18:03:31 <hub_cap> #startmeeting trove
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18:03:33 <datsun180b> hello
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18:03:36 <cweid> o/
18:03:37 <robertmyers> o/
18:03:38 <denis_makogon> o/
18:03:38 <glucas> o/
18:03:44 <ViswaV> o/
18:03:46 <hub_cap> hi all
18:03:54 <denis_makogon> whaazzzzaap
18:04:01 <hub_cap> #topic i3 status
18:04:08 <kevinconway> o/
18:04:11 <mat-lowery> o/
18:04:19 <abramley> o/
18:04:22 <pdmars> o/
18:04:24 <hub_cap> so weve had a few more blueprints merge, and weve definitely packed in more items
18:04:48 <hub_cap> so i think we will have to slip our deadline to the end of feb
18:04:58 <hub_cap> its fine for this cycle :)
18:05:20 <hub_cap> i know rackers will be out of pocket for a good section of the last wk in feb as well
18:05:37 <imsplitbit> \o/
18:05:57 <imsplitbit> /o\
18:06:01 <cp16net> o_O
18:06:01 <imsplitbit> ))))))
18:06:04 <hub_cap> ok my internet is freaking out..
18:06:12 <hub_cap> im back :)
18:06:12 <grapex> >>:((
18:06:21 <hub_cap> so core needs to step it up and finish reviews
18:06:30 * grapex looks down bashfully
18:06:38 <hub_cap> we need to focus on the critical gate fixing bug first tho
18:06:50 <hub_cap> and we need to test out the datastore impls
18:07:02 <esmute> o/
18:07:08 <hub_cap> there is only one unassigned bp in i3
18:07:13 <hub_cap> and the rest are mostly in code review
18:07:16 <hub_cap> ohh link sryy
18:07:25 <hub_cap> #link launchpad.net/trove/+milestone/icehouse-3
18:07:29 <hub_cap> whoopsies
18:07:48 <vipul> o/
18:07:51 <juice> o/
18:07:53 <hub_cap> plz update your blueprints today
18:08:04 <hub_cap> if its in 'needs code review', then we know to look at it
18:08:15 <hub_cap> if its in started or not started, then we wont look for it in gerrit
18:08:21 <hub_cap> we are focusing on this page for i3
18:08:25 <hub_cap> that goes for bugs as well
18:08:27 <juice> Update? How?
18:08:36 <cp16net> sounds good
18:09:07 <SlickNik> juice: make sure that any patchsets that you have in gerrit are linked with the BP.
18:09:19 <SlickNik> (in the commit message)
18:09:23 <juice> Got it
18:09:40 <SlickNik> That way the state of the bp will automatically be changed to "Code Review"
18:09:44 <hub_cap> juice: make sure the "Delivery" status is set to "Needs Code review"
18:09:51 <hub_cap> SlickNik: that doesnt hapen w bps
18:09:53 <hub_cap> its manual
18:09:57 <hub_cap> unless thats changed
18:10:11 <hub_cap> ive manually set mine and many others :)
18:10:12 <cp16net> nope its manual last i saw
18:10:21 <hub_cap> so go edit your bps!!
18:10:58 <juice> Ahhh
18:11:11 <juice> Thanks hub_cap for clarification
18:11:26 <SlickNik> hub_cap: interesting; it used to work I think (maybe a bug in CI?). I guess do it manually for now.
18:11:57 <juice> I know you guys are swamped - can we talk about process perhaps triage perhaps using priority to help filter out "noise"
18:12:10 <hub_cap> SlickNik: ive never seen it work
18:12:24 <hub_cap> juice: in gerrit?
18:12:30 <juice> It's like looking at the matrix sometimes watching patches going into irc
18:12:30 <hub_cap> or on this i3 page
18:12:52 <juice> In general
18:12:54 <hub_cap> yea ive told core we need to focus on the i3 page, not the gerrit system for now
18:13:05 <hub_cap> this should give us _some_ filter to the noise
18:13:17 <hub_cap> at least till we get to the mid cycle sprint
18:13:17 <juice> So if it has been tagged as i3 then it's top priority
18:13:24 <vipul> is there a similar status for bugs?
18:13:30 <hub_cap> there we have a session on blueprints and bugs and how we can better our approach
18:13:31 <vipul> that we should be focusing on reviewing
18:13:39 <hub_cap> vipul: yes its just below the bps
18:13:41 <hub_cap> on that same page
18:13:49 <vipul> just review any marked as in progess?
18:13:50 <hub_cap> but w bugs
18:13:55 <hub_cap> it just goes to in porgress
18:14:29 <hub_cap> *progress
18:14:30 <imsplitbit> lol
18:14:35 <SlickNik> Bugs can still go in after the i3 FF, right?
18:14:44 <hub_cap> yes, after i3 is cut
18:14:58 <hub_cap> then only backported features that had a FFE (pretty much all of thse in i3 have to be in)
18:15:06 <hub_cap> and yes they have to all be backported :)
18:15:12 <hub_cap> and backported critical bugs
18:15:26 <hub_cap> and then after that we can only merge bugs till its cut
18:15:33 <vipul> so when after March 6th, we open it up for Juno?
18:15:38 <hub_cap> once rc1 is cut (usually a wk after or whatever)
18:15:48 <hub_cap> then juno is open
18:15:49 <vipul> Ok
18:16:47 <hub_cap> ok so any questions about this?
18:17:11 <hub_cap> also, just so everyone knows, blueprints/bugs will eventually go away
18:17:31 <hub_cap> the storyboard project team had a sprint (ttx i think ran it)
18:17:32 <SlickNik> with storyboard?
18:17:42 <hub_cap> and they are working, i think, toward a solution
18:17:46 <vipul> hooray
18:17:47 <hub_cap> im not sure how active it is
18:18:02 <vipul> one of the developers on that sits on this floor
18:18:08 <vipul> so i think it's on
18:18:47 <SlickNik> Yup, it's definitely on from what I heard last.
18:18:57 <hub_cap> #link https://github.com/openstack-infra/storyboard
18:20:06 <kevinconway> hub_cap: where are the screenshots?
18:20:12 <hub_cap> lol kevinconway
18:20:28 <vipul> somewhat live here http://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/page/about
18:20:42 <hub_cap> oh nice
18:20:48 <hub_cap> ya if yall want, we can get in early
18:21:46 <hub_cap> but like right now it has no login
18:21:53 <denis_makogon> lol
18:21:56 <denis_makogon> image-boards
18:22:00 <hub_cap> but we can help their team w/ filing bugs and such
18:22:05 <hub_cap> and help shape the project
18:22:07 <denis_makogon> totally anonymous
18:22:13 <hub_cap> or we can keep using blueprints/bugs for now
18:22:19 <hub_cap> no we will wait for auth denis_makogon :)
18:23:17 <hub_cap> ok so any more Qs
18:23:20 <denis_makogon> i like jira
18:23:30 <hub_cap> denis_makogon: ya they are choosing to build one
18:24:02 <hub_cap> ok so moving on
18:24:08 <hub_cap> #topic Meetup!!
18:24:28 <hub_cap> so i think ill be able to post a link to a hangout for a few days
18:24:32 <kevinconway> tinder vs… ?
18:24:37 <hub_cap> im almost odne testing it
18:24:40 <hub_cap> *done
18:24:47 <SlickNik> tinder?
18:24:52 <hub_cap> so we will have remote participation
18:25:07 <vipul> as long as its < 9 remote participants :)
18:25:17 <hub_cap> vipul: im sure it will be :)
18:25:27 <hub_cap> if not we can um.. open 2x laptops
18:25:44 <vipul> yep, probably not that many that won't be there
18:26:22 <vipul> so the most important question.. are the parties booked? :)
18:26:29 <datsun180b> i'm going to introduce myself to all of you as michael basnight
18:26:30 <vipul> you should put them on the agenda page
18:26:32 <hub_cap> but we will do our best to accommodate
18:26:42 <hub_cap> i will vipul , once im sure its working
18:26:51 <hub_cap> ill keep it to the channel tho
18:27:06 <kevinconway> no, i am michael basnight!
18:27:06 <hub_cap> so that we can have active participants instead of any random joe :)
18:27:20 <vipul> oh no, i meant the party schedule hub_cap
18:27:21 <hub_cap> lies
18:27:28 <hub_cap> vipul: ohhh that schedule
18:27:34 <hub_cap> yea i can do that
18:27:38 <hub_cap> we are going to be PACKED
18:27:43 <hub_cap> its like a 20~25 person room
18:27:46 <hub_cap> with 30 people in it
18:27:57 <hub_cap> but i imagine there will be some mingling / side convos
18:28:00 <cp16net> hopefully there are enough chairs
18:28:01 <hub_cap> so that can happen outside
18:28:04 <vipul> oh SkySQL came into the office.. they _may_ be coming
18:28:08 <hub_cap> cp16net: u sit too much ;)
18:28:13 <grapex> I wonder if it will be like twelve angry men. I'll be sure to bring my nice sweating shirt.
18:28:14 <vipul> they will confirm today they said
18:28:28 <hub_cap> to the meetup? yeesh thatll be painful!
18:28:36 <vipul> yea.. kinda late to the game
18:28:38 <hub_cap> its already closed / full :D
18:28:53 <hub_cap> ill chat w em too if they really need to particiapte
18:28:56 <hub_cap> wow i cant speel
18:29:08 <vipul> i'll forward them to you.. you can tell them politely
18:29:15 <hub_cap> :)
18:29:18 <SlickNik> :)
18:29:41 <SlickNik> Oh, speaking of the sprint. I set up a page for the key-signing party.
18:29:44 <SlickNik> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenPGP_Web_of_Trust/Trove_Icehouse_Sprint
18:30:19 <hub_cap> SlickNik: NICE
18:30:30 <hub_cap> we should put some more verbiage here
18:30:36 <hub_cap> ill add to it today
18:30:36 <kevinconway> so am i limited to a certain number of keys i can bring?
18:31:03 <SlickNik> There's a lot more verbiage regarding it if you click on the linked parent article
18:31:13 <SlickNik> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenPGP_Web_of_Trust#Key_Signing_Process
18:31:51 <hub_cap> kevinconway: not really, but only use ones that u actively use
18:31:54 <hub_cap> *only bring*
18:32:00 <hub_cap> oh icic
18:32:04 <hub_cap> sweet SlickNik
18:32:13 <hub_cap> so lets ad our fingerprints
18:32:54 <SlickNik> Yeah, if you guys add them, I'll make sure I have enough sheets printed out for us all with the info on it. Should make life a little easier.
18:33:14 <hub_cap> SlickNik: awesome, i was gonna do that the afternoon of the first day
18:33:19 <hub_cap> if u need help SlickNik and I are avail
18:33:28 <juice> I have a script that will speed up this process slightly
18:33:57 <SlickNik> hub_cap: Sounds good. Let me add that info to the sprint wiki.
18:33:58 <juice> We can verify a master list of keys so that everyone doesn't have to type them in
18:34:17 <kevinconway> juice: i just give it my private key and it does it all right?
18:34:19 <hub_cap> juice: u will still have to do typing when u get home :)
18:34:42 <hub_cap> so that should be exciting :)
18:35:02 <hub_cap> and we are going to do intros in the beginning too, and id like to make sure we have remote participants for that as well
18:35:06 <juice> Well we can put the key id in a file to identify your peers
18:35:22 <kevinconway> we could put all our PKs in a shared drop-box
18:35:26 <kevinconway> that would make it easy
18:35:58 <hub_cap> sounds great kevinconway
18:36:00 <SlickNik> juice: you can get the key from the GPG server, you wouldn't have to type it in.
18:36:23 <juice> You still need to identify the person you are signing
18:36:30 <SlickNik> juice: You'd just have to ensure that the signature matches the one that you verified in person
18:36:37 <juice> There are about 20 of us
18:36:51 <juice> We each put out key id in a file and we verify that file
18:37:08 <juice> That file is then used by each person to identify their peers keys and sign it
18:37:59 <SlickNik> juice: Let's take this offline after the meeting. :)
18:38:05 <hub_cap> oh ok cool :)
18:38:09 <kevinconway> so i sign my key and bring it?
18:38:12 <kevinconway> i'm so confused
18:38:20 <hub_cap> kevinconway: sign your key with uour key
18:38:28 <vipul> kevinconway: just bring your laptop :D
18:38:39 <hub_cap> and bring the signature of the fingerprint and sing that with your retina
18:38:40 <vipul> we'll figure it out.. you're not the only one confused
18:38:49 <hub_cap> its a lot easier than it seems
18:38:59 <hub_cap> lets bring it back to trove channel and dicuss
18:39:38 <hub_cap> so yes we will havesome cool events sponsored by http://www.tesora.com/, HP and Rax
18:39:47 <hub_cap> in the evenings on wed and thr
18:39:57 <hub_cap> i assume everyone will be going to those :)
18:40:19 <hub_cap> so does anyoen ahve Qs about the meetup at present?
18:41:52 <vipul> hub_cap: do you have certain goals that should come out of this meetup..
18:42:01 <jimbobhickville> fix all the things!
18:42:04 <vipul> i.e. work items.. clarity.. what should be accomplished
18:42:35 <hub_cap> i think that each session woudl have differnt goals
18:42:43 <SlickNik> kevinconway: (and others who want more info about the keysigning party) Here's some more info you might find useful:  http://www.cryptnet.net/fdp/crypto/keysigning_party/en/keysigning_party.html
18:42:51 <hub_cap> but id like to, at least, have some concrete design for each thing/feature we are discussing
18:43:17 <datsun180b> kind of looking forward to an event similar to pycon's TiP BoF at our midcycle
18:44:02 <hub_cap> datsun180b: is that the drunkfest heckle event?
18:44:08 <datsun180b> hub_cap: of course
18:44:15 <hub_cap> and if possibel some hacking done vipul
18:44:37 <hub_cap> if nothign else a really well formed blueprint w/ design, caveats of the feature, etc.. future thoughts
18:44:41 <imsplitbit> jesus your speeling is horibble
18:44:44 <hub_cap> so that people can hit the road runnin for juno
18:44:50 <hub_cap> it really is
18:44:53 <vipul> hub_cap: ok cool
18:44:57 <hub_cap> my fingers dont work at the proper speed
18:45:13 <hub_cap> but my emacs fu is getting better so i can correct easier
18:45:20 <denis_makogon> i would try to present my vision of capabilities for meetup, if its possible
18:46:08 <hub_cap> denis_makogon:
18:46:10 <hub_cap> oopsies
18:46:20 <hub_cap> i think it might make more sense to discuss capabilities over pecan/wsme
18:46:27 <hub_cap> what do yall think?
18:46:47 <denis_makogon> hm, difficalt to say
18:47:07 <denis_makogon> if that so, we need to migrate to pecan first
18:47:21 <denis_makogon> it's not the easiest task
18:47:24 <vipul> is there any discussion on v2 api? because that seems like the logical place to discuss pecan
18:47:26 <grapex> One thing I'd like to talk about
18:47:39 <grapex> is maybe moving files about to make the MVC pattern a bit more defined
18:47:45 <grapex> as I think it could help us migrate to pecan
18:47:48 <denis_makogon> i'd left pecan/API v2 for the Summit
18:48:46 <hub_cap> yea i think thats a fair
18:48:55 <kevinconway> we should discuss the summit at the meetup
18:49:00 <juice> Oh no not patterns
18:49:01 <SlickNik> I think we should go with capabilities unless we know there's an imminent effort to move to Pecan / WSME.
18:49:03 <juice> Hiss
18:49:27 <hub_cap> lol kevinconway juice
18:49:29 <hub_cap> i agree SlickNik
18:49:42 <SlickNik> I feel like that discussion might be a bit more concrete.
18:49:45 <juice> Is pecan a done deal?
18:49:48 <hub_cap> and i do think we should take some time to discuss that grapex , lets do it during a lunch time thing
18:49:55 <grapex> hub_cap: Cool
18:50:02 <hub_cap> juice: i believe everyone is moving to it evntually.. maybe im rong
18:50:05 <hub_cap> *wrong
18:50:05 <grapex> Also... let's talk about moving the Reference Guest
18:50:23 <hub_cap> but i do agree w vipul that itll be a dicussion for when we need v2
18:50:24 <grapex> And also my idea to nickname it "Reffy the Reference Guest" and give it a cartoon dog for a mascot
18:50:28 <hub_cap> we can discuss that a bit during clutsreint too
18:50:34 <hub_cap> *clustering
18:51:09 <vipul> reference guest makes it sound taboo to actually us :p
18:51:28 <vipul> use
18:52:27 <grapex> vipul: But Reffy makes it sound adorable!
18:52:33 <grapex> vipul: Good point though
18:52:42 <kevinconway> i'm going to upload my competing guest called bashy
18:52:42 <hub_cap> ok so it seems like we should discuss the sessions a bit
18:52:46 <hub_cap> we can still move stuff around
18:52:51 <kevinconway> 100% shell commands
18:52:51 <hub_cap> so lets take it offline too
18:53:03 <hub_cap> /mute kevinconway
18:53:05 <hub_cap> ;)
18:53:15 <datsun180b> kevinconway: | bc "+1"
18:53:26 <hub_cap> ok so this has digressed
18:53:45 <hub_cap> #topic open dicussion
18:53:50 <datsun180b> ooh ooh
18:53:56 <datsun180b> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/UnifiedSDK
18:54:00 <datsun180b> do we have a hat in that ring
18:54:36 <hub_cap> i have not talked w/ anyone from that yet
18:54:49 <vipul> datsun180b: is there non-python implementatons in this
18:55:17 <datsun180b> don't know about that so much
18:55:53 <hub_cap> is it safe to assume they'll call us?
18:55:58 <datsun180b> ask our ptl
18:56:57 <vipul> there is already a python-openstackclient i wonder how this is different
18:57:22 <vipul> unless they do plan to offer non-python bindings as well
18:57:22 <datsun180b> seriously though if we don't try to help them i bet they'll try to build one without us and that could be a lot more difficult that it needs to be
18:57:40 <hub_cap> ya ill buy in to this when the rest of the "Community" does
18:57:42 <SlickNik> vipul: I think they're actually talking about the API here (not the consumer)
18:57:53 <SlickNik> So you don't have to hit the endpoints directly.
18:58:00 <datsun180b> right, https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/unified-sdk-notes defines four layers
18:58:06 <denis_makogon> vipul, there are already non-pythonic binding (java, C#, etc)
18:58:13 <kevinconway> datsun180b: not enough for a good dip though
18:58:23 <datsun180b> kevinconway: seven or don't bother, right
18:58:40 <datsun180b> vipul: i think layer four is where the bindings would go
18:58:58 <hub_cap> ok so core, REVIEW
18:59:06 <hub_cap> other people, REVIEW
18:59:11 <cp16net> lol
18:59:13 <cp16net> ok
18:59:20 <hub_cap> use the i3 page as a guide
18:59:34 <cp16net> and with that its ova
18:59:41 <hub_cap> #endmeeting