12:30:21 <spotz> #startmeeting UC
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12:30:34 <spotz> #toopic ROll Call
12:30:47 <belmoreira> o/
12:31:16 <spotz> Hel belmoreira
12:31:34 <spotz> #topic Roll Call
12:31:34 <belmoreira> hi spotz
12:31:51 <spotz> That's better, my keyboard throws out extra o sometimes
12:32:04 <belmoreira> I'm doing it again :)
12:32:06 <belmoreira> o/
12:32:37 <spotz> :)
12:32:59 <spotz> Hey studarus
12:33:00 <studarus> o/
12:33:33 <spotz> "This is our group for this morning, we do have quorum if needed
12:35:28 <spotz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
12:36:25 <spotz> For the agenda, I just carried over last weeks which we didn't have and removed the UC goals as Mohammed was leading that discussion. We can of course discuss but any goals would need to wait until we have more of the group
12:37:42 <spotz> I also just made a section for next week if anyone wants to add to it
12:38:35 <spotz> #topic Mega-SiG
12:39:32 <spotz> JUst for the official record, belmoreira declined the mega chair position feeling we should go ahead and keep it with the UC chair. studarus any thoughts?
12:39:49 <studarus> that's fine with me
12:41:48 <spotz> Ok I'll let ricolin know. As far as I know the only new SiG that's been discussed was the Ansible one as we now have OSA, TripleO and Kolla-Ansible projects all using Ansible and there is some overlap where they can share their work
12:42:33 <spotz> #topic Summit
12:43:50 <spotz> Not on the agenda officially but did want to let everyone know there will be a leadership meeting on Nov 3rd. No more details then that but the leadership reps are being gathered still so if there's anything we might want to push for on the agenda let me know
12:44:49 <studarus> do we need to brush off the deck and update?
12:44:54 <spotz> "If I remember correct belmoreira and jayahn will be there?
12:45:11 <spotz> studarus: That's what I'm thinking that we at the least can do an update
12:45:38 <belmoreira> yes, I will be there
12:46:40 <spotz> Ok so we'll definiitely offer to give an update
12:47:31 <belmoreira> +1
12:48:13 <ricolin> spotz, belmoreira please update https://github.com/openstack/governance-sigs/blob/master/sigs.yaml#L275 accordingly:) I can help to approve it asap or VW_ can
12:48:38 <spotz> Thanks ricolin
12:49:36 <ricolin> and for Meta-SIG, we will have 1/4 day PTG session https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/PVG-meta-sig
12:50:41 <spotz> belmoreira:  can you attend that?:)
12:50:52 <spotz> New deck - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1u8sVDZGu5V3EzvpIaDd_kOZhPF-kCJ6eB4DzxAqlmE0/edit?usp=sharing
12:51:05 <ricolin> still not put in anything but we can make the agenda together:)
12:51:25 <spotz> let me know if you can access it and I'll mail it to the group as well
12:51:30 <belmoreira> checking...
12:52:35 <belmoreira> I can attend
12:53:03 <spotz> Thanks:)
12:54:33 <spotz> Ok anything else we need to get rolling on Summit? studarus and belmoreira can you access the deck?
12:55:19 <studarus> I have view only and have requested rw
12:55:50 <spotz> grr, someday I will get google docs down!
12:55:54 <belmoreira> the same for me
12:57:44 <spotz> belmoreira: it said you didn't have a google account it's sending you an invite. But everyone now except for that should be goood
12:59:02 <spotz> #topic Open Discussion
13:00:33 <spotz> I did want to mention that the Open Source  Day workshop at Grace Hopper went really well. Of relavence to us was one department head attending too learn moore about OPenStack to orelate with his groups who are running a deployment. And one student who is thinking of utilizing some hardware his school has to create one
13:02:47 <spotz> Anyone else have anything for Open Discussioon? We do really need to hopefully have everyone next week to work on our Goals so we can move forward with other discussions
13:04:57 <studarus> nothing here
13:06:37 <spotz> Ok everyone have 24 minutes back
13:06:41 <spotz> #endmeeting