18:00:19 <amcrn> #startmeeting trove
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18:00:59 <cp16net> what up amcrn
18:01:12 <amcrn> what's up cp16net :)
18:01:38 <grapex> o/
18:01:42 <vgnbkr> o/
18:01:50 <cp16net> waiting on my new lappy to be delivered...
18:02:04 <sgotliv> o/
18:02:06 <dougshelley66> o/
18:02:07 <cp16net> waiting is the hardest part
18:02:12 <amcrn> cp16net: nice. you're not going to accidentally ruin this one too are you
18:02:13 <tomblank> o/
18:02:15 <amcrn> ;)
18:02:37 <cp16net> haha i better not :-P
18:02:43 <amcrn> we'll give it a minute or two for a few folks to trickle in, but the agenda seems to blank, so this should be short
18:02:51 <amcrn> to be*
18:03:05 <dougshelley66> so you guys that were at OSSV - how was the panel?
18:03:08 <cp16net> those are the longest meetings tho :-P
18:03:25 <kevinconway> o/
18:03:39 <amcrn> dougshelley66: i feel it went well
18:03:39 <peterstac> o/
18:04:00 <dougshelley66> amcrn, that's good
18:04:07 <dougshelley66> amcrn, any tough questions
18:04:14 <amcrn> #topic general discussion
18:04:36 <amcrn> so with no action items on the agenda, does anyone have anything for general discussion?
18:04:52 <amcrn> dougshelley66: a couple of interesting ones, but nothing mind blowing
18:05:01 <cp16net> grilled cheese is amazing.
18:05:04 <mattgriffin> o/
18:05:14 <grapex> Thanks for merging that config parm fix for fake mode
18:05:19 <grapex> amcrn: ^
18:05:20 <cp16net> thats all i have
18:05:23 <amcrn> grapex: no problem.
18:05:50 <grapex> I've been working on the new event simulator. In theory it seems easy enough- I'm using greenlet directly which exposes a really simple way to do true coroutines which is all I ever wanted for the event simulator
18:05:56 <grapex> thanks to kevinconway for that tip
18:06:06 <grapex> but it's locking up when I run the tests. Something is causing it to hang
18:06:12 <grapex> if I can figure that out I think it could be ready pretty soon
18:06:21 <kevinconway> thanks to kevinconway for that bug?
18:06:22 <amcrn> grapex: excellent, looking forward to continued progress on that front; cheers to you and kevinconway
18:06:36 <peterstac> I've got a question:  Anyone know what the guest_id option in cfg.py is for?
18:06:52 <amcrn> peterstac: it's used for /etc/guest_info, which the guest uses to register to the rabbitmq topic
18:07:04 <peterstac> When I add a help line to it, the guest agent fails to start (due to dupe option)
18:07:05 <grapex> amcrn: No problem. Always glad to help!
18:07:05 * grapex throws down smoke bomb, shoots grappling hook and ziplines away
18:07:26 <peterstac> amcrn: Ah, so I can't just delete it :(
18:07:30 <robertmyers> peterstac it is defined in the trove-guestagent bin
18:07:48 <robertmyers> in trove/cmd/guest.py
18:08:12 <robertmyers> possibly remove it from there and add to cfg
18:08:14 <peterstac> right, so any ideas about why adding a help string to it would cause a complaint about duped options?
18:08:27 <robertmyers> cause is is defiend twice
18:09:00 <peterstac> so if it's defined in trove/cmd/guest.py can I take it out of cfg.py ?
18:09:06 <robertmyers> yes
18:09:07 <peterstac> robertmyers ^^
18:09:18 <peterstac> robertmyers: ok, solved, thanks!
18:09:35 <amcrn> alright, if that does it, let's give some time back to folks and end the meeting
18:09:55 <amcrn> anything else?
18:09:57 <robertmyers> peterstac: possibly all the guest options need to be in a different cfg.py
18:10:19 <robertmyers> as they aren't needed in trove api
18:11:19 <amcrn> alright, calling it. if there's more on this cfg.py for guest conversation, we can spill it over into the main channel.
18:11:24 <amcrn> thanks everyone!
18:11:27 <peterstac> robertmyers: sure, but I'll leave for a different bug ;)
18:11:27 <amcrn> #endmeeting