18:02:34 <spotz> #startmeeting UC
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18:03:11 <spotz> #chair spotz mrhillsman
18:03:12 <openstack> Current chairs: mrhillsman spotz
18:03:20 <spotz> #topic roll call
18:03:44 <spotz> I have a feeling people may not realize the meeting is an hour earlier now with the time change
18:04:35 <mrhillsman> Nope
18:04:49 <mrhillsman> Still going for 1pm central
18:05:05 <mrhillsman> Are we honoring DST?
18:05:47 <mrhillsman> I sure did not realize and am not prepared to participate
18:07:01 <spotz> If we're on UTC which I thought we are then yes
18:07:33 <spotz> Let me just close out the log
18:07:36 <spotz> #endmeeting