05:03:42 <mrhillsman> #startmeeting uc
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05:04:07 <mrhillsman> #topic RollCall
05:04:21 <ad_rien_> o/ Hi guys
05:04:46 <mrhillsman> hey there ad_rien_
05:05:05 <tobberydberg> hi
05:05:15 <mrhillsman> hi tobberydberg
05:05:54 <b1airo> o/
05:06:26 <mrhillsman> hey b1airo
05:06:49 <mrhillsman> anyone else?
05:07:47 <mrhillsman> alright, we'll go into the updates
05:07:49 <martial> well me, but only for a short little bit longer
05:08:10 <mrhillsman> ok, i'll create a topic for each wg/team to provide an update
05:08:14 <ad_rien_> I read that the meeting will take place also on a video conf (but I didn't find the link)?
05:08:47 <mrhillsman> yeah, i saw that too, jamemcc initially championed this maybe he had one, i did not see it iether
05:08:54 <b1airo> I am on mobile so could be a little flakey/slow - apologies in advance
05:09:14 <mrhillsman> #topic Scientific WG Update
05:09:34 <mrhillsman> since you have to run martial figured you could start us off
05:09:46 <martial> mrhillsman: thanks
05:10:01 <martial> mrhillsman: b1airo and I are representing
05:10:09 <mrhillsman> ah ok
05:10:34 <martial> what do you want to know?
05:11:04 <mrhillsman> let's say 1-3 things currently working on
05:12:08 <martial> sure thing, so we have a few entries on the SWG wiki at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_working_group
05:12:36 <mrhillsman> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_working_group
05:12:53 <b1airo> We have probably 5-10 ppl (maybe ~15 distinct) showing up to IRC every week and discussing various topics of interest and new in the community. Particular areas of interest include: performance tuning for HPC workloads, scientific application sharing, federation, GPUs and accelerators
05:13:56 <ad_rien_> b1airo:  may I ask you wether the WG is active on each of these items (quite impressive actually)?
05:14:02 <martial> Thanks b1airo, a particular topic lately is also the discussion of the possible coverage of OpenStack and Scientific research at SuperComputing17
05:14:13 <ad_rien_> (BTW, I'm ad_rien_ representing the FEMDC WG)
05:14:19 <b1airo> Both Stig and I have presented/represented in various forums over the last 6 months, e.g., next week I'll be talking at the HPC Advisory Council meeting in Perth
05:15:46 <martial> ad_rien: we have people introduce their work and discuss their research at different meetings
05:16:17 <b1airo> In terms of activity, we are not currently driving any dev effort from within the WG but various members are active contributors to several projects and we try to promote specs/reviews of interest to the broader research/science computing community
05:16:52 <ad_rien_> are you maintaining a etherpad/wiki page/…. where we can find details regarding progress of each sub activity?
05:17:17 <martial> research efforts are split, just as blair was explained
05:17:42 <ad_rien_> I guess that questions related to the federation challenge are addressed/discussed in other WGs
05:17:42 <martial> we usually add the etherpad links to the wiki page
05:17:58 <b1airo> We are currently looking at adding some content to the existing OpenStack HPC book, and I have a GPU guide draft waiting to find a home
05:18:55 <martial> depends on the topic of course, we tend to create those pads as needed
05:19:06 <ad_rien_> ok thanks
05:19:10 <b1airo> The overarching Scientific-WG is really much more like a SIG. There are then some sub efforts, the most established of which right now is the Federation stuff
05:19:28 <mrhillsman> thanks for sharing the update b1airo and martial
05:19:40 <ad_rien_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ScientificWGFederatedIdentityManagement
05:19:54 <mrhillsman> thx for that link ad_rien_
05:19:56 <ad_rien_> Is it that link for instance for the Federation Stuff?
05:20:02 <mrhillsman> ^
05:20:44 <b1airo> I am quite keen to see a way in which we can use our member base to contribute into spec reviews etc in a less ad-hoc fashion. E.g. using tags
05:22:12 <mrhillsman> b1airo would you have time to draft up your idea?
05:23:06 <mrhillsman> i'd like to move to the next group at this time
05:23:12 <martial> I followed this link, it adds a Federated Identity user story
05:23:52 <martial> ad_rien_: other topics are listed at #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_working_group#Activity_Areas
05:23:54 <mrhillsman> we can create some kind of summary from today and continue discussing and have some items for next meeting as well
05:24:02 <b1airo> Also, right now I would characterise most of our membership as operators and/or architects (+ part time support/power users). So they are all keen to share but have little real time to give
05:24:40 <b1airo> mrhillsman: yes, there is already a recent openstack-dev thread regarding actually - will ping it...
05:24:48 <mrhillsman> cool
05:24:52 <mrhillsman> thx
05:24:53 <martial> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Scientific-WG-boston
05:25:17 <martial> this was the etherpad were we last discussed the work of the working group and our follow up topics for Sydney
05:25:51 <mrhillsman> awesome, thx for that link
05:26:06 <martial> it will give you a better understanding of the scope of work of the members of the group
05:26:42 <mrhillsman> ad_rien_ you're up :)
05:26:51 <ad_rien_> ok thanks
05:26:56 <mrhillsman> #topic FEMDC WG
05:27:17 <mrhillsman> #topic FEMDC WG Update
05:27:26 <ad_rien_> so we are running our WG for 3 or 4 cycles right now
05:27:39 <ad_rien_> We try to maintain our wikipage
05:27:58 <ad_rien_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Fog_Edge_Massively_Distributed_Clouds#Planned_Actions_for_Queen_cycle_.28additional_actions_can_be_proposed_during_our_IRC_meetings.29
05:28:36 <ad_rien_> and you can find details of our meetings (including progress on current actions at the end of the following etherpad)
05:28:45 <ad_rien_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/massively_distributed_ircmeetings_2017
05:30:05 <ad_rien_> Currently we are working on three actions: 1./ Evaluating RabbitMQ alternatives (mainly focusing on the qpid router solution proposed by Redhat) 2./ investigating the opportunity of using cockroachDB with keystone 3./ Idenfiying use-cases
05:31:04 <ad_rien_> 1./ is mainly leaded by RedHat and Inria 2./ By Inria with the support of cockRoachlab and 3./ by few folks (beyond, Orange Labs, FBK, …)
05:31:34 <martial> very nice I must say
05:31:38 <mrhillsman> ++
05:31:48 <ad_rien_> The general goal of our WG is to evaluate Vanilla OpenStack code in the context of Fog/Edge and Massively Distributed Clouds.
05:31:59 <ad_rien_> You can find the former actions on the wikipage.
05:32:12 <ad_rien_> We mainly evaluated OpenStack at WANWide scale
05:33:05 <b1airo> Lots of (potentially) small Cells?
05:33:14 <ad_rien_> thanks to a tool the WG has developped/used for the three last cycles (I can give you further information if you want or just give a look to enOS in the aforementioned etherpad)
05:34:01 <ad_rien_> yes the way of segregating OpenStack is also an action we discussed a few couple of times but because the cell V2 is still not mature (at least until the last cycle) this is an action we  have postponed.
05:34:34 <ad_rien_> but we already identified several ways of segregating each micro DC (using regions or cells or…)
05:34:52 <mrhillsman> have folks from tricircle engaged with you all?
05:35:12 <ad_rien_> we discussed a couple of time with joechang (we had a shared presentation in Boston).
05:35:25 <ad_rien_> we are in touch but they do not take part to the meeting right now.
05:35:35 <mrhillsman> ok good to know
05:35:56 <ad_rien_> One Phd student will start next October to investigate neutron related challenges (still in the context of FEMDC)
05:36:07 <ad_rien_> so we will probably get back to Tricircle.
05:36:22 <mrhillsman> this coming october or next (2018) october?
05:36:34 <ad_rien_> this one mrhillsman
05:36:42 <mrhillsman> ok great
05:36:54 <ad_rien_> our goal is really to try avoiding reinventing the wheel
05:37:07 <mrhillsman> ++
05:37:28 <martial> #link https://github.com/beyondtheclouds/enos
05:37:40 <ad_rien_> (i.e., we want to check whether the current code can satisfied the FEMDC requirements before implementing new pieces of software)
05:38:12 <mrhillsman> gotcha, totally makes sense
05:38:28 <ad_rien_> we try to collaborate withe the NFV WG and LCCO (jamemcc)
05:38:48 <ad_rien_> but right now it is difficult to find recurrent people and combine our efforts
05:39:14 <ad_rien_> I hope these monthly meeting will enable us to solve the issue (or at least to enable collaborations)
05:39:19 <mrhillsman> that is good to know, hopefully more meetings like this will help
05:39:59 <ad_rien_> From my side, I will read the document regarding the federation use-cases, it is definitely relevant for our WG.
05:40:29 <mrhillsman> very good, any further details you would like to share or anyone would like to ask discuss re FEMDC WG?
05:40:54 <ad_rien_> that's ok from my side , thanks mrhillsman
05:40:56 <mrhillsman> i think we had one more tobberydberg am I right?
05:41:12 <tobberydberg> Yes =)
05:41:36 <mrhillsman> cool, which WG/Team are you with tobberydberg
05:41:36 <b1airo> mrhillsman: re. tags see e.g. "Re: [Openstack-operators] [openstack-dev] [all][tc] Turning TC/UC workgroups into OpenStack SIGs"
05:41:55 <mrhillsman> thx b1airo i will check it
05:42:10 <b1airo> Sean Dague suggested it there
05:42:10 <tobberydberg> Since I'm pretty new here I start by introducing myself. Representing the still "un-official" working group Public Cloud
05:42:25 <mrhillsman> #topic PublicCloud WG Update
05:42:27 <b1airo> But it's also something I raised to os-tags team in Barcelona
05:42:53 <martial> ad_rien_: the next SWG meeting is in a little over 5 hours (1100 UTC), I am unclear if the people that wrote the Federation document are going to be present, but FYI
05:42:55 <b1airo> Hi tobberydberg
05:42:56 <tobberydberg> My name is Tobias Rydberg - I'm one of three chairs of the group
05:42:59 <mrhillsman> awesome, ty sir, i will get informed and we can work to push it
05:43:15 <mrhillsman> welcome Tobias for joining
05:43:22 <tobberydberg> Thanks!
05:43:29 <mrhillsman> thx for joining :)
05:43:51 <tobberydberg> since we still are in-official we are of course working on getting approved =)
05:44:16 <ad_rien_> martial:  thanks for letting me know
05:44:46 <tobberydberg> But, in general...we would like to be the voice of public clouds inside the community
05:45:35 <tobberydberg> We "started" late 2016, had a couple of pretty good Forum sessions in Boston - so we feel we are getting some traction
05:46:15 <mrhillsman> great to hear
05:46:18 <tobberydberg> Average of 5 people in our bi-weekly meetings that we have
05:46:32 <tobberydberg> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/PublicCloudWorkingGroup
05:47:30 <mrhillsman> i like this - #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mf8OAyTzZxCKzYHMgBl-QK_2-XSycSkOjqCyMTIedkA
05:48:13 <martial> tobberydberg: something that might be relevant to your WG effort: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Boston-Cloud-Congress
05:48:43 <tobberydberg> The things that we are working on right now is 1. Organising PublicCloud WG Meetups 2. Keep working on out "missing features" list - turn them into specs 3. Something we call OpenStack Passport
05:49:45 <tobberydberg> Thanks mrhillsman ... thats the link for missing features ... we will try to get that into a more official format during this cycle as well
05:49:49 <mrhillsman> i linked to #2 above, stood out based on recent ML discussions regarding SIGs :)
05:50:45 <tobberydberg> martial: Haven't seen that - will look into it
05:51:22 <tobberydberg> And I guess that we will become more of a SIG than a traditional WG =)
05:52:05 <mrhillsman> yes, i think there will be some structuring that affects everyone re move to SIGs
05:52:15 <tobberydberg> We will very soon produce a draft of a spec for the OpenStack Passport
05:52:16 <ad_rien_> I though that a SIG will be temporary
05:52:35 <mrhillsman> i love the passport idea, looking forward to it
05:52:43 <tobberydberg> cool =)
05:53:19 <tobberydberg> That's basically all from my short update. Looking forward to be officially accepted ;-)
05:54:14 <mrhillsman> awesome, thx tobberydberg
05:54:35 <mrhillsman> i will add the wg proposal for monday for official uc vote
05:54:40 <b1airo> ad_rien_: I believe SIGs are intended to be long lived, Working Groups will be temporary, Teams I'm still a little confused about
05:55:07 <tobberydberg> thanks mrhillsman
05:55:09 <ad_rien_> b1airo:  thanks (I read a google doc a few days ago where I found the definition)
05:55:17 <mrhillsman> #topic Open Discussion
05:55:20 <b1airo> But an example world be docs team
05:55:28 <b1airo> *would
05:55:47 <mrhillsman> a good example of wg vs team is auc recognition wg vs product wg
05:55:56 <mrhillsman> auc recognition is right for wg
05:56:09 <ad_rien_> I have another questions: there are many other WGs/Teams (for instance the LDT: large deployment team…)
05:56:10 <mrhillsman> product wg will not be product team under newly ratified doc
05:56:35 <mrhillsman> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/484208/
05:56:36 <ad_rien_> I'm wondering how we can make them participating in such a meeting where we can share questions/issues/on-going actions
05:56:56 <b1airo> "now be" you mean mrhillsman ?
05:57:04 <ad_rien_> at least from my side, I would really like to have an update of alll those WGs/teams.
05:57:05 <mrhillsman> yes, sorry
05:57:11 <mrhillsman> agreed
05:57:30 <ad_rien_> I'm still convinced that there is a huge overlap between each WG/team
05:57:54 <mrhillsman> i think a key to your question/desire ad_rien_ is for you all to let the UC know these and say it is what you want
05:58:14 <ad_rien_> :-)
05:58:19 <mrhillsman> one thing we recently implemented/created is #openstack-uc
05:58:49 <mrhillsman> rather than having to wait for an "official" meeting we now have that channel for async communication
05:59:15 <mrhillsman> i am pretty much in there all day
05:59:22 <ad_rien_> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r3KwaG-SbvaKCuAE52XwPCF7cRGDrNRg6dUhPQWs0vU/edit
05:59:40 <mrhillsman> yeah, we approved that and it is merged
05:59:41 <ad_rien_> I read this yesterday, it is writtent each WG char should join  the UC IRC meeting ;)
05:59:56 <ad_rien_> I added a comment ( not sure it has been taken into account)
06:00:00 <mrhillsman> so the meeting will be over in a couple minutes
06:00:04 <ad_rien_> sorry
06:00:14 <mrhillsman> definitely
06:00:15 <ad_rien_> we can discuss that next time
06:00:31 <mrhillsman> no need to wait so long #openstack-uc :)
06:00:44 <mrhillsman> feel free to talk as much as you'd like there
06:00:44 <ad_rien_> right
06:00:55 <martial> :)
06:00:58 <ad_rien_> I didn't see the merge request
06:01:13 <mrhillsman> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/484208/
06:01:21 <ad_rien_> mrhillsman:  thanks highly appreciated
06:01:31 <ad_rien_> ok I think the time is over
06:01:40 <ad_rien_> thanks for chairing the discussion mrhillsman
06:01:44 <mrhillsman> also the uc channel is connected to gerrit so changes hit that channel
06:01:48 <mrhillsman> very welcome
06:01:52 <mrhillsman> thank you all for joining!
06:02:01 <tobberydberg> Thanks mrhillsman .. and rest of you
06:02:01 <mrhillsman> really looking forward to doing more
06:02:13 <mrhillsman> be sure you all are prepared for upcoming UC elections
06:02:38 <mrhillsman> 3 seats are up for election :)
06:03:04 <mrhillsman> anything more?
06:03:13 <ad_rien_> mrhillsman:  Link?
06:03:44 <mrhillsman> we wrote up an article #link http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/user-committee-elections/
06:03:55 <mrhillsman> going to end meeting now to be in order :)
06:03:58 <mrhillsman> #endmeeting