help you all along :)
19:29:24 <apuimedo> slagle: thanks for the pointer to that review and the help offer ;-)
19:29:49 <apuimedo> when is the tripleo code freeze?
19:30:13 <slagle> apuimedo: there isn't one
19:30:25 <slagle> tripleo doesn't follow the integrated release cycle dates
19:30:36 <slagle> everything is independently released
19:30:46 <apuimedo> slagle: I see
19:31:07 <apuimedo> so we could be "released" as soon as we are done, is that right?
19:31:15 <apuimedo> give or take a week :P
19:31:38 <slagle> apuimedo: yes, more or less. obviously there will be a code review process, etc
19:31:55 <apuimedo> sure, I meant once that is done
19:31:57 <slagle> but we can cut releases of our projects whenever we want
19:32:02 <apuimedo> I guess there is some tagging
19:32:04 <apuimedo> etc
19:32:14 <devvesa> also we should set up some kind of 'third-party' jenkins job
19:32:40 <apuimedo> slagle: devvesa: what are teh requirements for that?
19:34:14 <slagle> apuimedo: well, we've not had 3rd party ci in tripleo before, so it'd be a learnign experience for everyone :)
19:34:26 <slagle> tripleo ci is a little different from other openstack ci
19:34:52 <slagle> we have our own rack of servers running an openstack cloud just for tripleo
19:35:17 <devvesa> yes. I understand that there is no standard 'third-party' infrastructure, and we should provide a jenkins job in hour infrastructure that listens gerrit patches
19:35:23 <devvesa> s/hour/our
19:35:34 <slagle> this is because of the requirements of tripleo to be able to create vm's with kvm virtualization, etc
19:35:40 <slagle> and test pxe provisioning, etc
19:35:42 <devvesa> and, even it can not vote, it should be able to comment
19:35:55 <devvesa> slagle: it has to be hard to test
19:36:08 <slagle> is the midonet code open source?
19:36:09 <apuimedo> slagle: so how do the cisco guys aforementioned have it?
19:36:17 <apuimedo> I thought the third party ci was a requirement
19:36:19 <devvesa> slagle: yes. it is
19:36:23 <slagle> apuimedo: it's not a requirement
19:36:34 <slagle> it's a nice to have
19:36:37 <apuimedo> slagle: I see
19:37:01 <apuimedo> and that is happening now on RH infra?
19:37:12 <apuimedo> slagle: it is all open source ;-)
19:37:15 <slagle> yes, it's hardware donated by red hat, running in a dmz
19:37:54 <slagle> apuimedo: so, you all could either do something similar, but i have to say that is not something that is super easy to setup
19:38:05 <slagle> you need hardware, etc
19:38:46 <slagle> the alternative would be to have a job running on the existing rack that was just periodic, or run on demand
19:38:54 <slagle> since it's all open source, that should be doable
19:38:57 <apuimedo> slagle: not easy at all :P
19:39:07 <apuimedo> slagle: that would be great
19:39:12 <slagle> the community would have to accept it, and we'd need to verify we have capacity for it of course
19:39:16 <apuimedo> slagle: who is managing that?
19:39:27 <apuimedo> the drivers team?
19:39:46 <slagle> apuimedo: the tripleo community manages it. derekh is one of the main guys working on it
19:40:09 <slagle> i'm not saying this will definitely happen :) just an idea
19:40:13 <apuimedo> slagle: cool
19:40:19 <apuimedo> noted ;-)
19:40:22 <slagle> i think folks could be open to it
19:40:34 <slagle> we want to encourage integrations, etc
19:41:17 <apuimedo> :-)
19:42:05 <apuimedo> I feel encouraged already!
19:42:20 <slagle> good :)
19:43:59 <slagle> anything else before we wrap up?
19:44:10 <slagle> feel free to reach out on #tripleo and the list
19:44:14 <apuimedo> that's all from me ;-)
19:44:37 <karume> thank you for all the help!
19:44:37 <slagle> cool, and thanks for joining
19:44:42 <slagle> #endmeeting