12:30:39 <spotz> #startmeeting uc
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12:30:47 <spotz> #topic Roll Csll
12:31:30 <melsakhawy> o/
12:32:53 <spotz> I know Bel will not be here, we need at least one more for Quorum
12:33:30 <melsakhawy> let's give it a few mins
12:33:41 <spotz> For reference link to the agenda
12:33:44 <spotz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
12:45:25 <spotz> ricolin: I did ask Bel if he wanted to be the laison as he can't make this meeting. He hasn't replied so for at least the time being I'll serve as the laison with the TC in regards to SiGs
12:46:21 <ricolin> spotz, thanks for the info
12:47:08 <ricolin> FYI, We have 1/4 day for Meta-sig in PTG on Tuesday
12:48:06 <ricolin> Kind of need some propose agenda for it https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/PVG-meta-sig
12:48:29 * ricolin will fill it up if none from others:)
12:48:33 <spotz> I definitely won't be there, but I think Bel might:)
12:49:29 <spotz> Bel had just gone through the process of seeing who still existed, I know we've got the new Ansible SiG
12:49:45 <spotz> I'm gonna go ahead and close the log to save space on the server.
12:49:49 <spotz> #endmeeting