15:01:07 <VW_> #startmeeting uc
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15:01:28 <VW_> #chair spotz belmoreira
15:01:28 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ belmoreira spotz
15:01:42 <VW_> not sure if we'll have quorum today since it's right after the summit
15:01:44 <spotz> o/
15:01:50 <spotz> I'm about
15:01:52 <VW_> but figured we'd see who was around
15:01:59 <VW_> #topic Roll Call
15:02:00 <belmoreira> o/
15:02:03 <VW_> o/
15:02:07 <spotz> o/
15:03:10 <VW_> #topic Follow up from Summit
15:03:19 <VW_> we'll give it a few minutes
15:03:24 <VW_> and see who else shows up
15:04:40 <VW_> belmoreira: quick summary of the two sessions.  The one with the UC focuses largely on some of the OpenStack Days being planned around the world and how we might help support them and how we can continue to try and get feedback out of them to put into Ops mid-cycles or forum sessions etc
15:04:45 <spotz> The TC was going to meet on Saturday to talk about SiG governance but I was gone already and no one else stayed for the PTG so I'm not sure how much was discussed
15:05:00 <VW_> oh - good to know. I'll ping Rico
15:05:37 <VW_> The community leadership session largely focused on the new meetup tools/structure for user groups and how we are trying to improve the ambassador role
15:05:47 <VW_> spotz: add any key points I missed
15:07:06 <belmoreira> There was any brain storm on how the UC might help support OpenStack Days and other events?
15:07:14 <spotz> Joint Leadership Session went well on Sunday. A lot of questions in regards to the user survey and timing of results. Definitely interest in meetups but them being more openinfra or openstack/cncf then openstack
15:08:40 <VW_> Presenters/Contend is always something that comes up when the topic of Days/events is discussed
15:09:34 <VW_> we also talked through the fact that the survey now has targeted questions about specific projects.  We might use the initial feedback to setup targeted discussions at Open Infra days to get more detailed feedback
15:09:40 <VW_> and then we can take that to seed forum sessions, etc
15:10:18 <VW_> the OpenStack Days Nordic folks tried to get some feedback from users as an experiment for this process last year, but the topic was too broad
15:13:19 <belmoreira> that's a good idea
15:16:05 <VW_> The other thing I'd like to do is get the call our for unfinished etherpads, etc, the may need ops input from Denver
15:16:29 <VW_> so we can try to get some time on the upcoming Ops meetup for discussion on them
15:20:39 <VW_> speaking of those sorts of things
15:20:49 <VW_> #topic OpenStack Days at CERN
15:20:55 <VW_> how are things coming with your event, belmoreira
15:21:35 <belmoreira> going well, learning a lot on how to organize an event :)
15:22:29 <belmoreira> the registration will close on the 15th. Would be great if you can help pass the message
15:22:59 <VW_> for sure.
15:23:29 <belmoreira> VW_ spotz are you really not joining us?
15:24:06 <VW_> Man, I would LOVE LOVE to, belmoreira - but I'm not sure I could convince work to pay for that one
15:24:25 <VW_> what are the dates again belmoreira?
15:25:00 <belmoreira> 27th (Monday) event, 28th (Tuesday) visit
15:25:36 <belmoreira> some people are traveling to kubecon in barcelona and then they stay for the OpenStack Day
15:26:52 <VW_> gotcha
15:30:03 <VW_> yeah - I am super sad I won't make it, but I'm still going to try and come visit during the period it's shut down :)
15:30:32 <VW_> I was going to talk Ambassadors, but we'll save that for next week given low attendance this week
15:30:33 <VW_> so
15:30:39 <VW_> #topic Other Business
15:30:48 <VW_> spotz, belmoreira - anything else we want to discuss
15:30:58 <VW_> if not, I can give you like 25 minutes back :)
15:31:34 <spotz> Sorry got pulled away and no scroll back right now on a different connection
15:32:47 <VW_> no wories
15:32:58 <VW_> was just seeing if there was anything else we want to touch base on
15:33:03 <VW_> if not, I can give some time back
15:33:12 <spotz> On the plus side have coffee
15:33:47 <spotz> YeH I canceled diversity today figured folks would be traveling as we all stayed for PTG
15:34:09 <VW_> cool - then I'll go ahead and end this.  Thanks for the quick catch up spotz and belmoreira
15:34:26 <spotz> Thank you VW_
15:35:03 <belmoreira> thanks
15:35:12 <VW_> see you all next Monday!
15:35:16 <VW_> #endmeeting