17:59:21 <SlickNik> #startmeeting trove
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17:59:29 <esp> o/
17:59:47 <SlickNik> People around for the trove meeting?
17:59:52 <kevinconway> o/
17:59:57 <pdmars> o/
18:00:09 <SlickNik> It's a light agenda today; so it should be pretty quick.
18:00:11 <amcrn> o/
18:00:22 <mattgriffin> o/
18:00:47 <juice> o/
18:00:48 <SlickNik> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TroveMeeting
18:00:52 <SlickNik> ^Agenda
18:01:16 <amrith> \0/
18:01:24 <imsplitbit> o/
18:01:48 <SlickNik> Okay, let's get started.
18:01:51 <SlickNik> #topic Juno Mid-cycle Meetup
18:01:53 <sgotliv> o/
18:02:04 <SlickNik> dougshelley66 / amrith: go for it
18:02:10 <amrith> I propose dougshelley66 ...
18:02:18 <grapex> U o/
18:02:19 <robertmyers> o/
18:02:23 <imsplitbit> as the meeting place????
18:02:43 <amrith> ok
18:02:44 <hub_cap> i propose _not_ dougshelley66 as the meeting place
18:02:48 <amrith> since dougshelley66 isn't there
18:02:49 <amrith> I will
18:02:58 <dougshelley66> o/
18:03:01 <amrith> OK, welcome to Cambridge, MA. the location for the mid-cycle meetup
18:03:18 <amrith> it is tentantively Aug 20, 21 and 22.
18:03:18 <dougshelley66> hey what is wrong with my location?
18:03:30 <amrith> Some of the principal attractions of cambridge
18:03:36 <amrith> are that we don't have Rob Ford
18:03:38 <glucas> o/
18:03:42 <amrith> other than that
18:03:50 <amrith> it is closer to where I live ;)
18:03:51 <dougshelley66> well, some of the group might like Rob Ford
18:03:56 <amrith> tough
18:03:59 <amrith> you weren't there
18:04:03 <amrith> and I tried to let you have at it
18:04:06 <amrith> so ...
18:04:06 <atomic77> i have to speak up after that one -- rob ford is possibly the top tourist attraction in toronto now :)
18:04:17 <amrith> Cambridge, MA. Aug 20, 21, 22 ...
18:04:46 <amrith> May I have a vote from core please ...
18:05:40 <hub_cap> hey atomic77 ! :)
18:05:49 <SlickNik> Those dates work fine for me, personally.
18:05:53 <grapex> I'm cool with it
18:06:11 <amrith> amcrn, hub_cap, vipul ...
18:06:30 <SlickNik> Other trove folks, any concerns? Does it work / does it not work?
18:06:43 <amrith> here's a tentative timeline
18:06:53 <esmute> amrith: how is the nightlife over there :P?
18:07:14 <amrith> I will create an eventbrite event
18:07:14 <esmute> not saying that will influence in my decision
18:07:28 <dougshelley66> Cambridge/Boston has great nightlife
18:07:32 <amrith> I'd like (by 45 days) ahead of the date to have a much better sense for the attendance
18:07:33 <kevinconway> how far is the closest hospital from cambridge?
18:07:39 <amcrn> amrith: tentative
18:07:44 <jmontemayor> Aug is the great time
18:07:47 <imsplitbit> find a great secluded pub, drink, rinse and repeat
18:07:50 <hub_cap> kevinconway: in cambridge :)
18:07:53 <esmute> Boston is close to Montreal :P
18:08:15 <vipul> o/
18:08:16 <amrith> amcrn, the weather and the place are great ... and it won't be raining (usually). but it is new england. if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes
18:08:27 <amrith> amcrn, hoping you can make it.
18:08:34 <amrith> same for all others in the trove community
18:08:45 <imsplitbit> oh I see
18:08:48 <imsplitbit> playing favorites
18:08:53 <amrith> as I was saying, I'd like to get a good sense for the attendance
18:08:55 <hub_cap> and... lobster rolls!!
18:08:57 * imsplitbit storms out of the room
18:09:03 <vipul> works for me amrith
18:09:04 <amcrn> imsplitbit: well, we're twins, so there's a natural affinity
18:09:09 <hub_cap> LOBSTER ROLLS
18:09:19 <imsplitbit> +1000000 on LOBSTER ROLLS
18:09:31 <dougshelley66> is that a game?
18:09:31 <amrith> imsplitbit, storms away with lobster rolls
18:09:34 <amrith> OK
18:09:36 <imsplitbit> eight thousand calories never tasted so good
18:09:36 <glucas> lobstah
18:09:44 <hub_cap> lol glucas
18:09:44 <kevinconway> rock lobstah?
18:09:52 <amrith> so, I would like to also try and plan some not so formal stuff around your visits
18:10:00 <amrith> the meetings are Wed-Fri
18:10:00 * hub_cap sees peter griffin singing, kevinconway
18:10:09 <imsplitbit> ooo like a yaaad of beeyah?
18:10:11 <amrith> before you plan travel, let's chat
18:10:24 <amrith> yaaad is if I was on a diet
18:10:35 <amrith> I tend to go metric and measure in kilometers
18:10:38 <amrith> but that's just me
18:10:39 <hub_cap> they are close enough to canada, its prolly meters
18:10:53 <imsplitbit> Ok so we're all set? Cambridge?
18:11:01 <amrith> SlickNik, before this meeting degenerates ... let me hand it back to you
18:11:01 <kevinconway> this sounds great. never been to the west coast before!
18:11:02 <imsplitbit> I like it
18:11:08 <imsplitbit> lol kevinconway
18:11:11 <amrith> I'll stick a page on Wiki and put a link to eventbrite there
18:11:11 <robertmyers> kevinconway: lol
18:11:12 <imsplitbit> trollllllllll
18:11:14 <amrith> please respond soon
18:11:23 <hub_cap> kevinconway: book travel now
18:11:28 <hub_cap> to the west coast
18:11:30 <hub_cap> we will meet u there
18:11:41 <SlickNik> Thanks amrith. I think we are a go with the proposed plan/dates.
18:11:42 <kevinconway> i can only go in directions from pet shop boys songs
18:11:56 <SlickNik> #topic Open Discussion
18:12:18 <vipul> fast meeting
18:12:24 <SlickNik> Anyone want the mic?
18:12:32 <robertmyers> lets talk about users
18:12:38 <mattgriffin> what's the plan to review BP's prior to ATL?
18:12:46 <kevinconway> robertmyers: prepping from the summit?
18:12:47 <hub_cap> i think grapex usually starts his raps with "my name is tim and im here to say"
18:12:53 <hub_cap> so he could take the mic
18:12:55 <amrith> also sessions at ATL?
18:12:55 <hub_cap> right imsplitbit ??
18:13:09 <annashen> what's ATL
18:13:12 <SlickNik> mattgriffin: We review bps every monday at 11PDT at our BP review meeting.
18:13:12 <grapex> vipul: Do you want to do a freestyle rap at the summit?
18:13:20 <imsplitbit> hub_cap: def
18:13:21 <mattgriffin> annashen, sorry... "the ATL" i mean
18:13:24 <vipul> grapex: i'm game
18:13:32 <imsplitbit> ooo ATL
18:13:32 <esmute> annashen: Atlanta
18:13:37 <SlickNik> So if there's something you'd like to bring up, add it to the agenda at for the next meeting at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TroveMeeting
18:13:40 <grapex> "Yo Trove is back, bettah than eva, prov'ing all the datastores to make us the cheddah"
18:13:42 <mattgriffin> SlickNik, cool. i'll add to my calendar. thanks!
18:13:42 <SlickNik> ^mattgriffin
18:13:45 <vipul> grapex: too bad we don't have a session
18:13:49 <hub_cap> LOL grapex
18:13:50 <vipul> could have opened with that
18:13:50 <kevinconway> SlickNik: when is the cutoff for agenda items?
18:13:54 <imsplitbit> all I hear is Chicken and Waffles!
18:14:16 <annashen> Thanks
18:14:17 <hub_cap> +++++++++++++++
18:14:28 <grapex> "To all those that playa hated, huh, we integrated, wha? Now our Icehouse release is postmarked and dated"
18:14:31 <amrith> SlickNik, .... re: sessions at ATL
18:14:32 * mattgriffin 's stomach growls
18:14:33 * robertmyers is not going to ATL :(
18:14:43 <SlickNik> kevinconway: When all the GPG keys get signed. :)
18:14:45 <imsplitbit> They have a Roscoes there
18:14:52 <grapex> Then for some reason the chorus would be "we are the men in black..."
18:15:04 <vipul> lol
18:15:15 <imsplitbit> alright so we're good?
18:15:21 <imsplitbit> fastest meeting EVAR
18:15:34 <SlickNik> amrith: regarding ATL sessions, I'm planning to have a tentative schedule done and pushed out by tomorrow
18:15:47 <annashen> a quarter hour, fast
18:15:58 <amrith> SlickNik, thx ...
18:16:16 <SlickNik> amrith: If you have input - hit me up in a PM and let's chat.
18:16:19 <SlickNik> #endmeeting