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15:00:58 <VW_> #topic Roll call
15:01:11 <VW_> #chair spotz belmoreira
15:01:12 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ belmoreira spotz
15:01:19 <aprice> o/
15:01:20 <spotz> o/
15:01:24 <belmoreira> o/
15:01:30 <jamesmcarthur_> o/
15:02:34 <VW_> #chair josephrsandoval
15:02:35 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ belmoreira josephrsandoval spotz
15:03:41 <VW_> we'll steal last week's agenda since it was light attendance
15:03:56 <VW_> #topic Follow up from summit
15:04:13 <VW_> anything new we want to discuss now that more folks are home and settled in
15:04:30 <aprice> now that we are through the summit, I would like to discuss the user survey
15:05:11 <aprice> but I can hold that until we discuss any other Summit takeaways :)
15:07:37 <VW_> That is probably one of the things out of the summit (and on email lately) that has the most weight, aprice - feel free to kick it off
15:08:01 <aprice> sounds good :)
15:09:02 <aprice> so jamesmcarthur_ sent an email to the ML two weeks ago to confirm that we have all questions identified and updated from the project teams. We just added three additional questions from the TC this morning
15:09:08 <aprice> but I think that we are ready to kick off promotion
15:09:37 <aprice> the deadline is mid-August, so we have about three months to promote it
15:09:52 <aprice> I would love to work with someone from the UC on putting something on the ML early this week calling for submissions
15:10:17 <VW_> Unless someone else has a burning desire to, I'd be happy to help aprice
15:10:36 <VW_> but josephrsandoval, spotz, belmoreira - feel free to trump me on that
15:10:45 <VW_> if you have strong feelings
15:10:46 <aprice> any burning desires out there?
15:10:49 <josephrsandoval> lol
15:10:55 <belmoreira> :)
15:11:19 <spotz> Enjoy I need to pack for San Diego next week:)
15:11:50 <VW_> alrighty - looks like it's you and me, aprice
15:12:04 <aprice> ok - VW_ ill ping you directly after this and we can work through it
15:12:05 <aprice> thanks!
15:12:09 <VW_> np
15:12:11 <aprice> no other update on it other than that, really
15:12:27 <aprice> if anyone is traveling to events with OpenStack users in the next three months, please promote :)
15:12:40 <aprice> and take it :)
15:13:00 <josephrsandoval> will do. i'll remind anyone i see at Kubecon next week.
15:13:03 <jamesmcarthur_> Very specifically, if you can find new orgs with deployments we have never actually tracked
15:13:14 <VW_> yeah - not much here either. spotz mentioned the TC might have discussed SIGs on Sat after the summit. I need to follow up with rico on that
15:13:41 <aprice> thanks josephrsandoval!
15:15:23 <VW_> Anything else summit related?
15:15:55 <belmoreira> as a reminder OSD CERN registration closes in 3 days
15:16:01 <aprice> i missed the board presentation - how did that go?
15:16:27 <VW_> spotz ^
15:17:19 <spotz> The board presentation went well, mainly had questions about the uaser survey and when data would be available
15:18:10 <aprice> one thing I want to remind
15:18:25 <aprice> is that the user survey is technically open all year - we just heavily promote it during a specific time
15:18:40 <aprice> i think that there was some confusion around that after the board meeting. i had a few folks ask me
15:20:09 <josephrsandoval> yea i just found that out. :-)
15:20:27 <aprice> :)
15:21:26 <belmoreira> yes, that was confusing for me too. Good to know. Thanks.
15:22:02 <aprice> we basically cut the data in August and try to make any changes quickly before we kick off the new version
15:22:20 <aprice> of course, we often have changes like the new questions we just added come in, but then just reach out to folks who have already completed a survey with those updates.
15:22:36 <aprice> i think we have around 100 that have already completed this version
15:23:01 <VW_> cool
15:25:06 <aprice> that's all from me
15:26:11 <VW_> cool
15:26:15 <VW_> moving along
15:26:19 <jamesmcarthur_> I heard spotz got a new haircut
15:26:32 <VW_> #topic OpenStack Days CERN
15:26:38 <VW_> belmoreira: mentioned the sign-up deadline
15:26:45 <VW_> anything else to report?
15:30:48 <belmoreira> everything good.
15:31:18 <belmoreira> we are getting full
15:31:23 <VW_> that is good news
15:31:54 <spotz> jamesmcarthur_: I did:)
15:32:40 <spotz> I want to go:( Maybr on some trip to the office I'll get lost and go to CERNL)
15:32:52 <aprice> ill be there :)
15:33:52 <VW_> awesome aprice!
15:34:14 <VW_> John is not here, so I will skip on to other business
15:34:15 <belmoreira> waiting for all of you!
15:34:24 <VW_> #topic Other Business
15:37:24 <spotz> Only thing I have is the need to update the CoC again came up at Summit. I'll see if someone wants to run next week's D&I meeting or we'll take it up in June
15:37:47 <aprice> spotz: what needs to be updated with the CoC?
15:39:03 <spotz> aprice: Some of the wording gave the impression that if someone came forward there was no choice about whether they wanted the person talked to. Also Django has since updated theirs and we're based on an older version
15:40:31 <aprice> spotz: ok - please keep me in the loop because now that my name and number are on the CoC, I think that I am involved with how it gets updated
15:41:07 <spotz> aprice: Sounds good, I wasn't sure who would lead with Lauren gone
15:41:22 <aprice> me :)
15:42:55 <VW_> congrats?
15:42:58 <VW_> :)
15:43:03 <VW_> alight - anyone have anything else?
15:43:09 <VW_> otherwise, I can give you all 15 minutes back
15:45:05 <josephrsandoval> nothing
15:46:01 <VW_> awesome - well I will let everyone get back to their regularly scheduled weeks, then
15:46:04 <VW_> thanks all for attending
15:46:05 <aprice> thanks everyone!~
15:46:09 <VW_> #endmeeting