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15:00:45 <VW_> #chair studarus spotz belmoreira
15:00:46 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ belmoreira spotz studarus
15:00:54 <VW_> #topic roll call
15:00:54 <spotz> o/
15:00:59 <belmoreira> o/
15:01:00 <VW_> o/
15:01:25 <studarus> o/
15:01:44 <jamesmcarthur_> o/
15:02:04 <spotz> o/
15:02:12 <aprice> o/
15:02:23 <VW_> Hope everyone is well
15:02:34 <VW_> #topic Joint Session
15:03:57 <VW_> So, I have one update on the Sunday meeting at the summit.  It looks like I may have some family commitments that won't get me to Denver till Monday morning
15:04:16 <VW_> spotz, studarus (and hopefully Joseph), can you manage the presentation?
15:05:20 <spotz> VW_: Yeah I'll be there
15:05:29 <studarus> I'll be there and happy to help present
15:05:48 <VW_> Sorry about the last minute change
15:06:08 <jamesmcarthur_> Is there an etherpad with content WIP?
15:06:36 <VW_> we copied over the last set of slides jamesmcarthur_
15:06:43 <VW_> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dE6_TWR24lwtWYXckF78M0tT4DF66NFUJmVecX2Fa2s/edit#slide=id.g45dfc68d1f_0_287
15:06:48 <VW_> we have not gotten to do much work on them
15:07:05 <VW_> I'd like to nail down the list of topics today in the meeting if we can
15:07:12 <jamesmcarthur_> roger that
15:07:53 <VW_> I think a Committe Goals update makes sense - we'll keep that and update the data from last time
15:08:18 <VW_> Are there any updates at this time for the user survey?
15:08:21 <jamesmcarthur_> We can put in a slide about our move to meetup pro
15:08:51 <aprice> VW_ no user survey updates per se, but it will be open so we will want to encourage submissions
15:09:01 <jamesmcarthur_> Re: User Survey - I have an email in review to send out to the community. There are very few updates.
15:09:21 <VW_> yeah - I figured.  More of a topic for the fall summit now that they are annual
15:09:38 <spotz> vw_ I was thinking maybe do replace the Nordic report with UK?
15:09:58 <belmoreira> spotz +1
15:10:17 <aprice> we should add something about the berlin ops meetup and which topics they brought back to be discussed at the forum
15:10:18 <VW_> we can put in a Public Service Announcement Slide - "Don't forget to take the survey"
15:10:18 <jamesmcarthur_> Can someone give mine and aprice's account access to the doc?
15:10:26 <VW_> agreed spotz
15:10:32 <VW_> and aprice
15:11:01 <spotz> hang on jamesmcarthur_
15:11:10 <VW_> and maybe decide if we want to try and extract anything from the OpenStack Days at CERN to further drive the Ops meetup and feedback process
15:11:41 <VW_> studarus: you went to the UK meetup, right
15:11:41 <spotz> invites sent
15:11:48 <VW_> you could help summarize that bit?
15:11:52 <studarus> yes! I was at the UK event
15:11:56 <VW_> cool
15:11:58 <studarus> I can add some slides
15:12:06 <VW_> awesome
15:12:34 <VW_> the biggest thing is any key takeaways/themes from the attendees that we can start funneling in to the feedback process
15:12:38 <aprice> how long is the UC update?
15:13:06 <spotz> Usually 5-10?
15:13:11 <belmoreira> VW_: OpenStack Days at CERN will be only at end of May
15:13:42 <spotz> So we can say it's upcoming:)
15:14:23 <VW_> right - but we as a UC can set some goals of how we might use that event to help drive change.  Maybe there is a session or something where the feedback can be used to set up a follow up conversation at the next OPs meetup
15:14:32 <VW_> or make a good topic for a forum session
15:14:49 <VW_> we need to decide as a group, but my point was we could discuss it as a forward looking thing
15:15:04 <VW_> tied to our overall goal of linking more of these events together in the feedbac/change loop
15:15:55 <VW_> did I get that right, spotz? ^
15:17:23 <spotz> VW_: we can but I think belmoreira will be the only one there:(
15:18:28 <belmoreira> you are all invited :)
15:18:31 <VW_> that is true, but that's OK. I'm less worried about who is there and more interested in what we can extract from the conversations, sessions, etc
15:19:44 <spotz> belmoreira: I need a plane ticket!:)
15:20:05 <belmoreira> VW_: true, however this event will be a little bit particular because it will be a single track and we don't have discussions planed
15:20:20 <belmoreira> for sure I will report to you how it went
15:20:27 <VW_> awesome
15:20:48 <spotz> belmoreira: Maybe just gather what people are most interested in?
15:21:02 <VW_> yeah - exactly
15:21:07 <belmoreira> yes
15:21:52 <VW_> the UC has "boots on the ground" at this one.  "If we see a lot of interested in area X,Y or Z, we'll work with the Ops meetup team to include it in the next event.  Or, we'll set up a forum session in China.."
15:21:54 <VW_> something like that
15:22:25 <VW_> The main thing is to keep stressing how we are trying to A. link these various events and the conversations going on and B. trying to spread out the UC across more of them
15:22:39 <VW_> which is why it's so awesome that studarus made the UK one
15:22:57 <VW_> Do we need any specific working group updates?
15:23:06 <VW_> I'm thinking not, but wasn't sure
15:23:32 <spotz> Which reminds me, informal OPS outing after the mixer
15:23:44 <spotz> Might be nice for UC to attend
15:23:50 <VW_> ++
15:26:06 <aprice> there is also a user community leadership session Tuesday afternoon for user group leaders and ambassadors to join as well. we just got it added to the schedule, but i think that this could be a good place to share this presentation yall are giving the board and get feedback from the community
15:26:15 <aprice> #link: https://www.openstack.org/summit/denver-2019/summit-schedule/events/23783/community-leadership-session
15:26:35 <VW_> Good call aprice - we'll put that on the agenda
15:27:26 <aprice> VW_ thanks!
15:28:05 <VW_> re: adjacent communities - I don't know if there are many updates.  We should highlight studarus getting cell tower access for one of them
15:28:14 <VW_> was it starlingx or airship?
15:28:18 <studarus> StarlingX
15:28:37 <spotz> aprice: Bah it's the same time as the new contributers one
15:28:37 <VW_> cool - yeah - that can go in the adjacent community update
15:29:14 <VW_> kata is a full blown project now - do we know if/how that will impact the role of the UC?
15:29:44 <aprice> spotz: jimmy is checking to see what the other times that are available so we can avoid that overlap
15:30:23 <spotz> thanks
15:30:53 <studarus> at the UK conference, I was able to build a lab so anyone can now startup Kata and play with it. We used that for the Kata workshop at the UK event
15:31:25 <VW_> that's awesome!
15:31:58 <jamesmcarthur_> I can move the Community Leadership Session to Wednesday afternoon
15:32:03 <spotz> aprice: If we don't have survey results back from CHAOSS I can give back that time slot
15:32:05 <VW_> There still seems to be a lot of uncertainty on how the user communities of these other projects might get cared for
15:32:22 <jamesmcarthur_> 2:30-3:10?
15:32:42 <spotz> VW_: As of yet I don't think many have users from our last conversations and those that did most were contributors
15:33:08 <VW_> Right, but does the baord/foundation have a different view for Kata since it's now official?
15:33:28 <VW_> or, is User "governance" (still don't like that term) a gap that still needs to be solved
15:33:37 <VW_> should we be helping solve it?
15:33:37 <aprice> VW_ i think it's going to come down to the communities to solve as they get there
15:33:37 <VW_> etc
15:33:46 <spotz> jamesmcarthur_: That would work there is a user feedback session then but it's just for Cinder
15:34:01 <aprice> for Kata, they have several users in the POC stage but not yet ready for user governance per se
15:35:05 <aprice> i think that each project is doing governance slightly differently, and there's not necessarily a template for how the foundation / board expect that to be done.
15:35:06 <VW_> right - just thinking through what/if/how we might talk about adjacent communities this go round
15:35:27 <VW_> sounds like a good "we are here to help" reminder would be good
15:35:31 <jamesmcarthur_> Generally, it's up to the individual project how they set up their governance.  The OpenStack TC doesn't govern the pilot projects.
15:35:45 <jamesmcarthur_> So I'd imagine this would extend ot the UC as well
15:35:55 <jamesmcarthur_> VW_ yeah, I think that's the best path forward
15:35:57 <VW_> does that include future potential spin offs?
15:36:14 <VW_> ie projects in OpenStack today that might become their own
15:36:21 <VW_> hey josephrsandoval
15:36:29 <VW_> #chair josephrsandoval
15:36:30 <josephrsandoval> hey sorry i was late
15:36:30 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ belmoreira josephrsandoval spotz studarus
15:36:37 <jamesmcarthur_> VW_ I'm not sure if that's been laid out specifically
15:36:38 <josephrsandoval> still in India
15:36:44 <josephrsandoval> heading home today
15:36:50 <jamesmcarthur_> would be a good question for Thierry or JB
15:37:49 <spotz> VW_: We punted the issue at the Denver PTG....
15:40:11 <VW_> yeah - I know - just trying to keep us thinking about the other projects
15:40:43 <VW_> josephrsandoval: will you be there on Sunday for the joint meeting?
15:41:33 <josephrsandoval> yes. i rebooked my trip for a Saturday arrival
15:42:07 <VW_> awesome - I was telling them earlier, that I have a family thing that Sunday now, and won't make it in till Monday morning.  So, you, spotz and studarus will do the talking at the meeting
15:42:12 <VW_> I'll help get the slides worked out
15:42:32 <VW_> I think we have a reasonable set of topics for the meeting, all - aggreed?
15:42:45 <VW_> if so, I'll commit to getting the rough outline done by the end of the day tomorrow
15:42:46 <studarus> yes
15:42:49 <spotz> yep
15:43:28 <VW_> aprice, jamesmcarthur_ - might ping you two for some stats on things like number of survey submissions, etc
15:44:10 <VW_> Let's target getting it 80% done by next week and we can divide things up between the presenters then
15:45:08 <VW_> anything else related to the joint session?
15:45:17 <VW_> we only have 15 minutes left
15:46:13 <belmoreira> do we present the community activity around the summits? number of talks summited, acceptance rate, ... this could be interesting and is a way to evaluate the UC state
15:47:44 <jamesmcarthur_> VW_ we haven't been promoting the survey yet, so the submissions are extremely low
15:48:01 <VW_> fair enough josephrsandoval
15:48:08 <VW_> interesting belmoreira - say more?
15:48:37 <spotz> belmoreira: We haven't in the past, I think the majority of the talks are dev related though and with the move to OpenInfra that means less OpenStack(and pilot project_ slots available I imagine
15:49:03 <belmoreira> I was thinking about all the summit submissions statistics and see were are the hot spots over time
15:49:16 <jamesmcarthur_> belmoreira: those details are not necessarily something we make public
15:49:25 <jamesmcarthur_> I'd have to check and see what we provide
15:49:46 <belmoreira> I could be a set of interesting metrics
15:50:03 <belmoreira> s/I/it/
15:51:11 <belmoreira> It could help to understand the trends and how the community is moving over time
15:55:24 <VW_> alright - almost out of time.  We sort of covered the next item - the forum session - a bit already
15:55:26 <VW_> so
15:55:30 <VW_> #topic any other business
15:55:37 <spotz> Not I
15:56:05 <VW_> we all have some homework to do.  In the short term, I'll stub out the slides and update you all.  Then we can fill in content and review next Monday
15:56:20 <VW_> we'll also finalize the agenda for the forum session and fill out the etherpad
15:56:23 <spotz> Sounds good, thanks VW_
15:56:25 <VW_> sound good?
15:56:30 <belmoreira> great
15:57:37 <VW_> awesome - great meeting today folks.  Looking forward to seeing some of you in a couple of weeks.  Sorry I'll be late to the party
15:57:44 <VW_> josephrsandoval safe travels home sir
15:58:28 <spotz> VW_: No worries have fun!
15:58:44 <VW_> alright - see you all here next week
15:58:49 <VW_> #endmeeting