18:00:30 <SlickNik> #startmeeting trove
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18:01:10 <SlickNik> Giving folks a few minutes to trickle in.
18:01:14 <kevinconway> o/
18:01:39 <tvoran> o/
18:01:43 <SlickNik> Agenda at:
18:01:45 <SlickNik> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TroveMeeting
18:01:53 <amrith> ola!
18:01:58 <schang> o/
18:02:05 <boblebauce> Hi
18:02:21 <vipul> o/
18:02:21 <SlickNik> Notes from last meeting at:
18:02:23 <SlickNik> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/trove/2014/trove.2014-07-02-18.00.html
18:03:43 <mattgriffin> o/
18:04:14 <SlickNik> FYI: Heard from the folks at RAX — there's a critical internal meeting that's scheduled at the same time as this, so a lot of them are unable to attend this morning.
18:04:25 <SlickNik> Let's get started.
18:04:30 <SlickNik> #topic Action Items
18:04:44 <SlickNik> SlickNik to update the dev-docs with build / test process updates.
18:05:44 <SlickNik> I've started making updates to the dev-docs, but there are other things we need to cover here as well. We'll delve into that discussion in a little bit when we talk about the doc scrub.
18:05:46 <cp16net> i made it back
18:05:54 <SlickNik> SlickNik update jenkins: please remove JENKINS_HOME/scm-sync-configuration.*.log files
18:06:11 <SlickNik> cp16net: That one's done. :)
18:06:12 <hub_cap> SlickNik: only for some people
18:06:18 <hub_cap> the critical meeting
18:06:27 <cp16net> <3
18:06:29 <cp16net> thats nice
18:06:37 <esmute> o/
18:06:56 <SlickNik> hub_cap: Ahhh, okay. I misunderstood then. Good to have some of the rackers around. :)
18:07:20 <cp16net> w0rd
18:07:40 <SlickNik> #topic Scrub / Update Docs
18:08:09 <SlickNik> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/trove-doc-items
18:08:43 <SlickNik> So this is follow up from a ML item that came up earlier this week.
18:09:24 <SlickNik> Some of our docs on openstack.org are somewhat "lacking" shall we just say. :)
18:09:46 <hub_cap> good word for it ;)
18:10:01 <hub_cap> not the word id choose, but good nonetheless SlickNik
18:10:07 <vipul> SlickNik: are you looking for people to sign up?
18:10:15 <SlickNik> vipul: Yes,
18:10:24 <amrith> SlickNik, I'll sign up for getting you the stuff around creating guest images
18:10:45 <amrith> do you want me to just stick my name next to it on etherpad?
18:10:48 <vipul> SlickNik: put my name down for API docs.. did an update for HP, can reuse a lot of that
18:11:04 <SlickNik> amrith: awesome thanks. Yes, please do update the etherpad for stuff that you're signing up for.
18:11:11 <amrith> wilco
18:11:11 <mattgriffin> SlickNik, i'll float the need internally to see if i can get a taker
18:11:15 <laurelm> SlickNik: I can add the swift requirement to the deployment doc (aka install doc)
18:11:16 <shayneburgess> SlickNik: feel free to sign me up for anything that is left over
18:11:44 <johnma> I would like to help but I am just starting out and not sure where or how I can help.
18:12:12 <cp16net> welcome and thanks for helping out
18:12:28 <esmute> I love it when i see so many volunteers :-)
18:12:32 <vipul> johnma: maybe vetting that whatever docs we do have.. are accurate would be cool :)
18:12:58 <SlickNik> johnma: Welcome! Awesome to have you on board. Would you like to help with giving the developer docs a test run once I have updates to them?
18:12:58 * amrith volunteers cp16net for many things ;)
18:13:00 <johnma> sure, I can do that
18:13:21 <vipul> johnma: and filing bugs (or even fixing) as you run into stuff
18:13:22 <hub_cap> yea i think cp16net needs to do stuff
18:13:32 <cp16net> amrith: sounds like ebing volentold...
18:13:43 <amrith> folks, don't remember that we also need people to read and review documents ;)
18:13:56 <johnma> yes Vipul. Thank you. I will do that
18:14:24 <SlickNik> Okay let's see what we have left on the etherpad.
18:14:25 <amrith> "they too serve who only hangaround and review" - John Milton
18:15:02 <SlickNik> Anyone want to help with updating the config option help strings?
18:15:03 <amrith> laurelm: may I put you down for the two places where swift are mentioned; deployment and manual trove install doc?
18:15:14 <shayneburgess> SlickNik: You might want to assign a reviewer explicitly to each item as well - just a thought
18:15:15 <laurelm> amrith: sure, thanks
18:15:25 <peterstac> I've added stuff to the CLI doc generation tool so that trove-manage gets documented (still in review)
18:15:46 <SlickNik> peterstac: Awesome thanks!
18:16:09 <amrith> SlickNik, what's the deadline on these doc efforts?
18:16:18 <peterstac> I need to improve the help text though, since that's pretty sparse :)
18:16:36 <SlickNik> So for the cli option help strings, we just need to update them in https://github.com/openstack/trove/blob/master/trove/common/cfg.py. The plumbing to publish them from there is already in place.
18:16:45 <SlickNik> peterstac: mind if I sign you up for it.
18:17:22 <peterstac> SlickNik: sure (was almost ready to do it anyways :) )
18:17:42 <SlickNik> amrith: I'd like to get most of the changes to fix the gaps we identified so far in by juno-2
18:18:22 <SlickNik> amrith: but I do understand that keeping the docs-up-to date needs to be more of an ongoing process.
18:18:33 <cp16net> SlickNik: do you know where the help text is EVER used
18:18:43 <cp16net> seems almost pointless
18:18:44 <hub_cap> we def need to use DocImpact in our commits
18:18:48 <amrith> SlickNik, understood but at least for a first pass, week of july 24th sounds good.
18:18:53 <hub_cap> and start telling people to add it if they have an impact
18:19:17 <hub_cap> that automagically creates a bug for the doc team (that of course the author can take ;) )
18:19:39 <cp16net> hub_cap: i've mentioned it a couple times in reviews
18:19:47 <SlickNik> amrith: Yes, that sounds good (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Juno_Release_Schedule)
18:19:48 <peterstac> cp16net: The help text is used to generate the official CLI documents
18:20:00 <cp16net> for configurations?
18:20:05 <SlickNik> cp16net: It's used to generate http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/config-reference/content/database-configuring-db.html
18:20:10 <SlickNik> cp16net: yes
18:20:14 <cp16net> SlickNik: ....
18:20:24 <cp16net> thats not what i undestood
18:21:02 <cp16net> i understood from anne gentle that its taken from the configuration file
18:21:10 <cp16net> not the python file
18:21:18 <cp16net> which was REALLY odd to me
18:21:31 <vipul> seems like the description would have to come from the python file
18:21:38 <cp16net> maybe i just read the convo wrong tho.. :_p
18:22:00 <SlickNik> Oh, that's news to me. Will need to follow up and clarify this.
18:22:25 <cp16net> possibly
18:22:54 <cp16net> i think there is a benifit tho having some kind of doc string in the conf file tho
18:23:35 <SlickNik> cp16net: yup, agreed.
18:23:36 <cp16net> it always seemed weird to me having the help text string on the cfg options but it was never displayed anywhere
18:23:59 <SlickNik> cp16net: I know that there's an oslo.config tool that can generate your conf files from your .cfg file.
18:24:14 <cp16net> oh.. i might just be full of it.. :-P
18:24:27 * hub_cap agrees w/ the last thing cp16net said
18:24:32 <cp16net> haha
18:25:06 <SlickNik> So you can potentially update the help strings in the code, and then run the tool to generate the sample confs (which should have descriptions based on the descriptions in cfg.py)
18:25:33 <SlickNik> peterstac: Is this something that you can help clarify? :)
18:25:34 <cp16net> alright well i've derailed this a bit...
18:25:51 <glucas> there's a bug - 1315390 - where this came up, to generate the sample confs
18:26:16 <cp16net> #1315390
18:26:19 <cp16net> hmm
18:26:31 <cp16net> i thoguht that openstack bot would link it
18:26:38 <cp16net> :-/
18:26:43 <SlickNik> cp16net: you need to post the LP url I believe.
18:27:11 <cp16net> i thought it looked it up or something
18:27:17 <SlickNik> https://bugs.launchpad.net/trove/+bug/1315390
18:27:18 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1315390 in trove "Clean up sample conf files" [Medium,Triaged]
18:28:13 <SlickNik> Anyhow, let me get some clarity around where the help strings are _actually_ being picked up from. I'll work with peterstac to get them updated in the right place then.
18:29:26 <peterstac> SlickNik: I haven't looked into the config stuff, but I can do some digging there
18:29:44 <SlickNik> peterstac: Thanks!
18:30:08 <SlickNik> shayneburgess: You had a great point about assigning reviewers to the tasks as well.
18:30:28 <SlickNik> Once we have the changes made, I'd like folks to go ahead and add links to the reviews to the etherpad as well.
18:30:56 <SlickNik> And then let's revisit this during the next meeting and we can assign reviewers to the reviews we have.
18:31:50 <SlickNik> I'll update the etherpad and create a section for reviews for each of the tasks where we can track those.
18:32:55 <SlickNik> okay looking at the document, it looks mostly full and pretty good.
18:33:17 <SlickNik> Thanks for volunteering to whip this up into shape, folks!
18:33:26 <cp16net> yeah thanks everyone
18:33:44 <SlickNik> #topic Open Discussion
18:33:55 <hub_cap> SlickNik: i have a splinter in my toe that i cant see
18:33:58 <hub_cap> should i go to the doctor?
18:34:07 <hub_cap> open discussion FTW!!
18:34:15 <vipul> hub_cap is back, in full form!
18:34:22 <hub_cap> HAHA
18:34:29 <amrith> hub_cap, punctuate your sentence. Is it the toe that you aren't able to see, or the splinter.
18:34:40 <SlickNik> hub_cap: depends — is it infected?
18:34:40 <amrith> SlickNik, I have a <real> open discussion item
18:34:41 <vipul> amrith: nice!
18:34:49 <boblebauce> Yesterday, I volunteered to work on the root-wrap support in Trove
18:35:04 <hub_cap> amrith: if im looking from my belly it hides the toe, but its the splinter.. and no its not infected SlickNik  HAHAHHAAH ok /me dissapears
18:35:41 <SlickNik> boblebauce: We had an open bp for it somewhere. Were you able to find it?
18:35:58 <boblebauce> SlickNik: yes. amrith kindly sent me the link
18:35:58 <SlickNik> boblebauce: Also welcome! And thanks. :)
18:36:06 <SlickNik> amrith: go for it.
18:36:26 <amrith> SlickNik, I think boblebauce wants some direction
18:36:32 <amrith> I suggested he check with the dev team
18:36:36 <amrith> before updating the bp
18:36:37 <amrith> and stuff
18:36:45 <amrith> whether it is something that is still desired
18:37:39 <amrith> but my item was a reminder about the mid-cycle meetup. If you are planning to attend and have not yet registered, please do. There's also a link to block reservation rates on the hotel so grab those while they last (if you need hotel).
18:37:39 <boblebauce> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/trove/+spec/rootwrap-for-guest
18:37:40 <SlickNik> So a lot of the BPs are old, and either have old designs — or no design information in them at all.
18:38:12 <amrith> SlickNik, I'll volunteer to help boblebauce on the new design etc.,
18:38:33 <amrith> but wanted to make sure that he didn't end up doing a bunch of work for naught.
18:38:35 <vipul> +1 we shoudl do this.. we might be the only project that doesn't use rootwrap, and sudo's all day
18:38:42 <amrith> maybe best thing to do is update the BP and bring it to Monday meeting?
18:39:28 <SlickNik> Yeah, I'm in favor of doing this as well fwiw, but we should update the BP and bring it to the Monday meeting.
18:39:49 <amrith> I'll help get that done.
18:39:51 <boblebauce> SlickNik: Allright
18:40:02 <SlickNik> Cool, thanks amrith
18:40:24 <amrith> boblebauce, let's catch up after the mtg. SlickNik: np.
18:40:41 <boblebauce> amrith: ok, thanks for your help
18:41:57 <SlickNik> Anyone have anything else?
18:42:08 <cp16net> naw i'm good
18:42:26 <hub_cap> wellllllll
18:42:28 <SlickNik> lol
18:42:28 <hub_cap> jk
18:42:50 <SlickNik> hub_cap: get someone to remove that splinter already :P
18:42:55 <SlickNik> #endmeeting