15:04:59 <josephrsandoval> #startmeeting uc
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15:05:40 <josephrsandoval> #chair
15:05:40 <openstack> Current chairs: josephrsandoval
15:06:00 <josephrsandoval> #chair spotz VW_ josephrsandoval
15:06:01 <openstack> Current chairs: VW_ josephrsandoval spotz
15:06:10 <josephrsandoval> #rolecall
15:06:16 <spotz> o/
15:07:22 <spotz> Once vw logs off we won't have a quorum.
15:07:51 <josephrsandoval> yea. im holding
15:08:58 <spotz> Did you both see John's email?
15:09:02 <VW_> o/
15:09:09 <VW_> I did
15:10:06 <VW_> I had intentionally chosen not to run again, but meant to check in Friday.  However, I was distracted by all day meetings, so I think that just confirms it was a good time for me to take a break ;)
15:11:24 <josephrsandoval> i did
15:12:23 <VW_> id you opt not to rerun josephrsandoval, or did your announcement get gummed up in a list serv somewhere
15:13:02 <josephrsandoval> #topic elections
15:13:18 <josephrsandoval> i lost track of utc time
15:13:32 <josephrsandoval> I was waiting to see if we receive any diverse candidates.
15:13:45 <spotz> So based on that governance he found we need to contact people who had run in the past but hadn't been elected
15:13:56 <spotz> Sorry in a slack call too:)
15:14:00 <josephrsandoval> yea thats what john said
15:14:27 <josephrsandoval> who would be assigned? the election officials?
15:14:40 <VW_> yeah - my thought is start with the most recent one that was closest to getting elected and work from there
15:14:42 <spotz> Based on my research Leong should be cntacted first, then Kevin Carter and then James Page. If none of the accept we'll have too go farther back then a year
15:15:04 <VW_> or have a special election - if we can do that - I'd have to go reread
15:15:12 <VW_> but yeah, I think that is the right order, spotz
15:15:58 <spotz> My only other suggest is if we get stuck at 4 members let OSF have a veto to break any ties
15:17:19 <VW_> hmm - interesting
15:17:33 <aprice> i have a question
15:17:39 <aprice> does it have to be 5 members?
15:20:30 <josephrsandoval> the voting quorum, team coverage, broadens team thought would arguments to keep it at 5.
15:21:01 <VW_> if anything, I think 5 was a minimum, aprice
15:21:06 <VW_> let me see if I can did it up
15:21:28 <spotz> Yeah I think an even number is bad:(
15:22:39 <VW_> looks like it is written as 5
15:22:53 <VW_> The User Committee (UC) will consist of five members. All members selected to the UC shall be Individual Members and Active User Contributors (AUC) based on the definition in the next section.
15:23:57 <VW_> So, based on the options I see spelled, out the going back to the previous election seems most prudent
15:24:06 <VW_> this particular case isn't covered explicitly
15:24:11 <VW_> #link https://governance.openstack.org/uc/reference/charter.html
15:27:31 <spotz> Well we definitely need to go back, my concern is the farther back we have to go those folks are no longer in the community so we'll need to either have another election or a fallback
15:27:57 <josephrsandoval> yea. maybe have a time cap of 1 year.
15:28:32 <spotz> Well the last election there was no voting as no extra candidates so that doesn't help
15:29:05 <spotz> VW_: did you see who it says has to contact past candidates?
15:29:27 <VW_> it doesn't say
15:29:42 <josephrsandoval> right. so time cap of 1 year. fallback election as backup option.
15:29:47 <VW_> oh yeah, it does
15:29:57 <VW_> If a seat on the UC is vacated before the end of the term for which the member was elected, the UC will select a replacement to serve out the remainder of the term
15:30:18 <spotz> That doesn't help in this case as both your terms are up
15:31:01 <VW_> Perhaps the best thing to do, is look back at the rules for elections themselves:
15:31:06 <VW_> The allotted number of UC seats are partially renewed every 6 months using staggered elections: the minority number of seats are renewed every (Northern hemisphere) Spring, and the majority number of seats are renewed every Fall. Seats are valid for one-year terms. For this election we’ll use a single-winner election system. The election is held no later than 3 weeks prior to each OpenStack Summit, with elections held open for no less than fou
15:31:06 <VW_> r business days.
15:31:39 <VW_> we are still in the window, so maybe we go with the person who raised their hand is automatically the 4th member, and we run another election to find another
15:31:48 <VW_> that seems to fit better than going backward
15:33:00 <josephrsandoval> it might shake out some fence sitters who are interested.
15:33:37 <spotz> Seems like the best plan. We could do that for a week and then talk to Leong, Kevin and James
15:33:54 <VW_> either way, we are outside the fully prescribed options, but yeah, I think it would be better to find someone who forgot/wasn't sure than going back a year
15:33:59 <VW_> should we vote?
15:34:27 <spotz> I hate to do it without everyone but we do have a quorum so it's legal and saves us time
15:34:57 <VW_> we could call a special meeting tomorrow and try to get the other two here
15:35:05 <VW_> but yeah, technically, we can vote
15:35:36 <josephrsandoval> #startvote
15:35:37 <openstack> Unable to parse vote topic and options.
15:35:57 <josephrsandoval> i guess i add the argument
15:36:02 <ianychoi> As an election official, it is up to UC's decision - if either VW_ or and josephrsandoval want to renew UC, then UC can decide I think..
15:36:55 <spotz> ianychoi: They would still need to run
15:37:33 <spotz> we're not filling a early vacated seat
15:38:45 <VW_> #startvote Should we seat the one candidate as the 4th member and have a second, special, election for the 5th seat within the timeframe spelled out in the charter (yes, no)
15:38:45 <openstack> Unable to parse vote topic and options.
15:39:16 <spotz> #vote yes
15:39:27 <josephrsandoval> #vote yes
15:39:41 <VW_> #vote yes
15:39:55 <VW_> #endvote
15:40:09 <VW_> it didn't officially count them, but everything is logged
15:40:14 <VW_> in the meeting
15:41:03 <josephrsandoval> ok. anything else on the vote?
15:41:03 <VW_> Ok - I have to drop.  Let's respond back to the list with the decision here, and let's work with the elecion officials to welcome our new member and get them roped in, etc
15:41:15 <josephrsandoval> great
15:41:22 <VW_> thanks folks!
15:41:29 <spotz> Have fun VW_
15:41:29 <josephrsandoval> #endmeeting