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15:00:45 <VW_> #chair belmorei_ spotz
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15:01:00 <spotz> o/
15:01:04 <VW_> howdy, all
15:01:12 <VW_> #chair studarus_
15:01:12 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ belmorei_ spotz studarus_
15:01:22 <VW_> #topic roll call
15:01:25 <VW_> o/
15:01:28 <studarus_> o/
15:01:30 <belmorei_> o/
15:01:50 <VW_> #topic Follow up from last meeting
15:01:59 <VW_> sorry I couldn't make it last week
15:02:05 <VW_> anything important we need to review?
15:02:07 <spotz> There wasn't one
15:02:11 <VW_> oh - ok
15:02:54 <VW_> #topic Joint Leadership session
15:03:26 <VW_> So, I will raise my hand and say that I'm the worst offender at not spending any time on our material for the joint session, but we need to kick that in high gear :)
15:03:52 <studarus_> do we need to send notes out to all the working groups for input? does that need to be part of the presentation?
15:04:04 <studarus_> if so, I'd be happy to send out emails - Ashlee gave me all their contact info
15:04:55 <spotz> studarus_: We probably only have time for 1 or 2 WG updates
15:05:08 <VW_> yeah - or a short list of high lights
15:05:18 <spotz> I assume our section will include the pilot projects again
15:05:43 <VW_> not sure
15:07:14 <VW_> also, I don't know who owns the doc, but I requested access - (doesn't look like either of my emails have access)
15:07:32 <VW_> but as a reminder:
15:07:33 <VW_> #link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dE6_TWR24lwtWYXckF78M0tT4DF66NFUJmVecX2Fa2s/edit?usp=sharing
15:08:17 <spotz> VW_: the one I made?
15:08:21 <VW_> yeah
15:08:56 <belmorei_> yes, no access
15:09:37 <spotz> VW_: done
15:09:43 <VW_> woot!
15:09:45 <VW_> gracias
15:09:52 <spotz> belmorei_: can you request access?
15:09:59 <spotz> VW_: de nanda
15:10:03 <spotz> nada even!
15:10:42 <VW_> Ok - so I will try to get a rough agenda in there the next couple of days so we can all start adding content accordingly
15:10:57 <spotz> belmorei_: Ok you're good
15:11:13 <VW_> if you all know of something specific we need to cover, let's go ahead and start adding that
15:11:18 <belmorei_> thanks
15:11:28 <VW_> I'll follow up with jamesmcarthur and aprice on topics they need us to cover
15:11:54 <spotz> Not sure if any of the Ops meetup folks will be there in time but maybe they could present or someone from one of the Open Days, like Tobias did for Nordic days?
15:11:56 <jamesmcarthur> Hey - we're both in the board meeting at the moment
15:12:08 <VW_> no worries - we can sync up later jamesmcarthur
15:12:10 <jamesmcarthur> Or, at least listening in.
15:12:18 <jamesmcarthur> Sure, just send me a note with anything y'all need :)
15:12:35 <VW_> just want to make sure as we pound out slides for the joint session the next two weeks, we cover anything you all need on our list
15:13:48 <VW_> spotz and studarus_ - you two were planning on being there Sunday afternoon, correct?
15:13:57 <studarus_> I'll be there!
15:14:24 <spotz> Yep I'll arrive in the morning, help at OUI with any time I have and then be at the meeting
15:14:36 <VW_> cool - I should be as well.  Flying in Sunday morning as well
15:14:46 <VW_> do we know if Joseph will be there?
15:14:59 <VW_> And we will miss you a ton, belmorei_
15:15:02 <VW_> :(
15:15:24 <belmorei_> I will miss you all...
15:16:13 <spotz> We'll miss you too
15:16:34 <VW_> Awesome, so we can target 4/22 to wrap up the slides and then divide up who's covering what
15:16:49 <VW_> Sounds like we have a rough plan.  Anything else on this for now?
15:17:31 <spotz> Nope
15:17:39 <VW_> groovy - moving along
15:17:55 <VW_> #topic Touch base on Ambassador role
15:18:08 <VW_> Have you and Foundation folks been able to sync up, studarus_
15:18:40 <studarus_> I sent out an email to the community list (right before this call) and posted across the Ambassador Slack a few weeks ago
15:18:56 <studarus_> and I also chatted with some of the user groups leaders one-on-one
15:19:14 <VW_> Gotcha - so still gathering feedback then
15:19:39 <studarus_> yes - feedback stage
15:20:15 <VW_> awesome.  We'll keep it on our running list then - and will likely cover next steps, etc at the joint meeting
15:21:42 <VW_> #topic UC Forum/BOF session(s)
15:22:04 <VW_> I'm forgetful - we said we had a BoF space a couple weeks ago, right?
15:22:33 <VW_> oh - no, that was on me
15:22:42 <VW_> I need to get with Ashlee
15:23:28 <VW_> assuming we have a room - what type of session do we want to have?
15:25:37 <studarus_> I'd like to hear how the various projects would like support.
15:26:01 <studarus_> for example, all the edge projects need access to edge locations to actually test
15:26:02 <VW_> like the new, incubating ones ?
15:26:14 <studarus_> and to see how we can do outreach to support them
15:26:32 <studarus_> I was able to get StarlingX access to cell tower edge locations for real world testing
15:26:33 <VW_> gotcha
15:26:42 <studarus_> I imagine other projects need similar support
15:28:57 <studarus_> also a session with any Ambassadors and user group leaders that are attending
15:30:06 <VW_> yeah - depending on the space we get, that might have to be combined
15:30:23 <VW_> let me see what I can work out with the foundation, and we'll finalize the plan next week
15:30:44 <VW_> I'd like to publish and agenda ahead of time so we can invite folks and get input like what studarus_ is suggesting
15:33:38 <VW_> any other thoughts?
15:33:54 <VW_> on meetings at the summit?
15:34:16 <spotz> Maybe a touch base with the other projects, mind you they didn't want any meetups in Berlin
15:34:52 <spotz> I'll be in Luxembourg next meeting but will try to make it, I always get confused with the time difference
15:35:28 <VW_> understood spotz
15:35:32 <VW_> safe travels
15:35:51 <spotz> VW_: Thanks, but ping if I'm online I'll see it:)
15:36:01 <VW_> for sure!
15:36:08 <VW_> #topic Other Business
15:36:15 <VW_> That get's us through the agenda
15:36:21 <VW_> anything else anyone wants to bring up?
15:36:52 <studarus_> Great event in London last week!
15:37:01 <VW_> oh?
15:37:09 <VW_> Tell us more :)
15:37:11 <studarus_> It was an Open Infrastructure Days - day one was talks and day two labs
15:37:45 <studarus_> the labs were Kata, Upstream, and Istio
15:37:58 <studarus_> they had four concurrent talks on day one
15:38:33 <studarus_> put together by the OpenStack meetup group organizers from Manchester
15:38:51 <belmorei_> a lot of people attending?
15:39:10 <VW_> Nice!  Any themes from ops/users that we can help direct towards future sessions - maybe at the next Ops gathering, etc?
15:39:23 <studarus_> yeah - it was well attended
15:39:25 <spotz> Maybe have that one in our presentation? Following the trend from Berlin of mentioning Nordic?
15:39:54 <studarus_> I also got a request from Rain, the community leader from RDO
15:40:19 <VW_> yes spotz!
15:40:26 <studarus_> she wants to see how she (RDO) can help bring content out to the user groups
15:40:35 <VW_> Very nice!
15:40:48 <studarus_> by doing some sponsoring of regional events
15:41:08 <studarus_> so if anyone knows regional events that need content, contact me or Rain
15:41:51 <belmorei_> studarus_: great
15:43:44 <spotz> Yeah Rain sponsored at least one of the birthdays last year, she's great
15:44:51 <studarus_> maybe a git page where people can post events and call for OpenStack speakers?
15:45:02 <studarus_> do we have anything like that?
15:45:29 <VW_> No, but we can always try an experiment
15:46:02 <belmorei_> do we have a twitter account for OpenStack events?
15:46:37 <studarus_> the staff has a Twitter account
15:47:29 <belmorei_> that's is the OpenStack account. Not sure if having something to target event would be useful
15:48:20 <studarus_> I'm not a git expert but can email out some ideas. Maybe someone can help on the more technical side.
15:48:46 <studarus_> I'm also going to email out to all the working groups and ask for updates and just verify they each still exists
15:50:26 <VW_> perfect - thanks studarus_
15:50:33 <VW_> I'll add an agenda item for the git idea
15:50:39 <VW_> maybe we can discuss it with staff next week
15:50:55 <VW_> time check - 9 minutes left
15:54:07 <VW_> anything else from anyone?
15:55:03 <studarus_> :)
15:56:01 <VW_> alright - I'll wrap this up.  Sounds like we have some good stuff to go work on and talk about next time
15:56:04 <spotz> There's an area of the website for events, jamesmcarthur would know
15:56:04 <VW_> thank you all for attending!
15:56:08 <spotz> Thanks!
15:56:46 <jamesmcarthur> We auto-ingest events from planet.openstack.org (and some other places).
15:56:54 <jamesmcarthur> And we also have a place whre you can submit events.
15:57:09 <jamesmcarthur> https://www.openstack.org/community/events/
15:57:27 <jamesmcarthur> studarus_: spotz: ^^
15:57:56 <spotz> I thought so:) I just couldn't remember what part to go look
15:58:27 <VW_> thanks jamesmcarthur!
15:59:44 <VW_> #endmeeting