15:01:13 <VW_> #startmeeting uc
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15:01:31 <VW_> #chairs spotz studarus
15:01:44 <aprice> o/
15:02:33 <spotz> o/
15:02:55 <VW_> #topic Follow up from Ops meetup
15:03:11 <VW_> So, I didn't make their meeting last week, but saw that the team got some forum stuff in
15:03:38 <spotz> Yep, they decided on their topics and submitted them so all good there
15:03:40 <jamesmcarthur> VW_ yeah, we put 3 placeholder spots in for them on the Forum. I worked with Erik late last week to get them up on the schedule.
15:04:07 <VW_> thanks for that jamesmcarthur
15:04:12 <jamesmcarthur> np
15:04:31 <VW_> the topics weren't exactly what I was hoping for, but at least we are building the muscle of taking conversations from the Ops things to the summit
15:04:40 <VW_> now to work on the vice versa again in May ;)
15:05:16 <spotz> Apparently the ceph one has been popular the last 2 forums
15:06:53 <VW_> yeah - a lot of people use it. Maybe we can get encourage some cinder devs to get in that session :)
15:07:47 <spotz> Depends when it is I can talk to jungleboyj
15:08:29 <aprice> maybe we could get one of the ops meetup folks to write a superuser article about those specific topics to highlight the process of ops meetup --> forum?
15:08:58 <VW_> yeah - let's reach out if we can.  I think it's important to link these conversations
15:09:02 <aprice> then it could be something that's tangible to point devs to
15:09:02 <VW_> yes aprice - I like it
15:09:08 <aprice> i can reach out to Chris Morgan
15:09:15 <VW_> let me
15:09:27 <aprice> VW_ perfect
15:09:30 <VW_> I'll offer to help co-write and add a bit of the UC's focus on making this more common
15:09:36 <spotz> aprice: I believe Chris is working on a superuser article for doing a meetup I know and then was going to post the info to their wiki as well
15:10:05 <aprice> spotz: good to know :) thanks!
15:10:06 <VW_> and then hopefully follow things up with a post Denver - Need more Ops input one :)
15:12:43 <VW_> anything else Ops meetup related?
15:12:43 <ashfergs> o/
15:14:14 <VW_> moving on
15:14:26 <VW_> #Formalizing the Ambassador Role
15:14:36 <VW_> anything new to discuss on this one
15:14:44 <jamesmcarthur> yes please
15:14:48 <aprice> i think that a few of us from the Foundation missed the last meeting
15:15:07 <aprice> we have provided comments on the etherpad, but have a big concern about the lack of support for UGs in the requirements
15:15:31 <jamesmcarthur> I have some concerns about the idea of Ambassadors being relegated to primarily speaking/writing tasks.
15:15:39 <tobberydberg> o/
15:16:09 <jamesmcarthur> Ambassadors are meant to be leaders for the community and are meant to help User Group leaders organize regional events and keep them community focused.
15:16:39 <jamesmcarthur> Whether an Ambassador speaks or writes articles is certainly within their purview, but not at all a primary requirement of the job.
15:16:58 <studarus> keep in mind this isn't a job but a volunteer duty
15:17:40 <studarus> my worry is that we focus in on bringing in Ambassadors and telling them to run user groups
15:17:44 <spotz> hey tobberydberg:)
15:17:50 <aprice> studarus: true. alongside volunteer, elected positions like the UC and TC, this role is meant to foster community activity
15:17:57 <studarus> rather than a greater role of promotion
15:18:12 <aprice> i dont think that they are necessarily running user groups, but rather advising them on how to be successful
15:18:33 <jamesmcarthur> The role of the ambassador is literally to act as liaisons between User Groups, the Foundation and the community in their regions.
15:18:49 * tobberydberg Had 15 minutes this time to lurk in this meeting :-) ( hi @spotz :-) )
15:19:20 <aprice> i think that the role of promotion only goes so far among 20 individuals, so there is a greater promotion impact if they are advising the user groups and making sure that they have the right messaging / materials to be successful in their local communities
15:20:05 <aprice> so while i agree on being advocates for the foundation and community, i dont think that is the only role. and we do appreciate the impact the ambassadors have and agree that maybe there are better ways to recognize them, but want to make sure that it's still a community-first position
15:20:23 <studarus> if that's the role desired for Ambassadors, we need to give them more resources to get that done
15:20:42 <studarus> in US/CA, the Ambassadors have been directly running groups
15:20:51 <aprice> studarus: i think that's valid. what kind of resources do you think ambassadors want / need?
15:21:03 <studarus> it is _very_ tough to keep user groups running
15:21:19 <jamesmcarthur> Can you elaborate on that?
15:21:41 <studarus> it's all about content to present - without content, people won't attend
15:22:08 <studarus> and while I can find sales engineers to run groups within each region - they won't create content
15:22:27 <studarus> the only content they have to present is highly commercial sales presentations
15:22:42 <aprice> studarus: we are trying to create more content to share with folks (the newsletter, speakers bureau, etc). that's why ashfergs set up calls with the ambassadors to learn about what content is most successful in their regions
15:22:51 <aprice> so we could support via content more proactively from the foundation side
15:22:52 <studarus> so in Chicago, NYC, LA, DC, I have proxy user group leaders that have no content
15:23:19 <aprice> so would it be helpful for us to share decks (similar to how we do for the birthdays) more regularly?
15:23:25 <studarus> which goes back to recognizing individuals that create content and do outreach as Ambassadors
15:23:32 <jamesmcarthur> studarus: That's also where the Speakers Bureau comes in.
15:23:35 <aprice> while we are resource constrained, we do see the value in sharing that content with the broader community
15:24:04 <studarus> the marketing decks give a fine high level overview, but people attending meetups want a technical demo
15:24:31 <jamesmcarthur> I think the catch here is that you can't change the role of an ambassador from a liason b/w User Groups and the Foundation into one of a content creator.
15:24:56 <jamesmcarthur> We have community members and non-community members that help create content that they're willing to share.
15:24:57 <studarus> it's recognizing people that take the time to present to the community
15:25:31 <jamesmcarthur> Again, the role of an ambassador is not defined as "presenting to the community".
15:25:42 <studarus> How can we recognize those people that have shared and presented to the local community?
15:25:44 <aprice> i think that's why the community contributor awards were initiated - to recognize the folks that are doing this work because so many people volunteer for things like this and we want to make sure that people 1) recognize them and 2) show as an example so more people can do it
15:25:47 <ashfergs> we're also trying to figure out the best process for encouraging CFP submitters to speak in their respective regions
15:26:34 <aprice> studarus: what kind of recognition do you have in mind?
15:26:53 <studarus> giving them a title and a place on the website - same as Ambassadors
15:27:11 <aprice> studarus: for people that are speaking?
15:27:14 <VW_> sorry - internet dropped for a minute
15:27:27 <jamesmcarthur> https://www.openstack.org/community/speakers/
15:27:42 <studarus> for people that speak at community events (non summit)
15:27:57 <studarus> I've had zero success getting people from the speaker bureau come to user groups...
15:28:03 <jamesmcarthur> studarus: they are able to add non-summit events to the speakers bureau page
15:28:37 <aprice> i guess im just confused - what title would they have beyond a speaker profile on the speakers bureau page?
15:29:37 <studarus> that's they've done more than just entered themselves into the speaker bureau - that they've actually gone out and presented at user groups (2x in the last year)
15:29:43 <aprice> perhaps we should set up a separate call around this? Maybe even invite some of these local speakers to hear what kind of things they would like to see?
15:30:25 <VW_> yes - I think some deeper work with studarus, some usergroup leaders, some ambassadors and some speakers would be useful
15:30:37 <jamesmcarthur> FTR, they don't just enter themselves int the Speakers Bureau, they have to have spoken at an OpenStack event.
15:31:03 <jamesmcarthur> We could certainly include User Groups in that, but they currently have to spoken at at least one summit to appear.
15:31:13 <VW_> right, but I think it's safe to say there isn't a lot of movement from the speaker side to attend non summit events like user groups
15:31:19 <VW_> we should figure out how to help fix that
15:31:30 <aprice> +1
15:31:40 <jamesmcarthur> So how would changing the Ambassador role help fix that problem/
15:31:43 <jamesmcarthur> ?
15:32:08 <jamesmcarthur> If you're changing the ambassador role to be primarily a speaker, I don't see how that attracts other content makers to the table.
15:32:32 <studarus> it would incent people to speak at local events
15:32:47 <VW_> I'm not necessarily saying that everything proposed fixes that.  I'm saying there are real issues we have to sort - 1 is that we don't always have local UG leaders
15:32:56 <VW_> and it falls on the ambassadors
15:33:07 <VW_> another is good active content
15:33:32 <jamesmcarthur> If ambassadors are already doing the speaking, how is encouraging more of that going to incent more speakers to show up?
15:33:38 <jamesmcarthur> I'm really just confused about the premise here.
15:33:40 <VW_> a third is how do we incentivize the right amount of turnover/fresh perspectives in the Ambassadors themselves
15:34:19 <jamesmcarthur> Additionally, if we take away the liason roles from the ambassadors, who would help manage the user groups?
15:35:12 <jamesmcarthur> I'm not disagreeing that we have problems with User Group leaders and a lack of viable speakers, just that changing the role of user group lisaon to primarily speaker doesn't seem to solve for those two problems.
15:35:47 <studarus> well, from my experience, the US/CA ambassadors aren't helping running user groups (with my exception). They are running the group themselves.
15:36:16 <studarus> but it might be different in the rest of the world
15:36:17 <jamesmcarthur> studarus: that sounds like a separate problem where Ambassadors aren't doing their jobs.
15:36:20 <aprice> perhaps this would be a good conversation for the Ambassador forum session in Denver?
15:36:43 <aprice> i would be interested to see how this is handled over the rest of the world and what kind of issues they may be facing as well
15:37:28 <aprice> that way we can have the UG leaders and ambassadors in one room to discuss
15:38:12 <studarus> how many Ambassadors do we know will be attending? I'll be there Mon/Tue and I think Lisa (SF).
15:38:35 <studarus> We don't have a Canada one right now but Curtis who has been nominated will be there
15:38:46 <VW_> I think the session would be well worth it
15:38:52 <aprice> studarus: we don't know yet. but if we don't have enough folks attending, we can always do a community call as well.
15:38:55 <VW_> is there other pre-work we should do before
15:39:08 <aprice> in addition to the ambassadors, a lot of UG leaders attend that forum session - we had a really good turnout in Berlin
15:39:10 <jamesmcarthur> VW_ I think we need to define what the perceived problems are.
15:39:14 <studarus> research what other Foundations are doing...
15:39:29 <jamesmcarthur> We don't see this problem with user groups in other parts of the world, by and large.
15:39:38 <aprice> i also think we should put this on the community ML that we are revamping this role and ask UG leaders to throw thoughts in there as well
15:40:19 <aprice> studarus: i think that's a good idea as well
15:40:20 <jamesmcarthur> studarus: that's a great idea, if you have something to compare
15:40:41 <studarus> on the Etherpad we have info on Docker and CNCF
15:41:26 <aprice> do we know if those communities also have UG leaders or is it just ambassadors?
15:42:34 <studarus> Docker foundation runs the user groups - their Ambassadors are general Docker promotion
15:42:58 <aprice> ah ok
15:43:08 <aprice> studarus: do you want to put something on the community ML or would you like us to?
15:43:16 <studarus> CNCF lets individuals create user groups (and there is much overlap by region) - their Ambassadors aren't UG related
15:43:39 <aprice> i know there's other items on today's agenda, so i dont want to continue spinning too many wheels without more community input :)
15:43:40 <studarus> I'd be happy to send something along to the ML.
15:43:51 <aprice> studarus: perfect, thanks!
15:44:15 <studarus> and if there's a good user group mailing, please send me the details so I can contact them too
15:44:55 <aprice> we updated the community mailing list with the current list of user group leaders at the end of last year, so that should be the best ML to use
15:46:12 <VW_> yeah - we have 15 minutes left.  Maybe aprice jamesmcarthur and studarus can firm things up and come back next week to let the larger group know what else we need to work on before the summit and the community session?
15:46:24 <aprice> works for me
15:46:32 <VW_> cool
15:46:52 <VW_> #topic Joint Board/TC/UC Meeting
15:47:33 <VW_> So, just a reminder that we have the joint session on Sunday Afternoon, April 28
15:47:58 <VW_> I haven't' seen the targeted time yet, but usually, it's right after lunch
15:48:13 <aprice> yeah, i think that's still the plan
15:49:23 <VW_> I know Belmiro is missing the summit this time, but I think we are looking at at least two of us there that afternoon
15:49:33 <VW_> I failed at getting slides started last week though
15:49:35 <VW_> will work on that today
15:50:04 <VW_> Next week, I'd like to firm up the agenda of what we will talk about so we have a couple of weeks to fill out content, assign topics to those UC members attending, etc
15:50:33 <aprice> who all from the UC is attending the Denver Summit?
15:50:37 <studarus> will you need input from the working groups?
15:51:00 <spotz> VW_: I changed the title slide but that's it:)
15:51:13 <studarus> Sunday-Tue for me at Denver
15:51:20 <VW_> Oh - from the last summit's one?
15:51:22 <VW_> thanks spotz
15:51:24 <spotz> aprice: I'll be there
15:51:32 <VW_> I am planning to fly in Sunday morning
15:51:38 <VW_> so I'll be there for the joint session
15:51:53 <VW_> not exactly sure when I'm heading home, but leaning towards Wednesday evening
15:52:29 <aprice> ok cool
15:52:50 <VW_> speaking of which
15:52:56 <VW_> #topic UC forum sessions
15:53:07 <VW_> we discussed the community one earlier
15:53:23 <VW_> what other sessions are we planning on having?
15:55:34 <VW_> jamesmcarthur: how many slots do we have
15:56:08 <jamesmcarthur> I didn't see any UC sessions submitted to the forum.
15:56:32 <VW_> oh - I thought there was a BoF space or something
15:56:51 <VW_> my mistake if I misudnerstood
15:56:53 <jamesmcarthur> There hasn't been any requested so far, but if you want we could add a BoF
15:57:14 <jamesmcarthur> I think the main thing is to have the UC folks at the actual forum sessions
15:57:47 <jamesmcarthur> ashfergs is working on space allocation BoF/WG today, so let us know if you all want some space :)
15:58:12 <VW_> then I'll make the call and say yes
15:58:17 <aprice> yeah i think that UC members at the ops forum sessions would be good because i think that there's still confusion about who / what the UC is
15:58:43 <VW_> we'd like at least one BoF session for a UC meeting/etc
15:59:18 <jamesmcarthur> On it!
15:59:34 <VW_> and ahead of the summit, let's review the schedule in one of our meetings right be fore and try to parse out other forum sessions one or more of us should sit in
16:00:20 <jamesmcarthur> most of the xcommunity stuff is towards the end of the day
16:00:40 <VW_> eek - time has slipped by
16:00:53 <VW_> We'll chat more next week.
16:01:01 <VW_> speaking of which, I'm on a plane during this time next Monday
16:01:13 <VW_> will try to be online for IRC, but can someone be on standby to drive the meeting?
16:01:48 <jamesmcarthur> we have to jump on another call
16:02:09 <VW_> cool - thanks all for the time today
16:02:24 <VW_> #endmeeting