18:02:38 <mrhillsman> #startmeeting uc
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18:02:53 <mrhillsman> #topic RollCall
18:02:55 <mrhillsman> o/
18:03:15 <ianychoi> o/
18:03:17 <josephrsandoval> o/
18:03:17 <mrhillsman> sorry to make y'all raise ya hands again :)
18:04:06 <ianychoi> Fine :)
18:05:19 <VW_> o/
18:05:41 <spotz> o?
18:05:42 <mrhillsman> #topic Retrospective
18:06:06 <mrhillsman> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
18:07:27 <mrhillsman> feel free to add to that
18:07:40 <mrhillsman> anything we need to discuss in particular from last month?
18:07:48 <mrhillsman> outside of the user survey ;)
18:08:40 <ianychoi> mrhillsman, I have brought up to ask AUC status regarding translators after seeing a comment from https://review.openstack.org/#/c/604002/
18:09:17 <mrhillsman> we agreed that translators should have AUC status
18:09:38 <ianychoi> Wow.. thanks a lot!
18:09:57 <mrhillsman> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc-stein-ptg line 123
18:10:03 <aprice> thank YOU ianychoi
18:10:22 <aprice> the amount of work you all do on the various projects is very impressive and we are very appreciative
18:10:24 <josephrsandoval> +1
18:10:41 <ianychoi> For ATC status, >=300 words for translation or review is regarded. How about AUC status? >= 300 words for uc related translation activities would be worth?
18:11:03 <ianychoi> aprice, thank u :)
18:11:29 <mrhillsman> i think it is reasonable to match that criteria
18:12:05 <VW_> agreed
18:12:32 <mrhillsman> #startvote Should AUC be given to translators with min 300 words translated? Yes, No, Abstain
18:12:33 <openstack> Begin voting on: Should AUC be given to translators with min 300 words translated? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Abstain.
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18:12:37 <mrhillsman> #vote Yes
18:13:00 <VW_> #vote Yes
18:13:02 <josephrsandoval> #vote Yes
18:13:15 <spotz> #vote yes
18:13:22 <mrhillsman> #endvote
18:13:23 <openstack> Voted on "Should AUC be given to translators with min 300 words translated?" Results are
18:13:24 <openstack> Yes (4): josephrsandoval, spotz, VW_, mrhillsman
18:13:34 <mrhillsman> thx ianychoi !
18:13:48 <ianychoi> Thanks a lot User Committee :)
18:13:57 <mrhillsman> alright, anything else before we move on to survey?
18:14:44 <ianychoi> Nope from me :)
18:15:56 <mrhillsman> #topic User Survey
18:16:06 <aprice> yay :)
18:16:08 <mrhillsman> so, aprice jamesmcarthur i think something weird is happening
18:16:13 <aprice> oh dear
18:16:22 <mrhillsman> i did a lot of the feature request questions one
18:16:25 <mrhillsman> but they are missing
18:16:38 <mrhillsman> sorry - FurtherEnhancement
18:16:47 <aprice> ah i was about to ask for clarification :)
18:17:11 <mrhillsman> probably like at least 30 i know for sure
18:17:27 <mrhillsman> cause i tested it again after not being sure
18:17:31 <mrhillsman> tested it today
18:17:45 <aprice> ok - looking now. jamesmcarthur wasn't able to join today, but we are synching on it afterwards and can walk through it.
18:17:50 <aprice> is anyone else having the same issue?
18:17:52 <mrhillsman> did all the ones up to 343699
18:18:09 <mrhillsman> maybe i did too many before hitting update?
18:18:15 <mrhillsman> idk
18:18:18 <aprice> weird- they are all empty and should have atleast pulled in _something_
18:18:29 <VW_> I'm admittedly behind on looking at that
18:18:35 <VW_> will spend some time on it this week
18:18:43 <spotz> I think if you search different ways questions come and go. I'm not sure if anyone else has been working on the other then free one
18:19:23 <mrhillsman> nps is done
18:19:36 <aprice> yeah - NPS and what do you like most look done?
18:19:37 <mrhillsman> whatdoyoulikemost has a small gap in the middle
18:19:49 <aprice> mrhillsman: noted
18:19:51 <mrhillsman> furtherenhancement was going to have about the same gap in the middle
18:19:59 <mrhillsman> but then the ones at the top disappeared :(
18:20:16 <mrhillsman> i was hoping we could finish during the rest of our meeting time
18:20:17 <aprice> hmmm - let me file a ticket with jimmy and his team
18:20:29 <mrhillsman> but maybe we should hold off ^
18:20:30 <aprice> my hope is that it is salvageable but want to make sure before being sure
18:21:03 <aprice> one thing that would be helpful, beyond the data from it that we can pull, is there anything that stood out to folks?
18:21:07 <mrhillsman> i hope so too, it did hurt my heart a lil :)
18:21:13 <aprice> hahah yeah - it's a lot
18:22:06 <mrhillsman> personally i think the quality of some of the responses may have suffered for a number of reasons
18:22:30 <aprice> oh?
18:22:48 <spotz> aprice - I know I haven't gone through all the pages, not sure if anyone else has though
18:22:58 <mrhillsman> i would have liked to see a bit more clarity on some of the inputs but i thought that if someone felt a bit overwhelmed i could understand them throwing something in there for the sake of finishing
18:23:22 <mrhillsman> just talking about the 3 questions
18:23:30 <aprice> yeah - they've always been a little bit broken because people just throw things in there
18:23:36 <mrhillsman> i have not looked at any of the other data yet
18:23:54 <aprice> i do like keeping it open ended, but getting quality feedback can be hard sometimes
18:24:01 <aprice> there are usually a few good nuggets in there which is nice
18:24:29 <mrhillsman> def
18:24:49 <mrhillsman> at least a couple of them i was like man i would love to talk with this person more about their comment
18:25:13 <aprice> mrhillsman: let's keep track of those numbers. that can happen
18:25:19 <mrhillsman> ++
18:25:27 <aprice> depending on if they put that they are OK with that of course. that is my preferred next step
18:25:39 <aprice> maybe even using this standing time for the user calls since everyone has it blocked :)
18:25:40 <mrhillsman> understood
18:25:47 <mrhillsman> agreed
18:26:47 <mrhillsman> so if there is nothing else, i think taking time to add more tags should be good for the rest of the meeting?
18:26:59 <mrhillsman> there are not many left thankfully
18:27:14 <aprice> +1
18:28:02 <mrhillsman> alrighty then
18:28:09 <aprice> we are also working on using a translation service for the chinese since it's an overwhelming amount
18:28:28 <mrhillsman> hehe, yes
18:28:34 <aprice> I can update folks when that's inputted in English
18:28:45 <aprice> jumping into sangria now, but if anyone needs me, ping away
18:28:50 <mrhillsman> thx
18:28:51 <mrhillsman> same
18:28:55 <mrhillsman> #endmeeting