15:05:23 <josephrsandoval> #startmeeting uc
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15:05:59 <josephrsandoval> #chair belmoreira spotz studarus josephrsandoval
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15:06:04 <spotz> o/
15:06:06 <studarus> o/
15:06:15 <josephrsandoval> #topic rollcall
15:06:28 <spotz> o/
15:06:49 <studarus> o/
15:07:27 <josephrsandoval> #topic Complete list of SIGs/Working groups
15:08:04 <josephrsandoval> i was getting caught up on this topic. does anyone have any updates?
15:08:52 <spotz> I spoke to the ops meetup folks a bit, they didn't meet last week. They predate SiGs which is part of the reason they're a team vs WG vs SiG
15:10:05 <josephrsandoval> hey thats a good piece of Openstack trivia. :-)
15:10:37 <belmoreira> o/
15:11:11 <belmoreira> I had the action to contact them... Didn't happen
15:11:19 <belmoreira> I will try to do it this week
15:11:20 <josephrsandoval> @belmoreira I was just going to ask. thanks for the update.
15:11:46 <studarus> I spoke with Rochelle back in March and she said she wasn't chairing the Fault Genes project anymore and that the other chair had been re-assigned.
15:12:02 <studarus> so I think that group might be dormant
15:12:09 <studarus> or at least without a lead
15:13:02 <belmoreira> we need to understand all these cases...
15:13:44 <josephrsandoval> any other updates or actions regarding the SIGs/Working groups?
15:13:59 <spotz> Not that I know of
15:14:30 <josephrsandoval> #topic Elections
15:14:41 <spotz> studarus: found 2 officials!:)
15:14:53 <studarus> yes - and the webpages have been updated
15:14:54 <josephrsandoval> yes thanks for getting it done.
15:14:58 <studarus> no problem
15:15:09 <belmoreira> thanks for all the work
15:16:48 <josephrsandoval> so we're good to go? when do we send out the announcement to the list?
15:17:23 <studarus> I believe that's the responsibility of the officials
15:18:15 <josephrsandoval> sounds great. anything else related to the election?
15:20:20 <josephrsandoval> #topic other business
15:20:41 <spotz> No other business from me except OSF b-day part tomorrow night in Austin:)
15:20:55 <josephrsandoval> awesome! wish i could be there.
15:21:24 <spotz> Seems like we might have more people at it then normal meetups but I'll take it
15:21:42 <josephrsandoval> :-)
15:22:25 <josephrsandoval> thanks all for attending. closing the meeting unless any other business.
15:23:27 <josephrsandoval> #endmeeting