19:01:36 <emagana> #startmeeting uc
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19:01:54 <emagana> Hello all! Anyone around for the UC IRC meeting?
19:01:55 <shamail> Hi emagana!
19:01:58 <ShillaSaebi> hello!!
19:02:02 <jproulx> hello
19:02:04 <docaedo> o/
19:02:05 <noggin143> hello
19:02:20 <emagana> awesome!
19:03:12 <emagana> #topic review action items
19:03:27 <emagana> From the last meeting #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/uc/2016/uc.2016-03-28-19.01.html
19:04:05 <emagana> The discussion about Ops recognition topic to nonATC WG meeting has been done. shamail is here and I would like him to provide an update
19:04:44 <shamail> Thanks emagana... We have formed the WG and started weekly meetings (Thursdays 1900UTC)
19:05:08 <emagana> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/NonATCRecognition
19:05:16 <shamail> We spent our first meeting on logistics and plan to dive into discussing roles/activities in our next meeting.
19:05:22 <shamail> Thanks for the link
19:05:32 <shamail> I would make this action item as completed.
19:05:39 <ShillaSaebi> awesome
19:05:40 <shamail> Mark*
19:05:41 <emagana> shamail: Thanks!
19:05:48 <emagana> shamail: Anything needed from UC so far?
19:06:11 <shamail> Not yet, but I was wondering if the UC has started discussing the charter in parallel?
19:06:38 <shamail> The WG is helping with the constituency but the charter would eventually define the rights/benefits
19:07:29 <emagana> Not as far as I know. I think we will first have the WG input but let's hear jproulx and ShillaSaebi
19:08:19 <ShillaSaebi> we haven't started discussing it yet, as far as I know
19:08:42 <jproulx> No we haven't, but should/can we is the question I think...
19:08:49 <emagana> ok, then we should be talking about this once we have the input from the WG.
19:08:56 <shamail> Alright, thanks.  It's not a blocking issue but I think it might take awhile so a head start might be beneficial
19:09:10 <emagana> maybe a topic for the Austin summit?
19:09:17 <shamail> +1
19:09:25 <jproulx> the WG is defining 'who' and 'how' the UC needs to define 'what'
19:09:25 <ShillaSaebi> +1
19:09:41 <jproulx> Yes I think in person since summit is soon.  +1
19:09:49 <ShillaSaebi> i certainly agree
19:10:02 <emagana> Let's talk about the Summit which was an action item for carolbarrett
19:10:12 <emagana> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/User_Committee_Austin_Planning
19:11:11 <emagana> I just added the topic about the charter to the etherpad.
19:11:15 <ShillaSaebi> cool
19:11:27 <shamail> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/User_Committee_Austin_Planning
19:11:33 <shamail> Ack sorry
19:11:36 <shamail> Mobile :)
19:11:46 <emagana> We need to add more details and formalize the agenda
19:12:04 <shamail> When would you like Input into the etherpad by?
19:12:05 <emagana> but we just have 30 minutes so we can not go crazy  :-)
19:12:29 <jproulx> 1:50 -> 3:20 is 1:30 yes?
19:12:36 <jproulx> 90min that is
19:13:02 <emagana> ups... jproulx you are right..
19:13:17 <ShillaSaebi> oh thats much better
19:13:19 <jproulx> still I think that 90min will go fast
19:13:22 <emagana> shamail: we do not have a lot of time, we may need to discuss next week
19:13:23 <shamail> I will have to miss a portion of one of the slots (forget if it's the first or second half)
19:13:43 <shamail> Okay emagana
19:13:52 <jproulx> once we're happy with items we should probably try and assign times
19:13:56 <shamail> Can you assign an #action to all to provide input by next week?
19:14:23 <emagana> #action all provide input for the UC Austin session #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/User_Committee_Austin_Planning
19:14:56 <emagana> #action ShillaSaebi jproulx emagana to finalize the agenda
19:16:04 <emagana> another action item was to coordinate UC representation to the Board meeting on April 24th. I think jproulx and emagana are confirmed, what about ShillaSaebi?
19:17:15 <jproulx> Yes I will be there.
19:17:20 <ShillaSaebi> i have yet to book my ticket
19:17:21 <emagana> Thanks jproulx
19:17:28 <ShillaSaebi> i will try to book it in a way where I will be in attendance
19:17:38 <emagana> ShillaSaebi: Let us know. So far we are covered.
19:17:45 <ShillaSaebi> thats great, will do thank you
19:17:56 <ShillaSaebi> I should have it done early this week and will send an email once i know
19:18:23 <emagana> the last action item was to me to follow up on a draft to redefine the UC goals and possible structure
19:18:48 <emagana> and I have to report that I could not coordinate a session with ShillaSaebi nor jproulx to discuss this.. :-(
19:19:35 <emagana> I also wanted to have edit access to this file #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yD8TfqUik2dt5xo_jMVHMl7tw9oIJnEndLK8YqEToyo/edit#
19:19:47 <ShillaSaebi> is this something else we want to coordinate for the summit or shall we try to do it beforehand?
19:20:04 <ShillaSaebi> let me see if thats something i can do
19:20:15 <emagana> I requested a couple of time access but no response. I do not even know who owns it? maybe Tim?
19:20:36 <ShillaSaebi> oh i don't have access either
19:20:43 <emagana> ShillaSaebi: it will be nice to have a draft for the summit and complete the discussion in person
19:20:48 <jproulx> nor I
19:21:05 <emagana> I think was a document from Tim. I will reach out to him directly
19:21:16 <ShillaSaebi> there are a few other contributors listed at the bottom of the doc
19:21:17 <shamail> ping noggin143
19:21:25 <ShillaSaebi> maybe try them too if you can't get a hold of Tim
19:21:28 <emagana> #action emagana to request access to  #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yD8TfqUik2dt5xo_jMVHMl7tw9oIJnEndLK8YqEToyo/edit#
19:21:51 <emagana> ok, that covers all action items from previous meeting.
19:22:31 <emagana> #topic Planning for Austin
19:22:51 <emagana> Is there something to discuss besides requesting more input in the etherpad?
19:23:00 <ShillaSaebi> not from my end
19:23:16 <shamail> Nothing here either
19:23:21 <jproulx> I have no new business
19:23:24 <emagana> ok..
19:23:35 <emagana> #topic Open Discussion
19:23:43 <emagana> anyone?
19:23:57 <shamail> I had a topic for open discussion but I am drawing a blank
19:24:02 <shamail> 😔
19:24:12 <emagana> i have not been able to be around for the meetings in APAC time zone, are those happening?
19:24:20 <shamail> That's it!
19:24:27 <jproulx> Oh actually that's a good topic!
19:24:33 <emagana> shamail: :-)
19:24:35 <jproulx> I think they have not
19:24:37 <shamail> I was wondering about the regional one as well
19:24:38 <emagana> shamail: I read minds!
19:24:45 <shamail> Haha, you just proved it
19:25:09 <jproulx> I attended the first one but there was virtually no attendance
19:25:11 <shamail> I think Roland was going to lead those
19:25:27 <jproulx> (it was me & rolland 1st time)
19:25:28 <emagana> IMHO we should have one meeting if the other one does not have attendance at all.
19:25:28 <shamail> Yeah, we need to send out notices for that one to
19:25:32 <shamail> Too*
19:25:54 <emagana> First and more important, who should be chairing those ones?
19:25:59 <emagana> I can not unfortunately.
19:26:58 <ShillaSaebi> The time for the APAC one does not work for me
19:27:00 <shamail> It wouldn't make sense to have it without any UC present
19:27:57 <jproulx> It's a difficult, but not impossible time slot for me.
19:28:01 <shamail> So should we remove it for now and make a topic for Austin?
19:28:03 <emagana> should we cancel it and just keep this one?
19:28:53 <shamail> I'll add revisit regional meeting as a topic
19:29:42 <emagana> we are two weeks away from the summit. If nobody can chair it the one next week, we cancel it and no matter what we will revisit this in Austin.
19:29:54 <ShillaSaebi> ok
19:29:56 <ShillaSaebi> that sounds good to me
19:29:56 <jproulx> OK added to planning ether pad
19:29:58 <ShillaSaebi> +1
19:30:02 <emagana> cool!
19:30:10 <shamail> also, this meeting used to be every third Monday... It is currently every odd week.  Do we leave this one as is?
19:30:27 <shamail> Basically make this a bi-weekly versus monthly meeting?
19:30:37 <emagana> let's redefine the schedule in Austin
19:30:41 <jproulx> biweekly seems good
19:31:00 <shamail> +1
19:31:07 <emagana> other Open Agenda topics?
19:31:33 <shamail> When/where will we have a UC party in Austin?
19:31:35 <shamail> :D
19:31:42 <shamail> Jk
19:31:44 <ShillaSaebi> lol
19:31:47 <emagana> everyday!
19:32:09 <shamail> Best answer.
19:32:50 <shamail> See you in a couple of weeks, take care.
19:32:59 <jproulx> thanks all
19:33:21 <emagana> cheers!
19:33:25 <emagana> #endmeeting