13:31:54 <spotz> #startmeeting UC
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13:34:05 <spotz> Ok thought meeting hadn’t started so switched devices
13:34:19 <spotz> #topic roll call
13:34:24 <belmoreira> o/
13:34:28 <studarus> o/
13:35:30 <spotz> #chairs spotz Studarus belmoreira
13:36:01 <spotz> #chair spotz Studarus belmoreira
13:36:02 <openstack> Current chairs: Studarus belmoreira spotz
13:36:10 <spotz> Ok good:)
13:36:26 <spotz> Trying to do this off my phone so apologies
13:36:47 <spotz> #topic Old Business
13:37:56 <spotz> So we haven’t met in awhile I’d like to start with y’all’s feedback on summit and the UC related sessions
13:38:40 <studarus> I didn't make it to the Summit.
13:39:23 <belmoreira> i was there.
13:39:32 <spotz> Oh I thought you had just not the joint leadership. Belmoreira can you update then?
13:40:53 <belmoreira> trying to find the etherpad
13:41:34 <belmoreira> can't find it now
13:41:45 <belmoreira> I was in the "User Group Forum"
13:42:09 <belmoreira> it was during the first day, right after the keynotes
13:42:24 <spotz> Any good feedback?
13:42:44 <belmoreira> the keynotes got late and people started to show up maybe 15 min after the session start
13:43:14 <spotz> :(
13:43:15 <belmoreira> few user groups there. I remember Japan, South Korea, Germany
13:43:47 <belmoreira> jaesuk was there as well
13:44:30 <belmoreira> the main point that I recall was us offering help to the user groups
13:44:39 <belmoreira> as point of contact
13:45:10 <spotz> Ok and so far no emails there but we rarely do get asked
13:45:37 <belmoreira> yes, that was one of the points... ofereing help
13:46:04 <belmoreira> because it started late we didn't have a lot of time
13:46:26 <belmoreira> I have an etherpad. Unfortunately I can't find now.
13:46:42 <spotz> Ok so that might roll into the next thing we had ambassador updates from one of the last meetings. Studarus you have anything on that?
13:47:00 <spotz> Just send the link to everyone when you find it:)
13:47:05 <studarus> nothing new on the Ambassador side
13:47:12 <spotz> Ok
13:47:32 <spotz> Anything else old to discuss?
13:47:53 <belmoreira> next time we need to handle better the board meeting
13:48:10 <belmoreira> I was not expecting to give the presentation
13:48:20 <belmoreira> At the end it went well.
13:48:46 <spotz> I think Jaesuk missed because of the schedule change:( you weren’t supposed to be there alone
13:49:22 <spotz> I appreciate you stepping up
13:49:25 <belmoreira> np
13:50:01 <spotz> #topic UC elections
13:51:50 <spotz> We have a little time before our elections but at the beginning of the fall we brought up maybe reducing the UC size. We won’t make a decision but I did want to bring it up again for discussion as I think if we’re going to reduce back to 3 this would be the best election to do it
13:52:02 <spotz> Just wanted to get thoughts
13:53:07 <belmoreira> i support that idea
13:53:19 <studarus> what's the benefit of having a smaller team?
13:53:43 <studarus> it isn't like the foundation incurs a cost
13:54:04 <belmoreira> my main concern is volunteers to enroll in this activity
13:54:20 <belmoreira> we saw it during the last election... and the TC is facing the same issue
13:54:21 <spotz> There’s 2 that I see. Easier to make quorum and then easier to get candidates to run who really want the roll
13:54:27 <studarus> if you go smaller, it just becomes more difficult to get attendance at Summits
13:55:31 <studarus> with three, will we get worldwide coverage?
13:55:46 <spotz> But is attendance at summit the purpose of the group? I think Shanghai should be considered different as there were additional concerns for Tavel. I have never seen the full UC or TC at a summit
13:56:47 <studarus> I'm just saying, with 5, there's a better chance of at least 1 person being there
13:56:52 <spotz> Studarus coverage I think is a valid concern though we have no related governance that says we need people from any area
13:57:05 <studarus> unless we find 3 people that are super committed
13:57:56 <spotz> I would hope all members of the UC are super committed. I don’t think attendance at summit determines that though
13:59:10 <spotz> But yeah we need everyone’s view points so we can decide before opening the election. I don’t like the idea of not having a fall election if we decide we want to change
14:00:24 <studarus> right now, we're electing 3 in Feb 2020?
14:00:34 <studarus> so the idea is just to elect 1 in Feb 2020?
14:01:35 <spotz> Yes the 3 of us are up. If we did decide we would elect 1. And if needed Mohammed could move to chair unlike this time when we were leaderless for a bit
14:02:05 <spotz> That’s part of the appeal on the timing. Chair and co-chair are on different cycles
14:03:11 <spotz> Even if Mohammed didn’t want to be chair he could lead during the transition
14:03:30 <studarus> Feb elections would start Feb 4 with nominations
14:03:45 <studarus> so we'd need the change done before then
14:04:13 <spotz> Yeah so we’ll have January to talk but if we do want to make any changes we need to start discussing
14:04:27 <spotz> And if we don’t that’s fine too
14:05:32 <studarus> do we need community input?
14:06:04 <spotz> Just wanted to start conversations. I don’t think so as I don’t remember any when we went from 3 to 5 but can verify
14:06:30 <spotz> For reference I was elected the first year of the expansion from 3 originally
14:06:42 <studarus> and why was it expanded to 5?
14:07:10 <spotz> Community was growing and we were in the hype cycle
14:07:49 <studarus> and there were just more community members interested in serving?
14:08:14 <spotz> In most capacities yes not just UC
14:08:31 <spotz> It’s just hard to get people now for most things
14:09:23 <spotz> We’re  not the only community having trouble with meetups and such
14:09:31 <belmoreira> I agree with amy
14:10:25 <spotz> Ok back on computer:)
14:12:32 <spotz> We're at 15 minutes? Anything else on this? I have one more thing to bring up
14:14:09 <studarus> bring it up quick then
14:15:27 <spotz> aprice is asking for us to write up the UC update for the Annual report. I will look for last year's info and send to the group
14:15:59 <studarus> when is it due?
14:17:00 <spotz> a was drii=ving to Florid
14:17:16 <spotz> dang done eraseed half of that:( retyping
14:17:27 <spotz> Oh actually it's in 2 parts
14:17:35 <spotz> January 10th I believe
14:18:35 <studarus> send it along and I'll see what I can contribute
14:20:00 <spotz> Great thanks. And if you havene't reviewed the SIG patch that's up please take a llook at it. I don't think it's merged yet
14:21:49 <spotz> Anyone else gave anything they want to bring up?
14:23:19 <studarus> hmmm - don't see any pending merges
14:24:15 <spotz> It looks merged
14:24:33 <spotz> Nopoe this one https://review.opendev.org/#/c/695366/
14:24:45 <spotz> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/695366/
14:25:12 <spotz> So yeah please take a look and comment, we're holding off on the workflow to get comments
14:25:54 <spotz> Ok anything else? If not I'll give us 5 minutes back
14:26:48 <spotz> #endmeeting