12:33:17 <spotz> #startmeeting uc
12:33:17 <studarus> o/
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12:33:25 <spotz> #topic ROll Call
12:33:37 <melsakhawy> o/
12:33:45 <belmoreira> o/
12:33:47 <jayahn> 4:30 :(  that is bad. we should talk about setting up meeting time a bit later then.
12:33:52 <jayahn> o/
12:34:07 <studarus> o/
12:34:11 <spotz> jayahn: Yeah but next week will be 5:30 - it is on the agenda though
12:34:14 <spotz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
12:34:21 <spotz> Agenda for those that need it
12:34:28 <spotz> #topic Old Business
12:34:53 <spotz> I thought we'd startoff with the Summit as it's next week.
12:35:13 <spotz> belmoreira:  will be representing at the Meta Sig session
12:35:41 <belmoreira> yes
12:35:51 <spotz> Doesn't look like the deck has gotten any love yet for the leadership meeting
12:36:21 <belmoreira> I updated the info related to the OpenStack Day CERN
12:37:22 <spotz> Ok thanks and I just changed Berlin to NY, I'll see if I can't get updated info from the group
12:37:43 <spotz> Vietname is this week?
12:37:45 <jayahn> ah, yeap. I need to update some info there.
12:39:15 <spotz> Ok I've moved OPS, Cern and Viietnam to the top of that grroup in case we end up just deleting the others. studarusdid you attend any events you want to add or update?
12:39:28 <spotz> studarus: ^
12:39:49 <studarus> thinking what I attended this year...
12:40:19 <studarus> the years have meshed together - let me check my travel logs and I'll update
12:40:44 <jayahn> studarus: you were in korea. :)
12:40:51 <studarus> yes, OpenInfra Korea
12:41:05 <studarus> I forget which were OpenStack and which were CNCF...
12:41:13 <spotz> studarus: great thanks! That I think is a new slide, maybe use the Tokyp  one?
12:41:47 <studarus> jayahn - you ran the Korea event?
12:41:57 <jayahn> yeap
12:42:14 <spotz> aprice: if you want to send me new user surrvey info I'll update that slide
12:42:14 <jayahn> i can add korea one there as a new slide
12:42:47 <jayahn> korea was co-hosted by four communities: openstack, kubernetes, ceph, and ocp
12:43:21 <spotz> jayahn: ohh that might be good for Adjacent Communities?:)
12:43:47 <jayahn> spotz: sure
12:44:24 <spotz> I think our gooing forward is the same at this point, so just updated Denver too Shanghai as we rreally haven't started any new initiatives with the election so late and new goals not finished
12:45:02 <spotz> So we still have committ goals untouched yet
12:48:22 <spotz> melsakhawy: You want to work on the goals section? I'll get updated UC stats from jimmy
12:48:45 <melsakhawy> sure , I can take care of it
12:51:05 <spotz> Ok that should cover all the slides, hopefully OPS team will meet in an hour if not I'll email the team
12:51:16 <spotz> Any thing else we need to discuss for Summit?
12:52:03 <belmoreira> yes, do you know if we can  attend the leadership meeting?
12:52:52 <melsakhawy> sorry , got disconnected. I will update the goals section
12:54:07 <spotz> Yeah I gave the link to the schedule by email after last week's meeting. UC presentation is around 2, but get there at lunch so you can get seats:)
12:54:33 <spotz> And sometimes keynote conflicts shuffle the schedule so always better to be early
12:55:58 <jayahn> my flight arrives at 12:35. I am not sure how long it takes to get there from airport.
12:56:01 <studarus> keynote practices cause the conflict
12:56:20 <spotz> Just head over when you can jayahn
12:56:24 <jayahn> and.. I do have keynote practice at 4:30pm. :)
12:56:33 <spotz> hehehe
12:57:27 <belmoreira> would you be there studarus?
12:57:35 <studarus> 50-50
12:57:40 <studarus> I have an airplane ticket and a visa
12:57:48 <spotz> hehe
12:57:49 <studarus> but it'll depend on work.
12:58:06 <belmoreira> just to try to avoid that no one will be there on time :)
12:58:51 <studarus> I am primarily worried about Internet connectivity from China
12:58:56 <studarus> especially for workshops...
12:59:30 <spotz> studarus: Using OVH resources or is smeone in China providing them this Summit?
13:00:07 <studarus> OVH says they have a workaround so I'm seeing if I can port workshops over to OVH
13:02:29 <spotz> Ok, you could also check with Fungi he might have some insight on the connectivity or can get it
13:03:06 <spotz> I'm going to go ahead and change topic but we can come back to this in open discussin if needed
13:03:22 <spotz> #topic User Group and Ambassadr Goals
13:03:36 <spotz> This is a carry over from the last meeting
13:05:14 <spotz> studarus: You had the action item I believe
13:05:44 <studarus> yeah - I searched through my old emails and read through what the foundation told me around the user groups
13:05:46 <spotz> well jayahn to to give the non-US aspects to consider
13:06:15 <jayahn> yeah. it was my action point.. and i did not give them yet. ;( sorry.
13:06:38 <studarus> the last discussion with the foundation was to give user groups official status if they have had a meeting and a plan going forward to have others
13:06:46 <studarus> and if there is no other group in the region
13:07:08 <studarus> the party money is for marketing so that some buzz and photos get generated
13:08:32 <studarus> do we want to ask the foundation to change from this?
13:10:05 <spotz> I think it's a good question to ask as we move from OpenStack more to OpenInfra. Are the UG just OpenStack and hence b-day might be more important
13:10:07 <jayahn> i think it will be better to ask the foundation first. since they engage with user group for various reason, they might have some idea
13:10:51 <spotz> I hope that made snese:(
13:12:28 <studarus> do we want to ask them via IRC or email?
13:12:41 <studarus> and what do we want to ask them?
13:14:00 <spotz> I pinged aprice earlier and she didn't respond so I'd say email. I also dropped Jimmy and Allison an email already for the updated numbers for the slides
13:14:50 <studarus> so ask them for the official latest user group policy around membership and funding?
13:14:57 <spotz> I think in my mind part of the question is the User Gruops solely focusedon OpenStack or OpenInfra. And if the money can nly be for OpenStack b-day or used for x,y,andz?
13:15:23 <studarus> I was told I can't use the $$ for speaker travel - just the birthday
13:16:27 <jayahn> sorry to interrupt, just let everyone know I need to leave in 10min.
13:16:46 <spotz> Thanks jayahn - Any thing you need to comment/say real quick?
13:17:03 <jayahn> meeting time change?
13:17:55 <spotz> Oh yeah, so I believe next week we will be back n regular time everywhere. This week it was going to be super early for studarus so we bumped. Is everyone good with the meeting time with the time changes?
13:18:26 <studarus> I'm in Dallas today so it isn't awful  :)  7:30 instead of 5:30am
13:18:51 <spotz> studarus: Ha! And I moved it to later for you:)
13:19:07 <studarus> what will it be next week?
13:19:23 <belmoreira> in 2 weeks?
13:19:36 <jayahn> hm... today is on time 12:30 UTC. has not been changed.
13:19:47 <jayahn> sorry, you should talk with UTC
13:19:57 <jayahn> otherwise, it will always confuse me
13:20:04 <spotz> sorray jayahn
13:21:05 <spotz> According to my google calendar in the US we will move to an hour earlier which is really early if studarus is home
13:21:26 <studarus> next week I should be in Shanghai so that doesn't matter
13:21:42 <spotz> I'd be up later then I normally got riding so just means I don't ride which I gave up when we moved the meeting anyways
13:22:15 <jayahn> I am usually okay between 12:30 UTC and 15:00 UTC. However,  I do have another irc/weekly meetings on Tuesday; one in 13:30 UTC and another one in 15:00 UTC.
13:23:06 <spotz> We could move back to Monday and change to 13:30, my Monday morning conflict is going away
13:23:25 <jayahn> that works for me
13:23:39 <melsakhawy> works for me as well
13:23:50 <spotz> belmoreira:  and studarus?
13:24:09 <studarus> that's fine
13:24:17 <spotz> I may be in Luxembourg for our next meeting if I can ever get plane tickets:(
13:24:28 <belmoreira> 13:30 UTC on Monday will not always work for me. once per month. I have a conflict with another meeting
13:24:55 <spotz> Thursday?
13:25:11 <spotz> I hate to put things on Fridays as that's the day most folks are likely to take off:)
13:25:34 <belmoreira> Thursday (13:30 UTC) is OK for me
13:25:48 <jayahn> it also works for me
13:25:53 <spotz> melsakhawy and studarus?
13:26:05 <jayahn> I need to leave, I will followup later.
13:26:10 <spotz> thanks jayahn
13:26:11 <melsakhawy> works for me
13:26:12 <studarus> Fri or Thur is fine 1330
13:26:19 <spotz> ok thurs at 13:30!
13:26:50 <spotz> I will most likely miss the next meeting is I end up in Lux as that's when I travel home unless it falls in my Hathrow layover
13:27:30 <spotz> Ok back to User groups, I always thought it was a small amount to the UG not enough for travel
13:29:06 <studarus> The $500?
13:29:48 <studarus> btw, WeWork is no longer giving free space for Meetup groups
13:30:01 <studarus> so that avenue is going to hurt some groups
13:30:32 <spotz> Yeah WeWork is in big trouble
13:30:51 <spotz> So maybe we should ask if some of the money could go towards space?
13:32:16 <spotz> Who knows how long Rackspace will donate space to User Groups in my area too
13:34:16 <studarus> I think we're out of time...
13:34:25 <spotz> oops sorry!
13:34:42 <spotz> Everyone have a safe trip to Shanghai if you're going@
13:34:46 <spotz> #endmeeting