16:01:32 <VW_> #startmeeting uc
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16:01:43 <VW_> #chair spotz belmoreira
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16:01:51 <VW_> #topic roll call
16:01:54 <VW_> o/
16:01:56 <spotz> o/
16:02:08 <belmoreira> o/
16:03:37 <spotz> Well we didn't need get anyone else...
16:04:15 <VW_> #chair studarus
16:04:16 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ belmoreira spotz studarus
16:04:43 <VW_> #topic Follow up from Ops Meetup
16:05:01 <VW_> So, I accidentally started the meeting an hour early because my brain hasn't adjusted for timezone changes yet
16:05:43 <VW_> belmoreira, studarus - we discussed briefly then that the OPs meetup seemed to go pretty well and that the organziers had reserved some forum slots to hopefully bring content from there to the forum
16:08:06 <studarus> will these presentations be during the summit or PTG?
16:08:19 <VW_> summit
16:08:24 <VW_> the forum sessions
16:08:38 <studarus> ok
16:09:00 <VW_> the idea is that we take some conversations that happened at a largely ops gathering and revisit them at the summit - hopefully with some devs around, etc
16:09:44 <belmoreira> there's any summary about the Ops discussions?
16:11:18 <belmoreira> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BER-ops-meetup
16:12:23 <VW_> yeah - I don't know that they have distilled it all down yet belmoreira, but aprice confirmed earlier that a summary was sent to them for Superuser articles and such
16:12:32 <VW_> I'm going to try and hop in their meeting tomorrow and see what they have to say
16:13:03 <belmoreira> ok, I will try to join
16:18:12 <spotz> I'm usually there a few minutes or so after it starts
16:21:21 <VW_> sorry - there was an internet incident at the house
16:21:24 <VW_> what I miss?
16:21:53 <belmoreira> we were waiting for you... :)
16:22:11 <studarus> we had to quell a coup
16:22:24 <studarus> good thing you returned
16:22:33 <VW_> Ok, well then - moving along
16:22:56 <VW_> #topic Formalizing the Ambassador role
16:23:09 <VW_> We committed to touch base on this the next couple of meetings
16:23:21 <VW_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc-ambassador-governance
16:23:23 <studarus> we've got an etherpad with thoughts and have been reviewing what the CNCF and Docker has been doing
16:23:45 <VW_> yeah - looked it over
16:23:47 <VW_> good start
16:23:58 <studarus> the Docker program is closed and the CNCF program takes submissions through a web form
16:24:28 <studarus> but the general idea is someone (not a group leader) that promotes through local presentations online and offline (tied to official projects)
16:24:58 <studarus> one big distinction is they don't formalize geographic regions like we've been doing
16:25:15 <belmoreira> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc-ambassador-governance
16:26:56 <studarus> I'm generally thinking we ask for some past experience (i.e. two+) giving non-summit presentations either online or in-person around the core OSF projects
16:28:02 <VW_> That sounds very reasonable
16:28:15 <spotz> Except there's not alot of activity at meetups. I know Austin is dead
16:28:23 <studarus> and setup some sort of term (2 years)?
16:28:52 <studarus> that's the idea behind opening it up to online too - superuser articles, blog posts, etc...
16:30:00 <VW_> gotcha
16:30:27 <belmoreira> studarus that's very good
16:31:04 <studarus> the key thing being there needs to an OSF project in there somewhere - not just a Terraform or Kubernetes demo...
16:32:08 <spotz> +1
16:32:48 <belmoreira> and what's the incentive to be an ambassador? for me this is one of the key points
16:33:02 <belmoreira> we need to define it very clearly
16:34:15 <belmoreira> also, spotz touched a very good point "meetups activity is going down"
16:34:21 <studarus> you get your name and picture on the OSF website?
16:35:20 <studarus> well, what does a PTG lead get?
16:36:13 <spotz> studarus: nothing, most likely it's a PTL, core or someone with a vested interest
16:37:03 <studarus> well, for me, as an Ambassador, it gets my name out to hopefully bring in work since I freelance...
16:38:25 <belmoreira> I was thinking that considering the decline in meetups activity (my perception), having a very attractive ambassador role maybe a way to revive the community around meetups
16:40:39 <studarus> Last year I was hoping city to city giving meetup talks (LA, NYC, Chicago, DC) - I would love to see the OSF promote something similar
16:41:13 <studarus> helping out top speakers (Ambassadors) get to the groups
16:42:22 <studarus> it somewhat dovetails into the speaker bureau discussion
16:44:00 <VW_> yeah - I agree.  It would be a good model.  I know the OSF folks have discussed it in the past too. (the getting speakers to places bit) not sure how we get it all started
16:44:43 <jamesmcarthur> One of the things that we've discussed re: meetup talks was to source locally.
16:44:59 <jamesmcarthur> The purpose of ambassadors isn't supposed to be speaking at meetups.
16:45:03 <studarus> I'd key in on a few good workshops and then train people regionally to give them at the meetups
16:45:16 <jamesmcarthur> It's meant to help the local groups organize and give them direction around content.
16:46:00 <ashfergs> The way I think about it, is that the role is a bridge between the Foundation and User Groups
16:46:07 <VW_> right, but we also have discussed making it easier for meetup group organizers and such to connect with speakers who are local (or will be in the area)
16:47:10 <jamesmcarthur> VW_ yes, that's why we updated the speakers bureau so you can search by zip code now (per some feedback we received in Vancouver)
16:47:25 <VW_> awesome!
16:47:51 <studarus> we need a few more tweaks on the zip code - like being able to do a range of zip codes or wildcards
16:48:22 <jamesmcarthur> noted
16:49:25 <jamesmcarthur> studarus: you can search by City, which should cover any sort of zip range
16:49:55 <studarus> Can we queue up a communication out to the meetup organizers with this new capability?
16:51:13 <VW_> quick time check
16:51:24 <jamesmcarthur> studarus: that will go out with the next big ambassador email update
16:51:25 <VW_> we have about 9 minutes left
16:51:38 <studarus> ok!
16:52:11 <ashfergs> yes, it's queued, was wanting to get the new amb role figured out and then send it all at once
16:53:23 <VW_> cool - let's touch base on this again next week
16:53:39 <VW_> this being the formalizing the ambassador role
16:53:46 <VW_> need to cover at least one other thing
16:53:54 <VW_> #topic Meeting time with DST
16:54:41 <studarus> Back to 8am PDT please...
16:54:54 <VW_> so, an issue came up earlier today.  If we stick to 16:00 UTC for meeting times, now that DST has happened, OSF folks may not be able to make it
16:55:26 <VW_> before we tweak to 15:00 UTC, I just wanted to confirm here
16:58:15 <VW_> spotz, belmoreira - thoughts?
16:58:26 <belmoreira> 15:00 UTC is only ok for me when we move to CEST (from last Sunday of March)
16:58:28 <spotz> Either or for me
16:59:20 <belmoreira> overlapping meetings
17:01:12 <belmoreira> can we do 17:00 UTC until 31/03/2019 and then 15:00 UTC?
17:01:26 <VW_> Let's keep it at 16:00 UTC for a week or two more and then flip
17:01:30 <VW_> to 15:00
17:01:53 <VW_> it's not perfect for all, but minimal change and limits the troublesome weeks to most folks for 2 or 3 weeks tops
17:04:19 <VW_> Ok - we have gone over, but anything else?
17:05:59 <VW_> guessing not.  I'll go ahead and close this
17:06:17 <belmoreira> thanks all
17:08:33 <VW_> #endmeeting