18:04:11 <emagana> #startmeeting uc
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18:04:19 <emagana> Sorry folks!
18:04:39 <emagana> There has been a bit of disconnection about the UC IRC meetings.
18:04:51 <emagana> Do you have quorum? Roll call?
18:07:11 <jproulx> o/
18:10:04 <jproulx> Hmmm, seems like time confusion may have broken quorum today.
18:11:01 <annabelleB> just here to listen—no help on reaching quorum :)
18:11:59 <emagana> ok, maybe we should just cancel it and make sure we handle the communication properly for next week
18:12:15 <emagana> thanks for being around annabelleB
18:12:32 <emagana> Its the problem with meetings on Mondays  :-(
18:13:06 <jproulx> +1 on try again next week
18:13:26 <jproulx> we're 1/2 to getting it straight (1 of 2 locations it is correctly scheduled :) )
18:13:31 <emagana> #action emagana send out a reminder
18:13:40 <emagana> LOL!
18:13:40 <annabelleB> fwiw, some might be out for memorial day next monday
18:13:42 <jproulx> #action jproulx will fix wiki
18:13:45 <emagana> #emagana Fix the wiki
18:13:59 <emagana> #action emagana fix the wiki about the UC IRC meeting
18:14:13 <jproulx> Oh yes, next Monday is US holiday and UC are all US ...
18:14:25 <emagana> ah ok, sorry jproulx You will take that one
18:14:38 <emagana> ok, talk to you next week.
18:14:40 <emagana> Ciao!
18:14:48 <jproulx> see ya
18:16:15 <emagana> #endmeeting