19:11:18 <VW_> #startmeeting uc
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19:11:40 <VW_> #chair mrhillsman spotz leong
19:11:41 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ leong mrhillsman spotz
19:12:30 <VW_> #topic roll call
19:13:00 <VW_> sorry - know you all did this already, but please raise your hand again for the official coont
19:13:03 <VW_> count
19:13:06 <VW_> o/
19:13:19 <spotz> o/
19:14:19 <aprice> o/
19:14:33 <leong> o/
19:15:33 <jamesmcarthur> o/
19:16:13 <VW_> #topic election
19:17:46 <jamesmcarthur> I have the final eligible AUC list.
19:17:49 <jamesmcarthur> If that helps.
19:17:56 <spotz> Woot
19:19:17 <leong> jamesmcarthur: glad to hear :-)
19:19:22 <leong> any review required?
19:20:32 <jamesmcarthur> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KRG48IXoYtCjIMf66ryDemBFSjkXQeVJ7ek1uIzYQ9w/edit#gid=0
19:21:16 <VW_> we need to make sure we share that with our election officials too
19:21:22 <jamesmcarthur> yes
19:21:29 <jamesmcarthur> I can export it when the time is right
19:21:31 <jamesmcarthur> there are two tabs
19:21:44 <jamesmcarthur> one of the complete list that I compiled from automated sources and from UC, etc...
19:21:56 <jamesmcarthur> And then a second tab w/ deduped
19:22:55 <VW_> cool
19:26:06 <VW_> and I'll get the email out after this meeting calling for interested candidates
19:27:06 <VW_> does anyone have the link to our etherpad for these meetings
19:27:10 <VW_> I can't find it
19:27:29 <leong> u mean this? https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
19:27:51 <VW_> ah - that simple
19:27:53 <VW_> sigh
19:28:13 <VW_> anything else election related?
19:28:22 <spotz> Might be in the channel topic as well
19:28:35 <VW_> derp
19:30:55 <VW_> Ok - thinking we are good on election stuff then?
19:32:02 <VW_> #topic Pilot Project Confirmation Guidelines
19:33:10 <VW_> so, there is a sub committee of the board working on the guidelines to promote pilot projects to full fledged ones under the Foundation
19:33:20 <VW_> did I explain that right jamesmcarthur, aprice ^
19:33:43 <VW_> They would like the UCs input on the working version of those guidelines
19:33:44 <aprice> correct - led by Allison Randal
19:33:45 <jamesmcarthur> yes sir, i believe so
19:34:13 <VW_> if you all haven't seen them yet, the copy we need to work with is here
19:34:14 <VW_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/UCReview-ConfirmationGuidelines
19:34:34 <leong> on the *active engagement*, do we have a specific criteria and definition on "diversified dev base"?
19:35:00 <leong> for example, in CNCF, if i remember, it indicates at least 2 org?
19:35:38 <leong> FYI.. CNCFproject graduation criteria: https://github.com/cncf/toc/blob/master/process/graduation_criteria.adoc
19:36:16 <VW_> we should probably ask that in the doc
19:37:23 <leong> ok.. just included
19:38:02 <spotz> I know there was some concern on the discuss list about most of the developers being from one company, that might have been openstack-helm
19:38:25 <spotz> So I think asking about diverse devs is important
19:38:46 <leong> +1 spotz
19:39:06 <VW_> Ok - can we all commit to adding notes this week?
19:39:12 <VW_> I'll send a reminder on the UC list too for those not here
19:39:17 <leong> VW_: just added :-)
19:39:32 <VW_> I'd like to ping back to Allison and mrhillsman that we've reviewed it by Friday
19:39:44 <spotz> Send a reminder and I’ll try to get to it tonight from hotel:)
19:41:27 <VW_> cool
19:41:37 <VW_> in that case - with the time left
19:41:48 <VW_> #topic Any Other Business
19:42:15 <leong> Chinese New Year Tuesday 2/5 :-)
19:42:39 <leong> this year is piggy year :)
19:42:51 <aprice> one thing from our end
19:42:54 <spotz> Happy Chinese New Year Leong
19:43:01 <VW_> ++
19:43:02 <aprice> AUC codes for the Denver Summit will be going out this week
19:43:15 <aprice> and yes, Happy Year of the pig!
19:43:40 <VW_> woot!
19:43:43 <VW_> thanks aprice
19:43:46 <aprice> np
19:43:55 <VW_> is the board meeting that Sunday
19:44:00 <VW_> the 28th?
19:45:07 <leong> and Denver summit proposal community voting today dateline?
19:45:22 <aprice> VW_ yes, that's the plan
19:45:33 <aprice> leong yes, today is the last day to vote
19:45:48 <aprice> plan is to try and publish the schedule in about two weeks, give or take :)
19:46:09 <VW_> Excellent
19:47:10 <VW_> Anything else?
19:47:54 <spotz> Not from me
19:48:00 <leong> nothing from me...
19:48:05 <aprice> not from me
19:48:21 <VW_> alrighty then
19:48:29 <VW_> I'll give you all some minutes back
19:48:53 <VW_> I'll get the email out for candidates shortly and then spotz and leong, you can lead the pack by announcing if you either/both of you are rerunning
19:49:11 <leong> thanks VW_
19:49:19 <VW_> everyone have a great week!
19:49:26 <VW_> #endmeeting