14:00:14 <zhaochao> #startmeeting trove
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14:00:28 <zhaochao> #topic roll call
14:01:42 <zhaochao> Courtesy ping anzhang kumarmn maciejjozefczyk songjian wangyao  zhanggang
14:02:30 <songjian1994> o/
14:02:39 <zhaochao> songjian1994: hi
14:02:44 <songjian1994> hi
14:02:52 <fanzhang> o/
14:03:03 <zhaochao> fanzhang: hi
14:03:57 <fanzhang> looks like we should wait for a while
14:05:04 <zhaochao> I did a courtesy ping, so maybe only we three are here today
14:05:42 <zhaochao> let's start
14:06:03 <zhaochao> #topic Rocky goal updates
14:06:20 <zhaochao> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/trove-priorities-and-specs-tracking
14:07:05 <zhaochao> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Jz6TnmRHnhbg6J_tSBXv-SvYIrG4NLh4nWejupxqdeg/edit
14:07:37 <zhaochao> #link https://releases.openstack.org/rocky/schedule.html
14:07:53 <zhaochao> some links for reminder
14:08:41 <zhaochao> it seems next week will be the summit, and none of us will go for it
14:09:10 <fanzhang> Yeah, so who will do the project updates?
14:10:19 <zhaochao> and we only have 3 weeks for rocky milestone-2, we're progressing very slowly, however I'm sorry for not having much resource and time on Trove ...
14:10:38 <zhaochao> fanzhang: maybe the project update for Trove will be cancelled
14:10:56 <fanzhang> sounds a little sad :(
14:12:32 <zhaochao> yes
14:12:36 <fanzhang> I did not spend much time this week, looks like if we want to achieve the cycle goals, we have to hurry.
14:13:58 <fanzhang> I guess this is it :(
14:14:45 <zhaochao> I also didn't do much on Trove last week, yesterday I did a quick look through for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/567294/, songjian1994 , thanks fo woking on this, I think patchset v2 should be fine
14:14:55 <zhaochao> I'll put my +1 vote later
14:15:20 <zhaochao> fanzhang: we could just try our best
14:15:30 <songjian1994> ok.I will review it tomorrow
14:18:38 <zhaochao> songjian1994: thanks. I also noticed that mysql gate jobs are failing, I did some early investigation, will try to fix them later
14:20:06 <songjian1994> Yes,I did some related investigations, but there is no solution from me and it seems that there seems to be some relationship with nova.
14:23:33 <zhaochao> songjian1994: I first noticed the failures when I was doing the Zuul v3 migration (still wf-1 now, may don't have to update it recently...), after digging into serveral logs, I found the problem must be the new version of percona xtrabackup
14:23:43 <zhaochao> songjian1994: but still have no time to verify that
14:25:05 <songjian1994> ok.will continue to pay attention
14:25:42 <zhaochao> songjian1994: thanks
14:25:44 <zhaochao> and
14:26:33 <zhaochao> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/560373/ from wangyao , is still not passing gate checks, and not updated for a while
14:27:47 <zhaochao> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/564103/ from zhangang is in a similar situation
14:28:02 <zhaochao> they must also be busy at other things, :(
14:28:35 <fanzhang> yeah, I heard about their heavy work
14:30:36 <zhaochao> fanzhang: how is the file-inject bp progressing now?
14:31:23 <fanzhang> modification of get_injected_file is done, but I have not uploaded it as a single patch.
14:31:50 <fanzhang> Should I split them into small patches or ...?
14:34:30 <zhaochao> fanzhang: split commits should be fine, small patches are always easier for review, or you could submit as WIP
14:35:50 <fanzhang> ok, sure :)
14:37:39 <zhaochao> fanzhang: :) if you think it's not ready yet, it's fine. And most of the core members don't have time for the project these days, :(
14:38:57 <zhaochao> OK, these may be all from me today.
14:39:20 <zhaochao> fanzhang: songjian1994 any other updates or other topics from you?
14:39:50 <songjian1994> no more from me
14:41:00 <fanzhang> zhaochao, no more updates from me. Recently someone asks me about using openstack/heat in trove. But found a patch of amrith to drop this support
14:41:05 <fanzhang> any ideas ?
14:41:52 <zhaochao> fanzhang: O, let's change the topic to open discussion first
14:42:09 <zhaochao> #topic Open discussion
14:42:48 <zhaochao> fanzhang: want to heat to create nova instance for Trove or manage Trove instance in heat?
14:43:50 <fanzhang> create and manage I guess?
14:44:20 <fanzhang> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/385513/
14:45:27 <zhaochao> yes, I noticed the commit sometime before, but according the commit message, use heat to manage Trove instance should work
14:45:49 <zhaochao> but I'm not familiar with heat and didn't verify that
14:46:55 <fanzhang> neither do I. But considering the activities of trove lately, we may not have time to do some investigation about it.
14:47:22 <fanzhang> I am wondering if songjian1994 knows something about it
14:49:34 <zhaochao> yes, I agree. And I also think it's not appropriate to use heat to create nova instance for Trove too, but I did'n know much about this kind of user case
14:50:07 <songjian1994> I have not used heat yet...
14:50:50 <fanzhang> just a quick question :)
14:51:18 <fanzhang> no need to pay much attention on it right now
14:51:19 <songjian1994> in our company, using heat for choreography of the trove instance
14:51:34 <songjian1994> But not knowing a lot
14:51:46 <fanzhang> so you don't work on it?
14:52:47 <fanzhang> but since your company does that, maybe it is worth something
14:52:48 <songjian1994> Yes, just asked me some questions about creating parameters.
14:53:04 <fanzhang> LOL
14:55:06 <songjian1994> From this commit msg, we can see that we just use heat to create a trove instance, so this patch should have no effect on us
14:57:02 <zhaochao> the related commit is https://review.openstack.org/#/c/385529/
14:57:02 <songjian1994> We create an instance only by nova, have not tried heat
14:58:21 <zhaochao> but no clear reason for heat removal, it seems the only reason is creating nova instances by heat is not widely used
14:59:57 <zhaochao> OK, time is up.
15:00:05 <zhaochao> let's end here.
15:00:15 <zhaochao> thanks, fanzhang songjian1994
15:00:20 <zhaochao> Goodnight
15:00:24 <fanzhang> good night
15:00:38 <zhaochao> #endmeeting