19:01:24 <emagana> #startmeeting uc
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19:01:43 <emagana> Hello maishsk and noggin143_
19:01:52 <emagana> Do we have more people around?
19:02:03 <maishsk> o/
19:02:14 <carolbarrett> Hi
19:02:26 <emagana> hi carolbarrett
19:02:55 <emagana> let's start the topics..
19:03:03 <emagana> #topic User Survey analysis
19:03:29 <emagana> Heidi sent last call for comments on the draft
19:03:50 <emagana> It seems that a bunch of comments and suggestions have been included
19:04:13 <emagana> and the analysis team is preparing the final version.
19:04:31 <emagana> Any questions on this topic?
19:05:12 <carolbarrett> not from me - I think it's going to be a great info for the community
19:06:21 <emagana> ok, moving on
19:06:34 <emagana> #topic Operators recognition next steps
19:06:39 <emagana> This is a good one!
19:06:50 <emagana> I am getting confused even myself.
19:07:06 <maishsk> :)
19:07:10 <emagana> maishsk prepared a draft to be sent based on the action items from the last meeting
19:07:37 <maishsk> actuall it was not me - but shamail
19:07:38 <emagana> but seems to be another proposal for tomorrow's meeting with the board.
19:07:54 <emagana> correct!... shamail my bad!
19:08:03 <emagana> is shamail around?
19:08:45 <noggin143_> I'll propose that this should be a topic for the nonATC working group
19:09:26 <emagana> noggin143_: make sense.
19:09:39 <emagana> When is the next IRc meeting for the nonATC WG?
19:10:11 <emagana> ohh actually is TBD.
19:10:41 <emagana> #action moving the Ops recognition topic to nonATC WG meeting
19:11:29 <emagana> anything on this topic then?
19:11:59 <noggin143_> agreed with moving to the nonATC WG
19:12:05 <maishsk> yep one questions
19:12:29 <emagana> maishsk: go ahead!
19:12:39 <maishsk> noggin143: you mentioned in the thread that there will be different views on the non-ATC participation in the TC elections (if and when that ever happens)
19:12:49 <maishsk> what is the UC’s view on that matter ?
19:15:07 <emagana> maishsk: I am probably the only one UC member in this meeting but I am not sure I can answer that question in behalf of jproulx and sheilla
19:15:07 <noggin143_> I suspect there may be some disagreements with respect to ATC and non-ATC voting for the TC
19:16:21 <maishsk> I assume so
19:17:36 <emagana> I think we could cover that as well during the WG meeting
19:17:48 <maishsk> fine by me :)
19:17:50 <emagana> I will move to the next topic
19:17:55 <emagana> #topic where we want to take the UC and what we can change
19:18:58 <emagana> Ok, I really think we should make aware to everybody how important the UC is and the need for their support and participation
19:19:22 <emagana> and therefore we will have a bigger audience on these meetings
19:19:54 <emagana> but the only way to show that is by acting.. and showing results
19:20:36 <emagana> for instance, the nonATC WG hopefully we will be able to deliver a good plan for the recognition and all that started here in the UC
19:20:55 <emagana> thoughts?
19:22:24 <emagana> it seems that we are going to have a short meeting...  :-)
19:22:31 <maishsk> ;)
19:22:35 <carolbarrett> emagana: I agree the UC is an important element of our community. Are there goals that we would want to take for the Newton development cycle that would help to focus on deliverables and guide new attendees?
19:22:43 <emagana> I just came back from vacations.. I dont mind!
19:23:16 <maishsk> I think that one of the goals that the UC should try and achieve is to expand their circle of influence
19:23:21 <maishsk> and responsibilities
19:23:54 <emagana> carolbarrett: I discussed with my UC member peers and we want to re-define the UC goals
19:23:55 <carolbarrett> maishsk: what would be 1 or 2 actions that you think of around this?
19:24:55 <carolbarrett> emagana: Do you have a plan to move that forward?
19:24:57 <maishsk> #1 make binding resolutions - and not just act as an advisory body
19:25:03 <emagana> after that we would like to ask to ourselves if the size of the team should be the same or not
19:25:21 <emagana> carolbarrett: we will prepar a draft first and share with the community for feedback
19:26:20 <carolbarrett> emagana: is the draft being created via these meetings or are the 3 UC leaders working on the draft and then bring into here?
19:26:31 <emagana> when, well I just came back from some time off which means I need to review it with the rest of the team and provide a formal update
19:27:05 <carolbarrett> emagana: sounds good
19:27:42 <emagana> carolbarrett: the later
19:28:08 <emagana> but it will be open for everybody to provide feedback
19:28:25 <carolbarrett> Once the new charter is in place, I think it would be good to define a couple of work streams for the next dvelopment cycle.
19:28:34 <emagana> it is just to start with something.. Actually for the next meeting we should have a good draft
19:29:10 <emagana> #action emagana make sure to have the draft with the goals for the UC ready and shared before the next Uc meeting
19:29:40 <carolbarrett> emagana: Will that require Board approval?
19:30:18 <emagana> carolbarrett: good question. I will assume that Yes, it will.
19:31:02 <carolbarrett> Would the target be to review and get approval at the Austin Board meeting next month?
19:31:17 <emagana> carolbarrett: Yes!
19:31:26 <carolbarrett> excellent!
19:32:23 <noggin143_> The combined UC/TC/board afternoon is a good place to raise scope related topics
19:32:58 <carolbarrett> Will there be a working group session at the Summit? If so, would we want to use some of that time to define work streams for the Newton cycle?
19:32:59 <emagana> noggin143_: great! Is that already a planned session?
19:33:07 <carolbarrett> After the charter is approved?
19:33:39 <noggin143_> The board meeting on the Sunday has two parts, one for the board and another for a combined UC/TC/board meeting
19:33:55 <emagana> carolbarrett: working group session?
19:34:11 <carolbarrett> sorry - meant UC working session
19:34:34 <emagana> noggin143_: ohhh I will miss that because I could not arrive to Austin on Saturday!  :-(
19:34:50 <carolbarrett> noggin143_: Good point, We could reach out to Alan Clark and request a slot on the agenda
19:34:59 <noggin143_> The agenda is at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/24Apr2016BoardMeeting
19:35:17 <carolbarrett> emagana: Are any of the other UC leaders going to be there on Sunday?
19:35:39 <emagana> carolbarrett: I do not know. I will check with them
19:36:26 <emagana> #action emagana to chat with sheila and john on attending the Board Meeting on August 24th
19:36:46 <emagana> I will try to change my travel plans but it will be hard.
19:37:42 <noggin143_> If there are no UC representatives, I can give the UC input if needed
19:37:57 <noggin143_> but it would be best to have a UC member there
19:38:37 <carolbarrett> +1
19:39:09 <emagana> will do my best..
19:39:12 <emagana> ;-)
19:39:21 <carolbarrett> Looks like there is a User Committee WG meeting on Wednesday
19:39:37 <emagana> ok, I really do not have anything else in mind for the meeting.
19:39:58 <emagana> carolbarrett: I think tom saved that spot for us
19:40:14 <carolbarrett> I wonder if we should start an etherpad for planning the agenda?
19:41:10 <emagana> carolbarrett: good idea..
19:41:29 <emagana> do you want to go ahead?
19:41:35 <emagana> I can also do it.
19:41:45 <carolbarrett> sure  - I can do it.
19:42:36 <emagana> carolbarrett: Thanks!
19:42:51 <carolbarrett> I can put a link to it off of this wiki page: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/UserCommittee
19:42:59 <carolbarrett> Or is there a better location?
19:43:25 <carolbarrett> And send a link on the ML
19:43:56 <emagana> both will work!
19:43:58 <emagana> ;-)
19:44:13 <carolbarrett> OK - will do.
19:44:33 <emagana> #action carolbarrett create an etherpad to plan the UC meeting in Austin
19:45:01 <carolbarrett> thanks
19:45:15 <emagana> Thank you all!
19:45:34 <emagana> anything else?
19:45:57 <carolbarrett> nothing from me
19:46:16 <emagana> noggin143_: any topic?
19:46:45 <emagana> all right.. have a great one!
19:46:51 <emagana> #endmeeting