15:01:30 <VW_> #startmeeting uc
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15:01:35 <aprice> o/
15:02:12 <VW_> #topic roll call
15:02:14 <spotz> o/
15:02:30 <aprice> o/ for roll call's sake :)
15:02:32 <VW_> o/
15:03:03 <VW_> #chair spotz belmoreira
15:03:04 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ belmoreira spotz
15:04:23 <VW_> looks like we might have light attendance this week
15:05:00 <spotz> belmoreira: If you haven't voted there's a patch for the SIG chair change. I can grab the link if you need it
15:06:00 <VW_> I voted on it this morning
15:06:15 <VW_> well +1'd it.  I didn't have an option to roll call or anything
15:07:14 <spotz> There wasn't
15:08:59 <VW_> yeah
15:09:14 <VW_> well, it looks like it's just two members and aprice
15:09:27 <VW_> anything super critical we need to discuss
15:09:39 <jamesmcarthur_> i'm here too
15:09:44 <jamesmcarthur_> FWIW :)
15:09:55 <VW_> well that changes everything
15:10:01 <aprice> nothing critical from my end
15:10:10 <jamesmcarthur_> good times
15:10:29 <VW_> Did anyone hear how the Ops thing went?
15:10:31 <VW_> it was last week, right
15:10:49 <VW_> #topic follow up from Ops Meetup
15:10:53 <aprice> yeah - Frank actually already sent me a writeup for Superuser
15:11:14 <aprice> from both he and Chris, it sounds like it went really well
15:11:21 <aprice> they had about 30 people attend
15:11:34 <VW_> awesome!
15:11:41 <aprice> i know they put three placeholders in the forum submissions so hopefully they got some good content
15:11:47 <spotz> Yeah Eric said good conversations
15:11:58 <VW_> oh - even better on the place holders
15:12:08 <VW_> I was goigng to go through the pads and try to find some topics
15:12:15 <VW_> but sounds like they are ahead of the game
15:13:12 <spotz> VW_: They still need topics they just reserved spots. I thought the wiki said forum submissions ended yesterday but apparently Friday
15:13:35 <aprice> spotz: forum submissions ended yesterday
15:13:51 <jamesmcarthur_> We extended it for teh Ops folks.
15:14:25 <spotz> aprice: I went to the link and it said they were closed:( I was gonna put in one for the D&I survey results though not sure we'll have them back
15:14:33 <VW_> OK - will try to join them tomorrow and see if we can get some stuff in there
15:14:52 <VW_> just want to keep the feedback loop rolling :)
15:14:59 <aprice> spotz: when did you try to submit?
15:15:07 <aprice> +1 VW_
15:15:22 <spotz> aprice: Yesterday afternoon I think? After HEB:)
15:15:23 <VW_> oh derp - you know what folks
15:15:30 <VW_> we are an hour early
15:15:39 <VW_> err, I was an hour early
15:15:51 <VW_> when I sent my email
15:16:27 <aprice> ah right :/
15:16:29 <spotz> hehehe
15:16:40 <VW_> ok - I'll kill this and we'll try again in 45 minutes
15:16:41 <VW_> k
15:16:43 <jamesmcarthur_> We had 48 submissions
15:16:47 <jamesmcarthur_> FTR
15:16:53 <aprice> that time is going to be hard for me and Jimmy to join because we have a standing meeting internally
15:17:22 <VW_> hmm - ok
15:18:16 <VW_> OK - ending this.  I'll start one up again at the REAL 16:00 UTC
15:18:17 <spotz> Well we can see if folks want to stay on this time, but when we fall back I'll be late at the earlier time. I can work around my standup
15:18:18 <jamesmcarthur_> spotz: I just opened it back up if you want to put your submission in.
15:18:29 <spotz> jamesmcarthur_: thanks
15:18:44 <VW_> yeah - I'll add an agenda item for take 2
15:19:04 <spotz> I just wanted to get a slot in case we have the results. Hoping to line up who will be at summit at the D&I meeting
15:19:31 <VW_> #endmeeting