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14:02:02 <slagle> howdy
14:02:15 <dprince> #topic agenda
14:02:15 <dprince> * bugs
14:02:15 <dprince> * Projects releases or stable backports
14:02:15 <dprince> * CI
14:02:15 <dprince> * Specs
14:02:18 <dprince> * Review Priorities: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tripleo-review-priorities
14:02:21 <dprince> * one off agenda items
14:02:23 <dprince> * open discussion
14:02:48 <dprince> looks like a normal agenda this week. Did I miss anything?
14:03:14 <trown> o/
14:04:38 <hichihara> hi
14:05:11 <dprince> #topic bugs
14:05:51 <dprince> From last week, we were able to get this fixed in Nova https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1513879
14:05:51 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1513879 in tripleo "NeutronClientException: 404 Not Found" [High,Triaged]
14:07:24 <dprince> I would also highlight this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1515315
14:07:24 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1515315 in tripleo "instack fails to create ctlplane network" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Dan Prince (dan-prince)
14:07:45 <dprince> we'll need that to bump the DELOREAN_REPO_URL in our CI too ^^
14:09:09 <dprince> any other bugs to highlight this week?
14:09:54 <shardy> tripleo.sh doesn't currently work outside of CI due to puppet versions, I'm working on fixing that
14:10:12 <shardy> not yet raised a bug, installing from source works for master, not for stable
14:11:02 <dprince> shardy: cool, would be good to fix that
14:12:06 <traffy> hi
14:12:46 <dprince> One more issue I'd mention for anyone using Delorean trunk. That repo was broken late last week due to a neutron packaging issue.
14:12:53 <dprince> yesterday that got reverted in https://github.com/openstack-packages/neutron/commit/4c82af80863c93f3860906ed6a98a16c3352edd8
14:13:10 <dprince> so... again I think Delorea trunk is (mostly) working...
14:13:40 * dprince isn't sure how many people use delorean trunk these days but thought it worth mentioning...
14:13:52 <bnemec> The periodic jobs should catch this sort of stuff faster now, right?
14:14:08 <dprince> bnemec: hopefully, but we need to pay attention to them
14:14:28 <bnemec> Yeah, can we get that status added to the CI status on tripleo.org?
14:14:49 <dprince> bnemec: sure, good idea
14:15:14 <trown> ya I check tripleo.org CI status a couple times a day
14:15:49 <dprince> trown: because of the cool owl I hope
14:15:56 <dprince> :)
14:16:07 * d0ugal probably doesn't check it enough
14:16:33 <trown> ya, I just like staring into the owl's eyes
14:16:45 <shardy> So stable CI just got enabled today (currently failing due to the puppet module issues)
14:16:45 <dprince> moving to CI
14:16:49 <dprince> #topic CI
14:17:07 <dprince> anyone interested in updating tripleo-ci/scripts/tripleo-jobs.py
14:17:10 <shardy> it would be good to differentiate the stable from trunk jobs in the tripleo.org status page?
14:17:29 <dprince> bnemec: ^^ that script generates the current CI status page
14:17:38 <trown> shardy: dprince, for stable jobs wouldnt we just want to use current-passed-ci from RDO?
14:17:51 <trown> instead of our out of date current-tripleo
14:18:03 <shardy> trown: for the puppet modules?
14:18:07 <trown> I have the liberty current-passed-ci very nearly automated
14:18:18 <trown> shardy: ya for anything not in the list we build
14:18:28 <trown> but it would immediately resolve the puppet module issue
14:18:47 <shardy> trown: let's chat after, I was hoping we could align the RDO and upstream approaches
14:19:00 <bnemec> current-tripleo will be updated automatically too now that we have periodic jobs.
14:19:01 <trown> shardy: cool, sounds good
14:19:10 <shardy> I tried to do that with the $STABLE_RELEASE patch, but the puppet source override breaks it atm
14:19:21 <shardy> shouldn't be too hard to fix when I understand the right combinations of repos
14:19:26 <trown> bnemec: ya just seems odd to have 2 different promote jobs for not much gain on the liberty branch
14:20:57 <dprince> okay, so derekh sent me a note saying that bumping the trunk Delorean URL is close (we think)
14:21:01 <dprince> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/229789/
14:21:01 <trown> I intend to put a tripleo.sh job in the liberty promote pipeline as well, but lets talk after
14:21:33 <dprince> I think https://review.openstack.org/#/c/244197/ may be the only blocker that I know of at this point.
14:21:54 <dprince> which fixes the same bug I linked a few minutes ago
14:22:20 <shardy> trown: FYI https://review.openstack.org/#/c/245670/ is my recheck patch which shows the issues atm
14:22:31 <dprince> so hopefully soon we can bump our stable CI delorean link to a more recent version...
14:23:22 <bnemec> dprince: +A
14:23:55 <dprince> shardy: any updates on the 'updates' CI job
14:24:01 <dprince> bnemec: great, thanks
14:24:53 <shardy> dprince: Not yet, just getting stable CI in was the first step, and that has proven far more time consuming than anticipated
14:25:10 <shardy> the main problem is project-config review latency, and no way to test those patches
14:25:31 <shardy> IMHO it's worth revisiting the idea of running our CI outside of infra control at some point, as it's a huge bottleneck
14:25:52 <shardy> but I know that was dismissed last time due to goals for cross-project gating
14:25:55 <trown> shardy: that is one place where doing tripleo stable ci in RDO would be a huge win
14:25:56 <bnemec> We already function as essentially third-party CI anyway.
14:26:08 <bnemec> We could make that official.
14:26:35 <dprince> shardy: I will try to ping in infra to help these things along
14:26:37 <bnemec> Especially given the early plans to combine all the hardware into one big CI cloud.
14:27:15 <dprince> shardy: while we wait, you could post an ad-hoc tripleo-ci job that overrides one of our existing jobs to do the same tests
14:27:54 <shardy> dprince: well the change has landed now, it just took 2 weeks longer than I expected
14:28:18 <shardy> dprince: I'll sync up with derekh as he's made some progress on initial update scripts in tripleo.sh
14:28:36 <shardy> & we can hopefully show some faster progress on basic update testing after stable CI is working
14:28:40 <dprince> shardy: yep, this is why we try to manage some things in tripleo-ci
14:28:49 <shardy> at least the jobs are running now, which is a big step forward :)
14:29:00 <shardy> dprince: ack, I fully understand why now :D
14:29:06 <dprince> cool
14:29:12 <dprince> any other CI updates?
14:29:58 <dprince> #topic Specs
14:30:34 <dprince> I posted 2 new specs this week
14:30:59 <dprince> #link Deploy Puppet modules via Swift: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/245309/
14:31:16 <dprince> #link composable services within roles https://review.openstack.org/#/c/245804/
14:31:46 <dprince> I sort of went ahead and implement a fully working version of the puppet module deployment w/ swift
14:32:05 <slagle> dprince: i'd really like to see that be more generic
14:32:09 <dprince> the code wasn't too hard there
14:32:13 <slagle> i don't know why that would be a different spec
14:32:31 <slagle> there doesn't seem to be anything specific about puppet modules afaict
14:32:32 <dprince> slagle: you mean more generic like what steve baker was suggesting?
14:32:42 <slagle> yea, i suggested the same in my review
14:32:57 <slagle> could be tgz/rpm/whatever
14:33:01 <dprince> slagle: sure, Initially I think I thought you were suggesting just deploying openstack-puppet-modules
14:33:12 <dprince> slagle: steve baker wants to deploy *any* RPM this way
14:33:29 <dprince> slagle: which I personally think is a bit out of scope
14:33:30 <slagle> take whatever is found in the bucket, if it's tgz, extract it to /, if it's rpm, install it
14:34:11 <slagle> given the mechanism would be identical for any tgz/rpm, i guess i don't understand why it would be out of scope
14:34:21 <shardy> why would you do that vs just exposing a webserver on the undercloud with a yum repo in it?
14:34:37 <dprince> slagle: sure, but from a client tooling prospective I would still want this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/245310/
14:34:51 <dprince> slagle: the underlying mechanism can easily be made to support what you guys are asking I think
14:35:12 <dprince> slagle: but I'd rather the script/tool for puppet modules to be focussed on just this task
14:35:15 <slagle> shardy: that would work too, but swift is already there
14:35:22 <shardy> I've been doing exactly that with local delorean builds, it seems odd to wire RPMs via swift
14:36:01 <slagle> maybe this whole thing is just too subjective :)
14:36:04 <shardy> slagle: Yeah I think it's fine provided we leave the RPMs in swift and pass a tempurl
14:36:06 <dprince> slagle: I said this in my last comment, but I gotta say that my motivation for this has nothing to do w/ RPMs (although I will support them if need be)
14:36:10 <slagle> swift is no less odd for tgz's either
14:36:16 <slagle> might as well just use a static webserver on the undercloud
14:36:36 <shardy> slagle: it's the tar/copy thing I found odd
14:36:38 * bnemec wants no more bash scripts. :-/
14:36:51 <dprince> in fact... the real point of using Swift to deploy a director of puppet module RPMs was about *not* having to go through the package build process
14:37:04 <dprince> this was feed back from Graeme Giles at the summit too...
14:37:39 <dprince> bnemec: there are some things that are *much* more verbose in python
14:37:45 <slagle> that was one point of it
14:37:50 <dprince> bnemec: this is perhaps one of those things...
14:37:51 <bnemec> dprince: And testable ;-)
14:38:00 <slagle> i just don't see it as a tgz vs rpm discussion
14:38:19 <slagle> no matter which i use, i want to get it updated on the overcloud
14:38:44 <dprince> slagle: we already have a mechanism to deploy and updated version of openstack-puppet-modules RPM though (via the normal yum upgrade)
14:39:04 <dprince> slagle: regardless, I agree we can support the RPM (easily). Patches to do that will follow
14:39:16 <shardy> Yeah, I guess the method is somewhat a matter of preference, but delorean w/RPMs over http just makes sense to me as it's aligned with what we do in CI
14:39:25 <slagle> that mechanism doesn't preupdate opm
14:39:43 <dprince> slagle: hmmm, it was intended to
14:40:00 <dprince> slagle: if it doesn't then that is probably a missing piece of the update workflow
14:40:43 <slagle> maybe, it definitely doesn't do that now
14:40:50 <dprince> anyway, perhaps we can discuss this more on the spec
14:41:00 <dprince> slagle: sounds like a bug to me
14:41:54 <dprince> The other spec (composable roles) is what I'm super interested in
14:42:01 <dprince> would love feedback on that one too
14:42:36 <bnemec> That one's going to be an upgrade nightmare, isn't it?
14:42:57 <dprince> bnemec: so I've listed the upgrades job as a specific CI requirement in the spec
14:43:09 <dprince> bnemec: but I don't think it would necissarily be a nightmare
14:43:20 <slagle> i dont think it will be a nightmare if we don't allow changing roles on upgrade
14:43:37 <bnemec> dprince: Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out how it will even work.  We can barely do upgrades without completely refactoring the templates today.
14:43:52 <slagle> e.g., you can't go from an already deloyed cloud to one with roles split out however you want
14:43:52 <dprince> bnemec: having a more defined vendor/driver "interface" would actually make upgrades better in some cases
14:44:04 <bnemec> With such a refactoring it seems like a potential problem.
14:44:13 <dprince> slagle: agree, our default enabled roles would probably match our defaults today
14:45:07 <dprince> Anyways, this composable roles thing is super important IMO if we want to scale tripleo-heat-templates
14:45:15 <dprince> are current arch isn't scaling so well
14:45:43 <slagle> bnemec: i'm not saying there won't be issues, i'm sure there will be. i just think that we have to land it in such a way that upgrades work
14:45:48 <dprince> specifically overcloud_controller.pp and the pacemaker version
14:45:52 <slagle> bnemec: if they don't/won't, we can't land it
14:46:02 <trown> ya, it would be predicated on the upgrades CI passing
14:46:08 <slagle> trown: yep
14:46:49 <dprince> see line 256 in the spec: We should have the upgrades job in place to ensure we don't break the ability to heat stack-update from a previous stack.
14:47:07 <bnemec> Yeah, I guess I should leave upgrades talk to people who actually work on it.  It's just my first thought when I hear "let's completely change the architecture of our heat templates". :-)
14:47:30 <dprince> bnemec: this isn't as drastic as it sounds
14:47:46 <dprince> bnemec: the underlying workflow is much the same (steps, through a puppet manifest)
14:47:50 <shardy> It's not such a big issue when you're changing mostly what software is deployed, vs nodes and networking
14:47:55 <dprince> bnemec: just creating a more defined interface
14:48:27 <dprince> bnemec: at the end of the day it is basically the same hiera and puppet modules getting executed...
14:48:32 <shardy> but I agree we need moar testing to prove any major rework
14:49:16 <dprince> if we don't do this, in 3-6 months added patches for new services and vendors is going to be even more painful IMO
14:49:54 <bnemec> Okay, this is probably not a discussion I should have started here.  It probably belongs on the spec.
14:50:01 <bnemec> Probably. ;-)
14:50:12 <d0ugal> We are going to run out of time too :)
14:50:22 <dprince> agree, lets move to review priorities
14:50:34 <dprince> #topic Review Priorities: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tripleo-review-priorities
14:51:21 <dprince> any reviews that need highlighting
14:52:04 <thrash> the string of nuage patches
14:52:30 <thrash> dprince: I believe they are listed on the review priorties etherpad
14:52:37 <bnemec> Wow, now I know why my patches don't get reviews.  I didn't realize _everything_ was going on the priority page. :-)
14:52:43 * bnemec adds his stuff
14:53:02 <slagle> i was going to ask if we felt the etherpad was still useful :)
14:53:09 <dprince> bnemec: probably not everything should go onto the priorities page, otherwise it isn't going to help us
14:53:31 <gfidente> I liked the tripleo inbox created by the gerritdashboard
14:53:37 <dprince> slagle: unclear to me whether it is still useful
14:53:44 <bnemec> gfidente: That's still available.
14:53:51 * dprince uses http://tripleo.org/reviews.html
14:54:00 <gfidente> yeah I think we can customize the queries as well if we want to define new 'priority' rules
14:54:00 <bnemec> I haven't actually looked at it before (obviously).
14:54:33 <d0ugal> dprince: huh, cool. I didn't even know about that one
14:54:42 <marios> dprince: the midokura patches should be close now (tht, puppet-tripleo, tripleo-heat-templates) will update the etherpad (is pointing to older tht change)
14:54:56 <dprince> marios: ack
14:54:57 <slagle> dprince: yea, i don't use that one :) i find score rather meaningless
14:55:11 <dprince> slagle: its just a column, feel free to ignore
14:55:20 <thrash> should new patches even care about the templates in os-apply-config?
14:55:36 <dprince> slagle: tripleo.org loads a lot quicker than gerrit for me
14:56:08 <marios> thrash: i tend to just leave a comment to drop that file (any templates under os-apply-config/ dir
14:56:27 <thrash> marios: ack
14:56:38 <bnemec> thrash: It sounds like we should rename that to deprecated or something.
14:56:40 <dprince> thrash: depends on the patch, there are some os-apply-config remnants that are still important
14:56:45 <shardy> we should move them to deprecated soon IMO
14:56:55 <dprince> oh in tripleo-heat-templates
14:57:02 <bnemec> I'm not sure whey we ever bothered to create a separate os-apply-config directory when realisitically that stuff has all been deprecated for a long time.
14:57:03 <thrash> dprince: yes. :)
14:57:05 <dprince> yeah, those can be deprecated
14:57:15 <shardy> and/or just purge all the old untested stuff
14:57:22 <thrash> dprince: so net-new functionality should ignore them
14:57:30 <dprince> yep
14:57:55 <dprince> so we didn't get to one off agenda items or open discussion this week
14:57:57 <shardy> epic fail on the one-off agenda items
14:57:59 <dprince> sorry about that
14:58:12 <tzumainn> can I ask a quick question?
14:58:14 <dprince> shardy: did you want to bring something up quick :)
14:58:26 <tzumainn> it sounds like people are okay with putting the api in tripleo-common and renaming tripleo-common to tripleo
14:58:30 <shardy> one-off items should probably come earlier in the list I guess
14:58:32 * dprince fails to watch the clock this week
14:58:36 <d0ugal> shardy: +1
14:58:37 * bnemec fondly remembers when this meeting was slagle talking to himself :-)
14:58:41 <tzumainn> the leftover issue is what that means for tripleo-incubator, which is packaged as tripleo
14:58:45 <shardy> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-November/079543.html
14:58:57 <d0ugal> bnemec: How do you remember that if it was just slagle? ;)
14:58:59 <jtomasek> o/
14:59:01 <shardy> dprince: Yeah, can folks please discuss parameters vs parameter_defaults there
14:59:10 <dprince> shardy: ack, we will all reply to your thread :)
14:59:11 <bnemec> d0ugal: I lurked ;-)
14:59:17 <shardy> I'd like to clarify/document when to use each so we can review more consistently
14:59:26 <dprince> a good thread I think
14:59:34 <bnemec> +1 to documenting that.
15:00:18 <dprince> okay, thanks everyone
15:00:23 <d0ugal> Thanks!
15:00:27 <dprince> #endmeeting