18:01:44 <hub_cap> #startmeeting trove
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18:01:53 <hub_cap> so um
18:01:53 <amcrn> o/
18:02:01 <pdmars> o/
18:02:03 <datsun180b> we had one item on the agenda but
18:02:03 <esp> o/
18:02:04 <kevinconway> #help
18:02:10 <kevinconway> awe...
18:02:13 <hub_cap> our meeting agenda is nil
18:02:15 <kevinconway> o/
18:02:29 <datsun180b> since grapex isn't here to talk to it it's not fair to debate and decide without him
18:02:31 <cweid> o/
18:02:38 <SlickNik> o/
18:03:15 <cp16net> o/
18:03:33 <vipul> hello
18:03:49 <hub_cap> so what shall we talk about!
18:04:00 <juice> o/
18:04:08 <jimbobhickville> I had one thing I was about to bring up on the email list but maybe we can discuss it here first?
18:04:08 <robertmyers> Incremental backups?
18:04:14 <datsun180b> did you see that ludicrous display last night?
18:04:19 <denis_makogon> o/
18:04:31 <hub_cap> jimbobhickville: lets do
18:04:41 <jimbobhickville> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Trove/scheduled-tasks
18:04:53 <SlickNik> go for it jimbobhickville
18:05:03 <jimbobhickville> there's part of the spec about sending success/failure notifications to customers in relation to scheduled tasks like backups
18:05:24 <hub_cap> #topic task notifications
18:05:33 <jimbobhickville> I think really trove should just emit a message indicating the information and let an external program like ceilometer consume the message and handle the notification part
18:05:37 <kevinconway> datsun180b: the thing about arsenal is they always try to walk it in
18:06:00 <kevinconway> jimbobhickville: +1
18:06:26 <robertmyers> jimbobhickville: notifications sound great
18:06:52 <denis_makogon> mqaas has BP for notifications
18:06:56 <datsun180b> yes let's do
18:07:03 <kevinconway> #link https://github.com/openstack/trove/blob/f18e0936264b6dd96ddacc7594b661b50de1729f/trove/taskmanager/models.py#L66
18:07:14 <kevinconway> we have a mixing for sending events
18:07:34 <jimbobhickville> that's basically it, just wanted to run it by the group before I ripped out all the logic for storing the notification data in the database in my branch
18:07:43 <hub_cap> jimbobhickville: ++ to just emitting a msg
18:07:44 <robertmyers> kevinconway: for usage correct
18:09:04 <hub_cap> jimbobhickville: heh
18:09:08 <hub_cap> rip that shiz out
18:09:11 <jimbobhickville> alrighty, I'll update the blueprint later today to reflect the desired functionality
18:09:14 <vipul> yep agreed, notifications should just be emittted, no need to store them
18:09:15 <hub_cap> trove dont care about storing it
18:09:15 <cp16net> i think adding a new message makes sense
18:09:35 <hub_cap> cp16net: too late for input its been decided (i kid)
18:09:35 <denis_makogon> guys, gate is broken ...
18:09:38 <SlickNik> +1 to not storing notifications.
18:09:45 <denis_makogon> i just find out it
18:09:47 <cp16net> ahhh
18:09:47 <hub_cap> denis_makogon: is that worth a topic?
18:09:50 <SlickNik> denis_makogon: What do you mean, do you have a link?
18:10:02 <hub_cap> denis_makogon: maybe put that in the #openstack-trove channel guys
18:10:07 <hub_cap> so we can do meeting here
18:10:31 <denis_makogon> sorry for off-topic
18:10:35 <hub_cap> np
18:10:50 <hub_cap> so jimbobhickville you good to go?
18:11:13 <jimbobhickville> yep, I'm good
18:11:22 <hub_cap> ok awesome.
18:11:41 <hub_cap> #topic open discussion
18:11:44 <SlickNik> Will look into the gate as soon as the meeting is done.
18:12:36 <SlickNik> I didn't get a chance to schedule the tempest meeting as yet.
18:12:39 <SlickNik> Will do it this week.
18:12:43 <vipul> wrt replication / cluster api.. we seemed to have agreement that replicaiton would be two separate calls, first to create the master, another to create a slave that points to the master
18:12:49 <vipul> imsplitbit: is that the approach you were taking
18:12:55 <SlickNik> So please keep an eye out on the mailing list for that.
18:13:40 <vipul> and is Heat a requirement for implemention master/slave
18:14:00 <imsplitbit> vipul: yes
18:14:00 <vipul> or were  you going to just add that logic to Taskmanager
18:14:06 <imsplitbit> this is what we discussed
18:14:17 <imsplitbit> and is the assumption I am operating on
18:14:39 <hub_cap> vipul: imsplitbit i hate to say it
18:14:52 <hub_cap> but im on the fence still in some sort (if we can consolidate it)
18:14:59 <hub_cap> i think itll be easier once one of the apis is created
18:15:21 <hub_cap> but imsplitbits assumption is valid for now
18:15:25 <hub_cap> :)
18:15:49 <vipul> hmm ok.. we might pick up the implementation soon so maybe we'll need to adjust it during review
18:15:54 <amcrn> vipul imsplitbit can we get a rundown of the assumptions and talking points made this past week wrt clusters/topologies?
18:15:54 <vipul> what about Heat?
18:16:07 <amcrn> (over mailing list preferably)
18:16:38 <vipul> Sure we can do that
18:16:44 <imsplitbit> one quick note here is I am *not* writing a datastore impl
18:16:56 <imsplitbit> I am hooking in metadata into the instance object
18:17:29 <vipul> Ok, so purely an API change -- no code to actually look into the metadata and act on it
18:18:23 <imsplitbit> correct
18:18:40 <imsplitbit> then I'll hook in the validation for the replication contract descriptive language
18:18:53 <imsplitbit> at that point someone can write a datastore impl
18:19:40 <denis_makogon> imsplitbit, of course
18:19:58 <denis_makogon> it IH release we could have mongo and mysql replicas
18:20:26 <vipul> so is there a stance on Heat for provisioning?  should all new provisioning code go through Heat, and only support a single code path
18:21:04 <hub_cap> denis_makogon: that might be a stretch :)
18:21:07 <imsplitbit> I would say that for better or worse heat is intended to do all that stuff
18:21:22 <imsplitbit> I've had a few convos with heat devs
18:21:31 <amcrn> vipul to be clear, when you say provisioning you're only referring to creation/launching, not the modification of, correct?
18:21:31 <hub_cap> heat should be doing the provisioning work
18:21:35 <imsplitbit> all so far have asked "now wait... *why* are you using heat for that?"
18:21:37 <denis_makogon> vipul, i assume that we would use only heat
18:21:52 <vipul> amcrn: I would assume modification of the stack as well, not necessarily of an instance
18:22:00 <hub_cap> imsplitbit: we dont have a choice
18:22:06 <imsplitbit> but that's not within the realm of things I care enough to even investigate to formulate an informed desicion
18:22:10 <hub_cap> vipul: amcrn yes to grow/shrink a stack
18:22:11 <vipul> amcrn: so stack-create may create 1 master node.. if we go with the 2 api call approach
18:22:14 <denis_makogon> i'm working on heat and search for missing funcs for trove
18:22:15 <imsplitbit> hence my previous statement hub_cap :)
18:22:19 <vipul> then we'd do stack update to add slave
18:22:26 <hub_cap> but first we need to solve resize + heat + trove it hink
18:22:35 <imsplitbit> hub_cap: yep
18:22:37 <demorris> how will slave promotion work?
18:22:41 <denis_makogon> stack create could handle instance group provisioning
18:22:43 <amcrn> vipul thanks for the clarification
18:23:03 <demorris> both manually, and automated, in the event of a failed master
18:23:12 <vipul> demorris: I believe there shoudl be an API for that
18:23:34 <vipul> removal of the metadata "replicates_from" on a slave instance would promote it
18:23:45 <vipul> automated...
18:23:46 <demorris> vipul: cool
18:23:52 <demorris> but that is a bit obscure ihmo
18:24:11 <imsplitbit> vipul: correct
18:24:24 <demorris> vs a call that says promote or promotToMaster and removes the replicates_from
18:24:27 <vipul> we would likely need another component 'observer' or something that watches the states reported (or not reported) by guest agents
18:25:14 <vipul> there are better ways to do this.. by introducing 3rd party things that would watch a master/slave pair
18:25:32 <vipul> but in the context of Trove, we probably would have to rely on the status of the guests themselves
18:25:43 <imsplitbit> vipul: yes
18:25:43 <vipul> it would be more polling, but don't knkow of a better way
18:26:09 <imsplitbit> the health or replication, wrt mysql, is something that *must* be queried actively from the replicants
18:26:21 <SlickNik> vipul: is this so that we can watch the status to ensure that replication is healthy?
18:26:29 <vipul> right
18:26:29 <imsplitbit> therefore it is data that would have to bubble up from the guest agent
18:26:34 <imsplitbit> or a client connection
18:26:45 <jimbobhickville> I agree with demorris that we should have a convenience API to make the process easier to grok
18:26:48 <hub_cap> yea lets get a clustering api working before we solve this guys :)
18:26:49 <kevinconway> could you not add replication/cluster health to the heartbeat?
18:26:58 <imsplitbit> I don't disagree with making it easier
18:27:03 <vipul> so it's likely that most of the time when there is a failure, there won't be a status from the guest heartbeat.. absense of a heartbeat
18:27:07 <jimbobhickville> no, we must solve everything and do nothing
18:27:10 <jimbobhickville> :P
18:27:13 <imsplitbit> but before we build the lego castle we first need the lego no?
18:27:34 <vipul> which will be difficult to determine why a heartbeat was missing, was it cuz gueatagent died... was it cuz instance died..
18:27:41 <demorris> i am fine with get manual promotion working first
18:27:51 <kevinconway> vipul: wouldn't both indicate a problem with the node though?
18:28:07 <SlickNik> kevinconway: You could, but I think the observer needs to be actively observing it to automate any slave-promotion scenarios (on an unhealthy master, for instance).
18:28:08 <vipul> kevinconway: sure, but guestagent being down doesn't mean mysql is down
18:28:22 <imsplitbit> kevinconway: yes but not necessarily a problem with replication
18:28:28 <kevinconway> but if the guest is down then we have no control over the db or the instance anymore
18:28:30 <vipul> kevinconway: it could lead to premature slave promotions
18:28:36 <kevinconway> shouldn't it be pruned from the set for that reason?
18:28:44 <imsplitbit> vipul: +100000000
18:29:23 <vipul> kevinconway: yea that's one way to look at it.. we can't actively manage it.. so maybe a promotion is justified.. but not a good experience for the user
18:29:29 <kevinconway> can we call it a rogue master. is that an oxymoron?
18:29:52 <hub_cap> so a shutdown message that came to conductor 2s ago, which has been shutdown for the last few msgs, indicates  mysql is failed, act upon it, via the guest
18:30:02 <hub_cap> no communciation to conductor means the guest is down, there is nothing we can do
18:30:13 <hub_cap> so i dont think we need to program to #2 yet
18:30:20 <denis_makogon> agreed
18:30:20 <hub_cap> lets focus on #1 when we go down this route
18:30:26 <jimbobhickville> agreed
18:30:33 <imsplitbit> I can't wait until we're circularly promoting slaves infinitely
18:30:35 <imsplitbit> :)
18:30:38 <SlickNik> +1 to focusing on the API first.
18:30:47 <hub_cap> imsplitbit: hehehe yes, yes it will
18:30:48 <denis_makogon> since we have heartbeat timeout we could totally say that guest is down
18:31:32 <vipul> i was hoping heat would be able to to act on this kind of stuff... but i don't think it's possible to feed in our states
18:31:39 <hub_cap> imsplitbit: if we promote them at different intervals we can eventually detect a cycle, right ;)
18:31:44 <vipul> w/o sending those through ceilometer or something
18:32:38 <vipul> anywya, since heat is something we'll need, there is a bunch of stuff missing in the current heat integration
18:32:42 <vipul> like keeping track of the 'stack id'
18:32:46 <imsplitbit> there are definitely valid rules that need to be wrapped around this yet.  I just want to make sure that we first have the ability to accurately describe that one instances data is being replicated to another before we try to solve how you stop a rogue master and circular replication slave promotion :)
18:33:12 <denis_makogon> vipul, i'm working on that (traking stack id)
18:33:34 <vipul> imsplitbit: agree, good to know we're all on the same track
18:33:40 <imsplitbit> definitely
18:33:42 <vipul> denis_makogon: cool
18:33:47 <denis_makogon> there is a plan to keep trove simple and make heat quite smart
18:34:02 <denis_makogon> there are already bunch of BPs for that
18:34:20 <vipul> denis_makogon: sure, i think there are integrations with a lot of different things required to get to that point (i.e. Ceilometer)
18:34:51 <demorris> so what of the API discussion with replication and slave promotion..are Greg and I the only ones who think that an explicit API call is needed for these, rather than just setting or modifying metadata?
18:34:54 <denis_makogon> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/search-stack-by-resource-id
18:35:01 <denis_makogon> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/heat/+spec/search-resource-by-physical-resource-id
18:35:59 <vipul> demorris: i don't think a separate call should be introduced.. it really is an update to an existing resource
18:36:25 <jimbobhickville> it would just be a convenience method to make it simpler for users
18:36:33 <vipul> we may want to add to the metadata.. and explicitly introduce a 'type' = slave or something
18:36:44 <amcrn> to be honest, without a specification or quick walkthrough via bp/wiki, it's hard to objectively say one approach is better than the other; the devil is in the details.
18:36:46 <imsplitbit> I get skittish about "convenience" methods
18:37:08 <demorris> in the current design, how does it work if I have a single master and I want to add a slave?
18:37:12 <vipul> amcrn: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Trove-Replication-And-Clustering-API
18:37:13 <jimbobhickville> ok, I don't.  I think making the API easy to use is the primary concern
18:37:14 <imsplitbit> but we should first examine how the existing proposal is hard and see if we can simplify that
18:37:17 <vipul> amcrn: at the very bottom
18:37:28 <kevinconway> jimbobhickville: i think "convenience method" could also be called "application"
18:37:31 <amcrn> vipul: isn't this outdated?
18:37:45 <demorris> I have a single instance and its my master and I want to create a slave of it, but no other instances exist
18:37:46 <imsplitbit> demorris: the current proposal is to change the metadata of the resource
18:37:56 <imsplitbit> that triggers the needful
18:38:03 <vipul> imsplitbit, amcrn: this is the only one i know of https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Trove-Replication-And-Clustering-API  -- is this what you're working off of?
18:38:11 <imsplitbit> vipul: yep
18:38:23 <demorris> can I create a new instance and have it be a slave of the master in a single operation?
18:38:23 <imsplitbit> if there is anything that is missing then lets iron it out
18:38:29 <demorris> or do I have to do multiple operations
18:38:43 <imsplitbit> cause if this changes again I may commit seppuku
18:38:57 <vipul> demorris: it's a single operation to create a slave instance and have it start replicating
18:38:58 <demorris> i think it should be an atomic operation for the user
18:39:00 <hub_cap> lol imsplitbit
18:39:09 <demorris> vipul: okay cool
18:39:12 <vipul> demorris: it's 2 operations to create a master+ slave
18:39:52 <amcrn> vipul: maybe i've just had these conversations in my head (quite possible), but i swear i remember talking about things like replicates_from being non-sensical from a NoSQL perspective, and a couple of other things
18:40:21 <amcrn> i mean the examples still have service_type vs. datastore, it's very mysql-centric
18:40:25 <imsplitbit> amcrn: it may for some datastores yes?
18:40:42 <imsplitbit> how does that not apply to say redis?
18:40:45 <jimbobhickville> sorry, I thought we were talking about promoting a slave, and it sounded like it was two separate operations to promote the slave and demote the master, and I thought a single atomic convenience method made sense for that operation
18:40:46 <imsplitbit> or postgres?
18:40:50 <kevinconway> does mongo only do master-master replication?
18:40:51 <imsplitbit> perhaps redundant
18:41:11 <amcrn> right, but the api schema should not wildly change depending upon the datastore; it's possible to construct terms/structures that are fairly agnostic
18:41:21 <demorris> kevinconway: mongodb does replica sets
18:41:30 <imsplitbit> I don't think the verbiage was ever accepted
18:41:47 <imsplitbit> I was gonna hook in metadata and then ML the replicaton contract verbiage
18:41:51 <vipul> what was the suggested alternative?  i don't remember the details of that
18:42:00 <imsplitbit> I don't know that there were vipul
18:42:10 <imsplitbit> I remember hearing that replicates_from didn't make sense
18:42:49 <imsplitbit> but there needs to be a way to describe a bidirectional replication contract imo
18:42:52 <amcrn> imsplitbit: just to make sure: so i can take that wiki as the source of truth for the current state of the proposal, and iterate on it (by sending thoughts to ML, etc.)?
18:43:12 <imsplitbit> that is the basis on which I am operating amcrn
18:43:17 <kevinconway> amcrn: the bigger the changes the better
18:43:18 <SlickNik> IIRC, the master-master replication scenarios for other datastore types were going to be handled by the clustering API (using a master-master cluster type)
18:44:18 <imsplitbit> SlickNik: I don't know that that is a great idea but I'm not prepared to argue it right now  :D
18:44:22 <vipul> also it is metadata, we need to figure out how much flexibility we want to add to that
18:44:31 <imsplitbit> vipul: +1
18:44:56 <vipul> because i don't think there will be a verb that makes sense for all use cases
18:44:57 <SlickNik> imsplitbit: I'm not arguing for it either. It was just something that was  brought up in a different conversation earlier.
18:44:58 <imsplitbit> so *no* work has been put into the replication contract language.  the proposal I believe includes some jumping off points
18:45:11 <amcrn> vipul imsplitbit i remember bringing up handling metadata like glance (w/ its pros and cons)
18:45:13 <imsplitbit> SlickNik: possibly I don't really recall
18:45:37 <hub_cap> amcrn: imsplitbit any changes to the wiki should be ok'd by the group at this point
18:45:49 <imsplitbit> yeah for sure
18:45:52 <hub_cap> amrith: u following this? :)
18:46:00 <kevinconway> imsplitbit: is that a DSL for replication? i feel like i missed that bit.
18:46:02 <amcrn> alright, cool, glad to see this is gaining some mindshare/traction again, let me reacquaint mysql with the wiki and start collecting my thoughts.
18:46:12 <amcrn> lol, mysql = myself*
18:46:17 <vipul> amcrn: i will dig out the email thread you had started, must have missed some of this stuff
18:46:17 <doug_shelley66> we are following along
18:46:20 <imsplitbit> kevinconway: we have said we lack sufficient discussion on the dsl
18:46:24 <imsplitbit> so that is forthcoming
18:46:25 <SlickNik> imsplitbit: I'm perfectly fine with not handling that until we have a working replication API for the mysql datastore.
18:46:28 <hub_cap> amcrn: lol at that slip
18:46:42 <SlickNik> lol amcrn
18:46:46 <hub_cap> imsplitbit: likes to say dsl cuz it sounds like dsal
18:46:54 <kevinconway> imsplitbit: I hear HEAT has a great DSL for describing configurations of things.
18:47:07 <hub_cap> hahaha kevinconway
18:47:13 <imsplitbit> I don't know why we're doing anything, just tell heat to do it!
18:47:15 <imsplitbit> :)
18:47:20 <denis_makogon> kevinconway, somehow yes
18:47:39 <hub_cap> ok so.. do we all have a understanding of whats going on w/ clustering currently?
18:47:46 <imsplitbit> replication yes
18:47:50 <amrith> hub_cap: yes ...
18:47:51 <denis_makogon> until heat guys will say DIY
18:47:53 <imsplitbit> clustering we haven't even talked about
18:47:53 <kevinconway> it sounds like we need to totally redo the wiki
18:47:57 <hub_cap> imsplitbit: :O
18:48:09 <hub_cap> semantics ;)
18:48:14 <imsplitbit> but I believe we've sync'd back up now on metadata and replication
18:48:49 <vipul> we should try to nail this stuff down soon.. so folks can get some of the cooler things added to trove
18:49:20 <imsplitbit> vipul: +1
18:49:26 <imsplitbit> I should be done with metadata soon
18:49:32 <imsplitbit> hooking it into SimpleInstance now
18:49:42 <hub_cap> s/hook/hack
18:49:47 <imsplitbit> for sure
18:49:49 <imsplitbit> :)
18:49:51 <hub_cap> :P
18:50:00 <imsplitbit> then we can tear that apart and make it right
18:50:07 <imsplitbit> and then work on replication
18:50:12 <hub_cap> ok so anything not related to clustering/replication?
18:50:23 <hub_cap> SlickNik: did u mention a testing update?
18:50:28 <imsplitbit> man and I wasn't even *on* the agenda
18:50:32 <amrith> vipul: looking at the document (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Trove-Replication-And-Clustering-API) referenced above, I think there's a serious set of issue around the fact that fundamentally Trove wishes to support both RDBMS and NoSQL DBMS. And each one has a different interpretation of "which way is up"
18:51:12 <vipul> amrith: Yea we do want to create an API that supports both types of datastores, which is why this is much harder to do than it seemed
18:51:19 <kevinconway> we should probably drop mongo support… denis_makogon
18:51:20 <SlickNik> hub_cap: I'm still waiting for a couple of patches to merge into infra.
18:51:21 <hub_cap> amcrn: heh
18:51:34 <denis_makogon> amrith, it's funny but NoSQL Cassandra perfectly fits to replication design))))
18:51:40 <amrith> kevinconway: :)
18:52:13 <SlickNik> hub_cap: I've gotten started on writing basic services for trove in tempest.
18:52:21 <denis_makogon> kevinconway, yes, sounds like, oh way, it sounds like bad idea, lol
18:52:40 <demorris> there are lots of similarities in describing clusters of NoSQL and SQL data stores, I don't see that as the big issue on the surface from an API perspective
18:52:58 <SlickNik> #action: SlickNik to schedule some time to talk about tempest testing in openstack-trove and send an update out on the ML
18:53:13 <denis_makogon> good idea
18:53:14 <SlickNik> That's all I have for now.
18:54:13 <amcrn> i've got a few things on making devstack/redstack easier for new contributors, plus getting a management-cli out in the public and consumable; but that's for next week.
18:54:32 <hub_cap> amrith: i think we have to address your concerns outside this meeting
18:54:39 <amrith> denis_makogon: I don't understand the proposal for repl fully yet so will get back to you later.
18:54:51 <amrith> hub_cap: I have a lot to understand of the proposal
18:55:05 <amrith> will do as you recommend; outside mth
18:55:15 <amrith> s/mth/mtg/
18:55:16 <hub_cap> amrith: i think we all have a lot to discover about the proposal
18:55:31 <hub_cap> and at best its a proposal currently hehe
18:56:48 <denis_makogon> are we done for the meeting ?
18:57:45 <kevinconway> maybe we should talk about the specifics of clustering api with our remaining 2.5 minutes
18:58:05 <imsplitbit> kevinconway: I will find you
18:58:09 <imsplitbit> :)
18:58:09 <hub_cap> LOL kevinconway
18:58:36 <hub_cap> #topic make kevinconway our official master of ceremonies
18:58:53 <jimbobhickville> concur!
18:58:54 <denis_makogon> lol
18:58:59 <hub_cap> whoops that was supposed to be an action
18:59:02 <hub_cap> not a topic change
18:59:03 <hub_cap> HAHAHAAH
18:59:14 <hub_cap> ok were done
18:59:22 <hub_cap> #endmeeting