19:06:25 <emagana> #startmeeting uc
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19:06:30 <maishsk> yey!!
19:06:33 <emagana> ok.. we are good now!
19:06:37 <Rockyg> o/
19:06:57 <emagana> #topic Provide a status update of UC charter and next steps
19:06:58 <maishsk> Good evening all
19:07:02 <shamail> Hello!
19:07:03 <emagana> Hello All!
19:07:08 <Patifa> hi!
19:07:10 <jamemcc> Hi
19:07:12 <emagana> Thanks you all for joining.
19:07:18 * ildikov is lurking
19:07:46 <emagana> On the first topic. We have done a great progress on the UC charter and I do believe we are ready for Barcelona where we will propose bylaws changes in order to make the UC very similar to TC
19:08:06 <emagana> So, we have added the governance charter in the openstack site.
19:08:16 <emagana> #link http://governance.openstack.org/uc/
19:08:22 <emagana> #link http://governance.openstack.org/uc/reference/charter.html
19:08:41 <shamail> emagana: awesome
19:08:51 <Rockyg> ++
19:09:01 <emagana> We have a patch ready to change the content of #http://governance.openstack.org/  to be more TC/UC/BoD neutral
19:09:11 <emagana> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/382447/
19:09:47 <emagana> This is the Doc for the Bylaws change proposal:
19:10:32 <emagana> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QmLOeseAkjBWM_TXsUeKBErNaSHnuZp81II0T71ARfo/edit?usp=sharing
19:10:55 <emagana> In summary defines the process to vote for UC members and have 5 members in total instead of three
19:11:12 <emagana> AUC members will be voting for UC
19:11:33 <emagana> Please, add you comments. It is very important to complete the document before Oct 24
19:11:45 <Rockyg> cool
19:11:53 <emagana> @shamail I need your help in completing the section about AUC membership
19:12:00 * shamail makes a note for maishsk, MeganR, and I to review the AUC membership section before deadline
19:12:01 <shamail> will do!
19:13:09 <emagana> Once you are good with the document the BoD will approve and I am proposing to make the election on January 2017. Then we can renew the UC every year.
19:13:12 <emagana> Does anyone has any question on this topic?
19:13:42 <maishsk> emagana: should we propose somments directly on the doc - I found an error (I think)
19:14:06 <emagana> yes maishsk please add comments on the part that needs to be fixed or improved
19:14:17 <shamail> emagana: Is the bylaw change on the upcoming BoD agenda already?  If so, could you share the time.
19:14:23 <serverascode> hi sorry I'm late
19:15:10 <emagana> serverascode: no problem.. Thanks for joining us.
19:15:35 <emagana> shamail: Yes, it is. Well, I already requested the time to Alan (BoD Chair)
19:15:56 <emagana> I will send out an email update with the time that got scheduled
19:16:02 <shamail> thanks!
19:16:29 <emagana> feel free to ping me directly for any comments/suggestions/concerns on the changes.
19:16:38 <shamail> sounds good
19:16:46 <emagana> I really feel good about it and it seems that BoD feels happy about it as well.
19:16:52 <emagana> #topic AUC update
19:16:57 <emagana> shamail: you are next
19:17:22 <shamail> Thanks, maishsk and I want to provide an update to the UC on the AUC Recognition WG activities
19:17:50 <shamail> I would also like to say that MeganR did a lot of work on this too (she couldn’t make this meeting)
19:18:06 <shamail> #link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_yCSDGnhIbzcXFENjBOeUtqRFk
19:18:06 <emagana> awesome.. go for it
19:18:19 <shamail> We have created a deck to capture our status
19:18:42 <emagana> I like it!
19:18:46 <shamail> Slide 3 defines what is AUC and how it aligns with UC (for those interested)
19:18:48 <shamail> Thanks!
19:19:18 <shamail> In general, we tried to ensure that we recognize all of the contributions that make the UC successful at fulfilling its goal
19:19:32 <shamail> this includes user groups, WGs, moderators, track chairs, knowledge sharing on Superuser, etc.
19:20:15 <shamail> We do anticipate adding more eligible activities in the future (some require more work/thought) but we captured all low hanging fruit in this initial criteria
19:20:57 <shamail> In case anyone feels they should have been an AUC but did not meet the documented criteria, they can complete self-nomination for extra-AUC through the process provided (maishsk did excellent work on this process)
19:20:59 <shamail> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Extra-AUC-review-board-criteria
19:21:16 <maishsk> shamail: you are too kind :)
19:21:31 <shamail> UC: Please review the “review committee” structure and let us know if this is feasible or whether rev1 should just be UC = review board
19:21:41 <emagana> Thank you maishsk, shamail and MeganR for the great amount of work
19:21:58 <shamail> we wanted to ensure that all perspectives were covered when reviewing self-nominations (but understand that putting together the committee will be work itself as well)
19:22:15 <shamail> Moving on to the AUC Count
19:22:33 <shamail> The OpenStack Foundation (Tom and Web-Dev) have worked to automate the collection of AUC activities
19:22:53 <shamail> there is now a back-end that can run the uc-recognition scripts and automatically tally AUC counts based on the established criteria
19:23:12 <shamail> (note: we are still working through some of the criteria since the automated and manual versions show disparity for certain categories)
19:23:17 <shamail> BUT
19:23:25 <shamail> As of today, we are counting 314 AUCs in Barcelona!
19:23:37 <emagana> why a BUT?
19:23:53 <emagana> do you think we are missing a lot of people or that we have a lot?
19:23:53 <shamail> BUT because there is still some discrepancy :)
19:23:56 <shamail> not many
19:24:05 <shamail> I would say we are off by 30-40 max
19:24:08 <shamail> so 10%
19:24:21 <shamail> might be even lower honestly
19:24:59 <shamail> Finally, as next steps, we look forward to the bylaw changes (we will review the AUC section) and we also have two sessions scheduled in Barcelona
19:25:03 <shamail> (linked on the last slide)
19:25:15 <shamail> one is to raise awareness of AUC and what contributions count
19:25:15 <emagana> Is anyway we can bulish the list of AUC members and send it out via ML. If someone feel like it should be part of it we shoudl review the criteria that we are missing.
19:25:26 <shamail> Great idea emagana
19:25:35 <shamail> Can you please assign maishsk and I the action?
19:25:38 <maishsk> +1
19:25:38 <shamail> (for reminder)
19:25:39 <emagana> s/bulish/publish/g
19:26:36 <emagana> #action maishsk and shamail publish the AUC list of members and send it out to the ML. Suggest people who were not included to discuss directly with both of you and discuss the missing criteria(s)
19:26:43 <shamail> The second session is a working session to determine whether we need to continue the working group to add more criteria or whether the UC can take over management of AUC going forward.  This working group was supposed to be a short-term WG and we have completed our initial task… want guidance on whether we continue with another phase or disband it.
19:26:50 <shamail> Anything else you want to add maishsk?
19:26:53 <shamail> Thanks emagana
19:27:00 <maishsk> Nope - you have it all covered
19:27:10 <emagana> ok, anything else on this topic?
19:27:17 <shamail> Thanks maishsk.  That is all from us.   Thanks for your time.
19:27:21 <emagana> #topic PWG: Forum Suggestions
19:27:30 <emagana> Also a topic suggested by shamail
19:27:36 <shamail> ping Carolbarrett
19:27:47 <shamail> Carolbarrett: do you want to lead this one?
19:28:11 <shamail> alright, i’ll start it off
19:28:21 <emagana> maybe she Carolbarrett is not around
19:28:30 <shamail> We created a deck for this one as well
19:28:32 <shamail> #link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxtM4AiszlEyNEdqbVhNTVgzaWM/view?usp=sharing
19:29:02 <shamail> As most of you might know, the summit is evolving in Boston with the introduction of a new concept called the Forum (intended to replace the current design summit)
19:29:18 <Carolbarrett> shamail: I'd appreciate if you would lead this one
19:29:25 <shamail> Sounds good, thx Carolbarrett
19:29:45 <shamail> One of the main goals of this change is to ensure that user feedback can be recieved in a timely manner so that the dev teams can discuss at PTG (Project Team Gatherings)
19:30:32 <shamail> We, in the Product Working Group, brainstormed on how we think this goal could be achieved and how we could maximize user input into the OpenStack technical community
19:31:07 <emagana> shamail & Carolbarrett: In my opinion we should follow the next steps to make the proposal an official process for the Forum.
19:31:14 <shamail> We also believe that we need to start discussing/promoting the Forum in Barcelona to ensure the people we want to be in attendance are aware of it.
19:31:56 <shamail> Thanks emagana. That was our hope that we can use this as a starting point and refine it as “The UC Proposal for Forum"
19:32:00 <emagana> 1. Discuss the proposal with TC first. They have meetings every other week. I know we will miss the opportunity before the Board meeting in Barcelona but I do not think we need BoD approval
19:32:02 <shamail> PWG just wanted to create a starting point
19:32:29 <shamail> emagana: Could we possibly ask to discuss this at the joint TC/UC/BoD section of the meeting?
19:32:43 <shamail> It is critical that all parties message Forum the same way at the summit…
19:33:00 <shamail> The discussion on Monday could ensure that we are all raising awareness through out the week
19:33:02 <emagana> 2. Yes we could. I have a feeling that we may hear a negative reaction if we do not prepare them ahead
19:33:10 <shamail> emagana: +1
19:33:21 <shamail> Should we add it to the TC agenda for next week?
19:33:33 <emagana> So, we could actually present this to TC Chair first (Thierry)
19:33:37 <shamail> (and re-label as UC proposal?)
19:33:51 <emagana> In order to find out where the TC regarding the Forum and collect initial feedback
19:33:56 <shamail> Sounds good, would you mind setting that up?
19:34:15 <emagana> shamail: if the TC has a meeting next week, yes we could and we should
19:34:22 <shamail> The TC is very important in this conversation since we want to ensure that all sessions result in actionable next steps (e.g. specs, bps, user stories, etc.)
19:34:47 <emagana> #action emagana to request a time slot in TC meeting for next week if it there is a meeting.
19:34:59 <shamail> Thanks emagana
19:35:21 <shamail> We also should reach out to Lauren to determine promotion activities planned for the Forum in Barcelona
19:35:36 <shamail> Carolbarrett and I would be glad to do that on behalf of the UC if you think that is a good next step?
19:35:43 <emagana> #action all AUC should read and get familiar with the deck. #link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxtM4AiszlEyNEdqbVhNTVgzaWM/view?usp=sharing
19:36:00 <emagana> shamail: sounds good to me.
19:36:03 <shamail> Thanks
19:36:13 <shamail> Anyone else have questions on the Forum proposal?
19:36:38 <shamail> That’s all on this topic from us emagana
19:36:45 <emagana> if not. Let's move to the next topic
19:36:56 <emagana> #topic: BCN Summit - UC and WG sessions
19:37:52 <emagana> I want to have a reminder of two important sessions.
19:38:07 <emagana> The first one is the UC meeting #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/barcelona-2016/summit-schedule/events/16869/user-commitee-session
19:38:32 <emagana> The second one is the UC WGs efficiency session #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/barcelona-2016/summit-schedule/events/16899/efficiency-of-working-groups-working-together-to-advance-the-community-leadership-of-the-user-committee
19:38:40 <emagana> I want encourage all to attend these sessions.
19:39:07 <emagana> We will discuss the future of the UC and the charter status as well as setting up the goals for the next year for the UC
19:39:16 * shamail sees a lot of conflicts in his BCN schedule :(
19:39:38 <emagana> After Barcelona we will have way more visibility and we should make use of it.
19:39:43 <shamail> emagana: +1
19:40:00 <emagana> Monstly I would like to see how UC will impact the decisions on the TC
19:40:38 <emagana> I also wanted to ask if anyone feel like their WG did not get the time/space required for their work?
19:40:51 <maishsk> emagana: That would be most interesting thing to see how that pans out
19:41:15 <jamemcc> We are hoping to discuss and talk about porposal for the Large Contributing OpenStack Operators (LCOO) with the UC.  Is that at that time?
19:41:23 <emagana> maishsk: I believe that we should work very closely with TC
19:41:35 <maishsk> I am in total agreement :)
19:41:40 <emagana> jamemcc: The second session will be the best for that
19:41:59 <maishsk> It will bring a huge benefit to OpenStack as a whole
19:42:22 <jamemcc> OK: Sorry if I should know - when is the second sesion?
19:42:35 <emagana> in my mind, UC should request formally to TC to enforce a feature request or improvement regardless of the interest of the people working on that project and even the PTL.
19:42:45 <emagana> jamemcc: https://www.openstack.org/summit/barcelona-2016/summit-schedule/events/16899/efficiency-of-working-groups-working-together-to-advance-the-community-leadership-of-the-user-committee
19:43:19 <emagana> jamemcc: You are working with Shilla on that WG, right?
19:43:36 <jamemcc> Yes - thanks
19:43:44 <emagana> jamemcc: great!
19:44:05 <emagana> It is going to be a very important summit for UC
19:44:06 <maishsk> emagana: that is not going to be easy
19:44:45 <emagana> hopefully after this we can have an elected and not appointed UC and a formal AUC recognition with voting rights and free access to Forum
19:44:46 <maishsk> as it essentially goes against everything the TC and OpenStack believe in
19:45:02 <maishsk> so enforce might not be the correct term
19:45:21 <Rockyg> maishsk, sadly, true
19:45:43 <emagana> maishsk: I dont think so. Why will it be against? On the contrary, the BoD is trying so hard to make UC a very important entity in OpenStack community
19:46:21 <maishsk> From what I see the TC does not force anything upon the Project teams
19:46:40 <maishsk> (with regards to features and priorities)
19:46:43 <emagana> maishsk: Ah, that is a different problem that TC (with our collaboration) should fix
19:47:16 <jamemcc> I agree that the UC needs to formalize a request to TC and certainly they need to have a formal reply (of the variety we got it and here's what we are doing with it)
19:47:40 <jamemcc> Maybe that's the starting point rather than all the way to enforce
19:48:07 <jamemcc> Step 2 we collaborate on how to do that
19:48:08 <emagana> jamemcc: Let's work for that! At least that is what I am working towards to
19:48:12 <maishsk> It is has always been the problem of geeting people to fix stuff - or do stuff properly instead of going off and working on the next shiny thing
19:48:33 <emagana> jamemcc: communication, attending TC meetings and having TC members attending Uc meetings
19:48:56 <emagana> leverage the BoD whenever we need to solve a conflict between TC and UC
19:49:31 <emagana> So, whoever gets elected to the UC should continue this work. Moving to a different direction will throw away a lot of good work.
19:49:40 <shamail> emagana: +1
19:49:51 <maishsk> emagana: so true
19:50:02 <emagana> Good reminder to all attending and members of AUC to prepare for taking a seat in the UC
19:50:19 <emagana> 5 position will be available
19:50:23 <emagana> positions*
19:50:36 <emagana> Ok,  that is all I have for today.
19:50:43 <emagana> #topic Open Discussion
19:50:47 <emagana> ANyone wants to bring anything?
19:50:49 <shamail> Thanks emagana, great meeting.
19:51:11 <jamemcc> Nice Edgar - good organization - thanks for what you are doing
19:52:08 <emagana> Thank you all for attending.. It is nice to have this great support.
19:52:29 <Rockyg> Thanks!
19:52:31 <Patifa> thank emagana this is really promissing
19:52:36 <serverascode> yup thanks all
19:52:40 <emagana> enjoy the rest of the day and the week. Looking forward to seeing you all in person in Barcelona! My second home city!
19:52:43 <maishsk> Thank you all!
19:53:14 <emagana> #endmeeting