18:01:02 <SlickNik> #startmeeting trove
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18:01:04 <grapex> o/
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18:01:18 <juice> 0/
18:01:22 <esmute> o/
18:01:23 <kevinconway> o/
18:01:25 <imsplitbit> oh I was too early :)
18:01:27 <imsplitbit> o/
18:01:32 <SlickNik> Gonna give folks a couple of minutes to trickle in.
18:01:41 <pdmars> o/
18:01:43 <kevinconway> imsplitbit: the last meeting ran late
18:01:50 <SlickNik> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TroveMeeting
18:02:00 <SlickNik> Pretty light agenda today.
18:02:02 <denis_makogon> o/
18:02:32 <cweid> o/
18:02:36 <cweid> sup yall
18:02:40 <SlickNik> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/trove/2014/trove.2014-03-26-18.01.html
18:02:52 <SlickNik> #topic Action Items
18:03:07 <SlickNik> None here from last week, so moving on.
18:03:16 <grapex> SlickNik: That was fast
18:03:17 <sgotliv> o/
18:03:43 <juice> Get cwied
18:03:47 <annashen_> o/
18:03:51 <SlickNik> grapex: lol, feel free to add anything if you'd like.
18:03:59 <juice> Get/hey
18:04:00 <doug_shelley66> o/
18:04:03 <SlickNik> #topic Icehouse RC1 cut and Juno branch open
18:04:04 * grapex hisses and moves back into the shadows
18:04:04 <esp> o/
18:04:13 <esp> lol grapex
18:04:23 <juice> Cwied/cweid
18:04:24 <esmute> yay!
18:04:27 <denis_makogon> horray, now we can do more code, Juno is opened =)
18:04:33 <SlickNik> So we cut the RC1 last night.
18:04:39 <kevinconway> so that means we can start reviving all the reviews that were -2'ed in the great culling?
18:04:42 <cweid> I am confused
18:04:51 <SlickNik> kevinconway: Exactly!
18:04:53 <denis_makogon> kevinbenton, yes
18:04:55 <esp> yay more bugs…I mean features
18:04:58 <denis_makogon> kevinconway, yes =)
18:05:09 <SlickNik> This means two things, really.
18:05:43 <SlickNik> 1. As kevinconway said (and all of you know) we can start getting the Juno patches moving.
18:06:05 <juice> On approved blueprints..
18:06:14 <imsplitbit> Yay!
18:06:16 <denis_makogon> juice, bugs also
18:06:17 <imsplitbit> :)
18:06:20 <SlickNik> 2. Also if you guys find a bug with the icehouse release that's critical and a potential show stopper, please file it ASAP and let us know about it.
18:06:28 <juice> And bugs
18:06:35 <SlickNik> In case we need a fix, and need to cut an RC2.
18:06:52 <vgnbkr> o/
18:07:06 <SlickNik> But if no critical bugs are found, this RC1 is what's going to be released as the IceHouse milestone release for trove.
18:07:39 <SlickNik> (There's a branch on github called milestone-proposed, if you want to test it out from sources)
18:08:02 <denis_makogon> right, we need to search for critical bugs, and review more patches that holds since feature freeze happend
18:08:31 <SlickNik> cweid: still confused?
18:08:43 <SlickNik> Any questions regarding this?
18:08:53 <kevinconway> cweid: ^^
18:08:57 <cweid> sorry
18:09:00 <kevinconway> cweid: cweid cweid cweid
18:09:02 <cweid> was not paying attention
18:09:19 <cweid> reading...
18:09:23 <juice> Did you mention branching?
18:09:29 <cweid> Did I?
18:10:14 <juice> Not you cweid: slicknik. When you say cut does that mean a branch of our git repo?
18:10:27 <SlickNik> juice: we don't do anything differently wrt branching for any of the new Juno patches we want to land. If any fixes need to be backported, they will need to be checked into a different branch.
18:11:01 <juice> K
18:11:07 <cweid> Ok I am on the same page.
18:11:09 <SlickNik> juice: cut was just referring to the release. It's OpenStack release speak.
18:11:33 <SlickNik> i.e. tagging the branch as milestone-proposed, and creating a tarball for the RC
18:11:43 <juice> Ah a tag. Thanks
18:11:55 <SlickNik> np, let's move on.
18:12:03 <SlickNik> #topic ATL Dev summit topics.
18:12:15 <SlickNik> #link http://summit.openstack.org/
18:12:26 <cweid> I would like to submit a user talk.
18:12:42 <SlickNik> Please get your sessions in soon.
18:13:02 <denis_makogon> #link http://summit.openstack.org/cfp/details/150
18:13:20 <denis_makogon> at least now we have one session submitted
18:13:22 <SlickNik> cweid: sweet.
18:13:25 <denis_makogon> it's mine
18:13:42 <denis_makogon> do we plan to vote for sessions ?
18:13:44 <SlickNik> denis_makogon: Hopefully we'll have more than 1 session.
18:13:56 <denis_makogon> SlickNik, yeah, it's only the beggining
18:14:15 <SlickNik> denis_makogon: There are no votes for design sessions
18:15:33 <SlickNik> The PTL and cores, with contributor feedback usually decide what makes sense from a roadmap perspective, and what would be the best use of design summit time.
18:15:49 <SlickNik> Just a reminder to get your proposals in.
18:15:50 <denis_makogon_> sorry, was dropped of
18:16:15 <SlickNik> I think hub_cap was planning on starting some reviews end of this week/beginning of next.
18:16:36 <SlickNik> So it would be good to have that info in there, even if it's just a placeholder for now, with details to follow.
18:17:16 <SlickNik> Any questions? Anything you want to add grapex?
18:17:21 <denis_makogon_> what about discuss all proposed sessions at one of the meeting, near the summit
18:17:52 <grapex> SlickNik: Not much at the moment, but we'll try to get more submissions in from Rax soon
18:18:18 <SlickNik> denis_makogon: There are usually a lot of sessions, and I want to be respectful of people's time in the meetings. You can definitely bring it up in the IRC channel if you'd like.
18:19:03 <SlickNik> Okay, let's move on.
18:19:15 <SlickNik> #topic Open Discussion
18:19:18 <denis_makogon_> SlickNik, i think we should do that, like we do the BP meeting
18:19:20 <kevinconway> o/
18:19:37 <esmute> what do you think about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/trove/+spec/cross-region-backup-migration?
18:19:37 <SlickNik> go for it kevinconway
18:19:43 <esmute> oops
18:19:46 <kevinconway> so if you were at the mid-cycle… SIGN THE GPG KEYS!
18:19:48 <esmute> ill go after kevinconway
18:20:16 <denis_makogon_> can you please explain what is that key signing party ?
18:20:36 <kevinconway> basically when we meet in person we can swap key signatures
18:20:41 * SlickNik has been slacking off on this and hopes to get it done today, now that RC1 is cut.
18:20:43 <kevinconway> then you can go back and sign the keys of people you know
18:21:28 <SlickNik> so yeah, please sign 'em keys when you get a chance!
18:21:47 <SlickNik> And thanks to the folks who have already done so.
18:22:02 <SlickNik> esmute, you had something?
18:22:04 <denis_makogon_> so, then signer will have key signed by the people who he met ?
18:22:07 <esmute> yes
18:22:19 <esmute> working on a way to migrate backups from one region to another
18:22:21 <esmute> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/trove/+spec/cross-region-backup-migration
18:22:39 <SlickNik> denis_makogon_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_signing_party
18:22:56 <esmute> i was thinking of overloading the create() to take a location_Ref to create a backup
18:23:15 <denis_makogon_> SlickNik, ah, thanks, a lot
18:23:48 <esmute> trove manager will taken fetch and push the backup (using the exisiting streaming operation read/save) to its own storage
18:24:01 <esmute> taken = then
18:24:10 <SnowDust> denis_makogon_ became poetic .. with emotional gestures
18:24:17 <SlickNik> esmute: you might want to add that to the bp-meeting agenda.
18:24:31 <grapex> esmute: Yeah, it looks interesting
18:24:32 <esmute> ok
18:24:48 <esmute> i know many people hasnt had a chance to look at it... we can talk more aobut it next meeting
18:24:50 <SlickNik> esmute: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TroveMeeting at the bottom of the page.
18:25:11 <denis_makogon_> esmute, region means OS region ?
18:25:22 <esmute> denis_makogon_: yes.
18:26:01 <denis_makogon_> esmute, i really looks interesting, how do you plan to mention region ?
18:26:06 <denis_makogon_> esmute, through params ?
18:26:34 <esmute> the idea is to move backups that have already been created in one region to another
18:27:01 <esmute> a good use case is if an user wanted to migrate his/her DB to a different region
18:27:10 <denis_makogon_> esmute, i think there are several options, one is "move", another is "replicate"
18:27:45 <SlickNik> esmute / denis_makogon_: Let's give folks time to go through the bp, and wiki page.
18:28:04 <denis_makogon_> esmute, as i remember Swift could work as single service through multiple regions, and replicate it's data through the nodes
18:28:05 <SlickNik> We can discuss the finer points during our bp review meeting as well.
18:28:24 <denis_makogon_> SlickNik, of course, just thinking too loud =)
18:28:34 <esmute> denis_makogon_: we can talk more in the #openstack-trove
18:28:44 <esmute> or feel free to put comments the BP :-)
18:28:45 <denis_makogon_> esmute, definitely
18:29:23 <SlickNik> Thanks guys.
18:29:33 <denis_makogon_> esmute, lets first commulate requirements and use cases, and of course possibilities
18:29:52 <denis_makogon_> SlickNik, are we done with agenda ?
18:29:53 <SlickNik> Anything else for the open items?
18:30:00 <SlickNik> going, going....
18:30:05 <denis_makogon_> i think nope =)
18:30:10 <SlickNik> #endmeeting