15:04:21 <VW_> #startmeeting uc
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15:04:35 <VW_> #chair studarus josephrsandoval spotz belmoreira
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15:04:43 <VW_> #topic elections
15:05:05 <VW_> try again.  I see we have officials.  I haven't noticed candidates, but I've also been behind on email from being out
15:05:36 <studarus> I haven't seen any candidates yet
15:05:38 <aprice> i haven't seen any candidates
15:05:43 <spotz> No candidates yet
15:07:24 <VW_> Ok - we need to probably help remind folks
15:07:46 <VW_> those are due by Friday, corect?
15:07:51 <josephrsandoval> 16th
15:07:59 <josephrsandoval> Friday
15:08:00 <spotz> eep yeah that's the 16th
15:09:00 <spotz> VW_ and josephrsandoval are either of you running?
15:09:57 <josephrsandoval> i will be submitting this week
15:10:13 <VW_> I was planning on taking a break, and letting others jump in.  If we don't have anyone, I might reconsider
15:12:35 <VW_> Ok - let's make sure we poke the folks we know that might be good for the UC in the next day or so
15:13:38 <VW_> anything else election related we want to cover
15:13:48 <spotz> Yeah and once one email nomination is out there we might get more, people do tend to wait until the last minute
15:16:04 <VW_> cool
15:16:15 <VW_> #topic SIG/WG Outreach
15:16:21 <VW_> Thanks belmoreira for driving that!
15:16:35 <VW_> Do we feel like we have an updated status on all the groups?
15:17:40 <belmoreira> I started to go through all the answers end last week and thank people but then $life stop me
15:18:02 <belmoreira> I hope to pick it up again beginning of this week
15:18:42 <belmoreira> but I think we got very positive answers. We may need to edit few SIGs (chairs moved)
15:19:25 <belmoreira> other SIGs are not that active or still starting but chairs are committed to move forward
15:19:58 <belmoreira> any other comment from the answers that you have seen?
15:20:45 <VW_> From what I've seen that looks to cover most things, but again, I'm still catching up.  Anything else that the others have noticed?
15:24:26 <VW_> Guessing not :).
15:24:51 <VW_> Well thanks again for driving belmoreira.  Once we have the list completed, we can work on getting folks on the UC assigned to interface with them.  Perhaps right after the elections
15:26:55 <VW_> #topic Other Business
15:27:00 <VW_> That's all I really had
15:27:13 <VW_> anything else you all discussed the last few weeks that need's updating/revisiting?
15:27:27 <studarus> anything for Shanghai?
15:28:03 <aprice> my only thing is that the 2019 user survey deadline is next week on the 22
15:28:14 <aprice> please remind people to take it - or take it yourself if you havent!!
15:28:37 <aprice> re: shanghai, i think that the forum CFP is opening soon. who from here is planning to attend?
15:28:38 <josephrsandoval> lol i feel like those exclamation marks are pointing at me. :-)
15:28:42 <aprice> ;)
15:29:41 <belmoreira> I'm going
15:30:04 <josephrsandoval> i didn't get approval for Shanghai. i might sponsor myself but will know in a week.
15:30:34 <VW_> I will not be making this one.
15:31:04 <VW_> please have extra fun for me :)
15:31:53 <aprice> keep us posted josephrsandoval!
15:31:58 <aprice> you know we will, VW_ :)
15:33:52 <VW_> Anything else?
15:33:58 <VW_> if not, I can give you all some time back
15:34:45 <aprice> nothing from me
15:36:48 <VW_> okie dokie.  I'll let you all get back to your regularly scheduled Mondays
15:36:50 <VW_> thanks for playing!
15:36:54 <VW_> see you all next week!
15:37:52 <studarus> cya
15:37:56 <VW_> #endmeeting