14:01:24 <mrhillsman> #startmeeting uc
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14:01:44 <spotz> o/
14:01:58 <mrhillsman> #topic Roll Call
14:02:14 <mrhillsman> o/ good morning folks
14:02:44 <spotz> morning
14:03:33 <mrhillsman> looks like it might just be us spotz :)
14:04:00 <spotz> jamesmcarthur had just logged in, but I don't think that makes for a quorum
14:04:11 <mrhillsman> yeah, unfortunately not
14:04:11 <jamesmcarthur> hello!
14:04:21 <mrhillsman> i know VW said he would be late if he made it at all
14:04:29 <mrhillsman> hey there jimmy
14:04:36 <spotz> mrhillsman: Yeah he was in and out according to my bouncer
14:04:53 <mrhillsman> pretty sure leong is not going to join because it is still early
14:05:13 <mrhillsman> #topic Feedback from April Board meeting
14:08:28 <mrhillsman> i unfortunately did not get to attend
14:08:34 <mrhillsman> spotz did you?
14:08:52 <mrhillsman> or jamesmcarthur? if yes, anything either of you would like to share?
14:08:54 <spotz> mrhillsman: I did, it was mainly the tencent platinum application
14:09:17 <spotz> unless something UC happened during the closed session that was the main thing
14:10:13 <mrhillsman> ok cool
14:10:23 <mrhillsman> #topic Ambassador / UC Summit Events
14:11:23 <mrhillsman> so i know we discussed previously a breakfast and a general session during the forum yes?
14:11:35 <mrhillsman> do we have any updates here?
14:12:11 <jamesmcarthur> hi sorry
14:12:15 <jamesmcarthur> yes, we do
14:12:27 <jamesmcarthur> I think we're planning for Thursday for the breakfasat
14:12:47 <mrhillsman> hrmmm, we do not have a uc retrospective on the forum schedule either :(
14:13:09 <mrhillsman> so i need to propose that, thought we did, meh
14:13:21 <mrhillsman> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15hkU0FLJ7yqougCiCQgprwTy867CGnmUvAvKaBjlDAo
14:13:22 <spotz> I thought we were having more a WG session
14:13:25 <jamesmcarthur> mrhillsman: right, i think we have the space if you want to propose
14:13:36 <spotz> Room 3:)
14:13:37 <jamesmcarthur> but if you want WG space, we have that too
14:13:42 <mrhillsman> ah ok
14:13:50 <jamesmcarthur> spotz: yeah, plenty of room in Room 3 ;)
14:13:52 <mrhillsman> i still get a bit confused about the difference
14:14:17 <mrhillsman> wg space, bof, forum schedule, summit track, oh my
14:14:18 <mrhillsman> lol
14:14:21 <jamesmcarthur> A forum session would typically be a dive into a particular problem.
14:14:22 <spotz> mrhillsman: You're not the only one, I went with WG sessions for Diversity WG and WoO, vs getting forum sessions
14:14:41 <mrhillsman> ah ok, so we do need wg session
14:15:00 <mrhillsman> i'll send an email to everyone today after meeting for suggested day+time
14:15:13 <mrhillsman> fortunately my schedule is still pretty light
14:15:39 <spotz> I'm basically going where the Foundation tells me to and if I have time I'll go see talks
14:15:45 <mrhillsman> hehe
14:16:06 <mrhillsman> #info Ambassador/UC breakfast tentative for Thursday
14:16:12 <mrhillsman> ^ jamesmcarthur ok?
14:16:27 <jamesmcarthur> yes sir - let me try get some hard info from Erin Disney
14:16:39 <mrhillsman> awesome, ty sir
14:16:54 <mrhillsman> #topic User Survey Launch Plan
14:16:59 <spotz> She's the master planner:)
14:17:24 <mrhillsman> i went through it and did not see anything except the one feedback item i gave
14:17:24 <jamesmcarthur> Allison wasn't able to make it this morning, but she said she would send out an update via email later today.
14:17:43 <mrhillsman> ++
14:17:54 <jamesmcarthur> mrhillsman: we have proposed some new wording for that one question that I think makes a bit more sense.
14:18:01 <mrhillsman> cool
14:18:03 <jamesmcarthur> I agree it was confusing.
14:18:12 <mrhillsman> other than that it was great experience
14:18:13 <spotz> The public one?
14:18:19 <mrhillsman> yeah
14:18:56 <spotz> Yeah I think Allison mailed out the reword last week
14:19:38 <mrhillsman> cool, i think i missed it
14:19:54 <mrhillsman> moving right along then :)
14:19:56 <mrhillsman> #topic Occasional APAC friendly meeting time
14:20:40 <mrhillsman> either of you know from other groups what is an apac friendly meeting time?
14:20:52 <mrhillsman> i know we cannot make a decision today
14:21:20 <spotz> I know First Contact meets at 3am our time, I've never made it to a meeting though to tell you the make up of the time zones
14:21:22 <mrhillsman> i also wonder if it makes sense for us to wait until we meet with the ambassadors from apac
14:21:50 <mrhillsman> ah ok 3am
14:21:55 <spotz> That might not be a bad idea
14:22:33 <mrhillsman> i think so because honestly there are more than likely some cultural things that make them more suited to help us decide
14:23:07 <jamesmcarthur> 9am Beijing is 8pm Central
14:23:09 <mrhillsman> i know for us, like 7pm is a general good time because it is like first thing in the morning for our team in china
14:23:10 <spotz> And there might be some folks who want early vs late and that'll affect the scheduling as well
14:23:20 <jamesmcarthur> So I'm not sure it has to be quite as dramatic as 3am
14:23:22 <mrhillsman> once the day gets started, they are normally not available
14:23:45 <spotz> jamesmcarthur: Yeah I'm not sure why 3 am to be honest
14:23:55 <jamesmcarthur> but good point on the cultural issues
14:24:05 <spotz> Well except for Monday nights when I run agility I can do a 7 or 8 pm
14:24:12 <mrhillsman> so i think having the folks who it benefits the most help decide the most reasonable time can ensure participation
14:24:27 <spotz> and well Friday nights cause.. weekend!
14:24:32 <mrhillsman> hehe
14:25:02 <mrhillsman> so i think at least the 3 of us are in agreement on table until after summit
14:25:04 <spotz> Yeah cause if no one shows there's no point in it
14:25:19 <mrhillsman> i'll add it to the next agenda as we should have quorum then
14:25:55 <mrhillsman> #topic Touch base on presentation for May joint session
14:26:17 <mrhillsman> #link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-xQApxg3xY3jBagID3PO1MCJiFYPaAw8yHmFdtMj8Pc
14:26:30 <mrhillsman> so yeah, i fell off on getting stuff added but will do so this week for sure
14:26:58 <mrhillsman> i was supposed to add at least the items we have in the etherpad
14:27:05 <mrhillsman> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/UC-Rocky-PTG
14:27:13 <mrhillsman> i'll get on finishing that today
14:27:26 <mrhillsman> other than that, it will be open of course for folks to add to
14:27:53 <mrhillsman> i'm not going to add content, just the high level stuff
14:28:03 <mrhillsman> and the rest in the notes
14:28:27 <mrhillsman> so folks feel free to add what they think
14:28:35 <spotz> k
14:30:52 <mrhillsman> other than that, any thoughts here?
14:32:04 <jamesmcarthur> not today :)
14:32:10 <mrhillsman> ok cool
14:32:11 <spotz> not I
14:32:20 <mrhillsman> #topic Other Business
14:32:39 <mrhillsman> any other stuff we need to discuss?
14:34:12 <spotz> Not that I know of
14:36:25 <mrhillsman> ok cool
14:36:35 <mrhillsman> well, make it a great day everyone :)
14:36:38 <mrhillsman> #endmeeting