13:33:49 <spotz> #startmeeting uc
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13:34:00 <spotz> #topic ROll Call
13:34:08 <belmoreira> o/
13:34:09 <melsakhawy> o/
13:34:37 <spotz> Morning:)
13:35:20 <melsakhawy> Good morning !
13:35:26 <spotz> Agenda
13:35:34 <spotz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
13:35:34 <belmoreira> hi all! afternoon here :)
13:36:32 <spotz> One trip when I go to the office I'll have to try to visit belmoreira
13:36:46 <spotz> #topic Annual Report
13:37:19 <belmoreira> spotz you are very welcome!
13:37:34 <spotz> Annual report is due tomorrow. John did aa great start and I made a few changes, anyone else have anything for tthat?
13:37:54 <belmoreira> I just edit the initial paragraph
13:38:18 <spotz> And if I see myy typos I'll fix if not apollogies in advance for extra letteers:)
13:38:19 <belmoreira> I was elected in February and not re-elected
13:38:33 <spotz> Ok thanks belmoreira
13:38:53 <melsakhawy> looks good
13:38:54 <belmoreira> looks good to me
13:39:47 <spotz> Ok I'll leave the draaft up untill toomorrow afternoon and then send it in in case jayahn has any changes or additins
13:41:08 <spotz> #topic Elections
13:43:41 <spotz> So we're leaning towards reducing the number and we'll need to make a decision soon so we can discuss with the OSF. But we didn't ask the easy question of who is planning on re-running. While I don't wantt to fill the UC with people just re-running and no one new if everyone is planning on it it would give us more time to decide. Trouble is I still think Spring is the time to make. the downsize if we everr decide to
13:44:29 <spotz> And witth half the group not here we can't make a decisiioin either way tthis week even though we do have a quorum, I would really like to see a consensus on this
13:44:41 <melsakhawy> agreed
13:44:45 <belmoreira> +1
13:47:20 <spotz> And while meeting attendence is important, if folks are acttively working on things at other ttimes I don't think it's necessarily a sign that yes we shold downsize right now as we're 3 and not 5 today
13:48:06 <spotz> So let's table this again for next week unlleess eitherr of you have a comment before we move on?
13:48:18 <melsakhawy> I'm good, that makes sense
13:48:39 <belmoreira> let's wait until we have everyone in the meeting
13:49:07 <spotz> We definitely need to wait for eveeryone, this is a big decision. Ok moving on
13:49:23 <spotz> #topic Anbassador Program
13:49:31 <spotz> melsakhawy: You want to lead this?
13:50:20 <melsakhawy> sure, so I communicated with allison and ashlee on the revamp for the ambassador program
13:50:35 <melsakhawy> the core change is including outreach as part of the responsibilities
13:50:52 <melsakhawy> currently , the scope of ambassadors is only user group support and oversight
13:51:22 <melsakhawy> I started a draft for collecting the proposed changes , both are welcoming to the changes
13:52:08 <melsakhawy> something that was mentioned was how to followup and ensure responsiveness/active engagement of ambassadors
13:52:45 <melsakhawy> My thought on this is to make the UC primarily responsible for the Ambassador program
13:53:28 <melsakhawy> and clarify, in writing, what the role of Ambassadors , this way we can follow up and assist with the outreach
13:54:11 <spotz> Yeah we've always been associated and used them as a feedback loop but never really overseen them
13:54:49 <melsakhawy> I'd love to have the proposal finished before the upcoming elections
13:55:43 <melsakhawy> I' plan on putting time into it this week/end and will email everyone to get their feedback on the items
13:56:00 <belmoreira> thanks melsakhawy
13:56:04 <spotz> We have 35 minutes, if we leave 5 for oopen discussion why don't we do some outlining?
13:56:23 <melsakhawy> sure
13:57:40 <melsakhawy> it';s a bit hard to discuss in two windows :)
13:59:12 <spotz> I think at lelast for me I'd rather throw out ideas here it just took me 2 minutes to figuree out the spacing you were using:)
13:59:52 <melsakhawy> lol
14:00:34 <melsakhawy> yeah , I thinik there's an agreement on that we need to formalize the process of appointment and termination of ambassadors
14:00:40 <spotz> Did the OSF give any hint to funding the ambassadors as you just put that on the sheet?
14:01:16 <melsakhawy> not really , but I think we need to put it out . Basically if an Ambassador needs to reach out to the community, they may have to travel
14:01:32 <melsakhawy> or organize events and such
14:01:49 <melsakhawy> we can see how much they can be allocated for such activities
14:03:55 <spotz> Yeah I have a feeling that might end up being an issue in the end, it definitely doesn't hurt to propose it and I think we could minimize costs in that reguard by having regional people
14:04:17 <melsakhawy> yeah that's fair
14:05:08 <spotz> There could be more high profile events which could reequire more of a higher level ambassador but if that person isn't nearby that's more travel
14:05:35 <spotz> And maybe in those cases some funding from the local group?
14:06:28 <melsakhawy> yeah could be , we should probably include something about ambassador coverage, right now it's mostly regional
14:06:57 <melsakhawy> I think having more than one ambassador per region can help
14:07:06 <melsakhawy> alleviate the need for travel if ther are need by
14:07:09 <melsakhawy> *near
14:07:16 <spotz> Ok leet's start with how many ambassadors do we have now and where. Then how many we think this change would require.
14:08:49 <spotz> I think knowing the numbers might help us to definite terms, how to be selected, how to determine activity, eetc
14:09:19 <melsakhawy> yeah true , the current links on the website point to the meetup groups
14:09:57 <spotz> So Useer grous vs amabassadors? I know there used to be a page with headhsots
14:11:09 <melsakhawy> yeah can't find that
14:11:28 <melsakhawy> last meetings on irc were in 2015 from eavesdrop
14:11:35 <spotz> Me neither:(
14:11:44 <melsakhawy> I will check with aprice and ashlee
14:11:49 <spotz> They have a slack but not a whole llot of chatteron it
14:12:08 <melsakhawy> probably a good reason we need to revamp the program that we can't find much info about it
14:12:48 <spotz> 33 people show up in the meetup channel but I know not everyone like me is an ambassador
14:15:37 <spotz> So I think if we can make up numbers and locations that might help us some. Last time I saw that page I want to say there were 12 Ambassadors, 2 I know aree no longer in OpenStack
14:16:34 <melsakhawy> true
14:16:49 <melsakhawy> I'll check with them on the numbers
14:18:04 <spotz> One thing we can think about is time limits, yearly or every 2 years? They wouldn't be re-elected as we aree but they could need to reapply
14:19:49 <melsakhawy> true , I think two years are minimum. As it's individual-based program, we probably want them to have enough time to build their plan for outreach and execute on it
14:21:11 <spotz> I'm divided on timeframes, if it's someone doing it as a passion longer can be good, if it's woork rellated they could be around long term or for shorter if job changes
14:23:31 <spotz> Whiich iis why I definittely think reappllying to show intterest, if we go shorter it can just be a rubberstamp of yep you'r egood even if they haven't made big waves but wee know they're out there trrying
14:25:14 <melsakhawy> yeah , i wouldn;t be opposed to the reapplying part as long as the UC doesn't expect big waves to reapprove someone who's doing good effort
14:25:21 <spotz> And we're at 6 minutes. Is there any open discussion?
14:26:03 <belmoreira> yes
14:26:09 <spotz> I personally woullldn't expect big waves escpeciallly if someone waas in a harder area and you knew they were doing their best
14:26:17 <spotz> Ok changing topics:)
14:26:23 <spotz> #topic Open Discussion
14:26:27 <spotz> You're on belmoreira
14:26:29 <belmoreira> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/LiYBz2Ak7M
14:26:49 <belmoreira> This is the etherpad from the Shanghai Summit
14:26:58 <spotz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/LiYBz2Ak7M
14:27:17 <belmoreira> maybe we should go through it during the next meeting
14:27:31 <spotz> Oh we should get ops meetup group in touch with Japan:)
14:28:14 <spotz> Definitely, I can make a section but always feell free to add ageenda stuff:)
14:30:24 <spotz> Ok I added it under old business as we have technically already talked about summit. But I put it first, then ambassador program and then elections. Might need to reorder thoose though
14:31:45 <melsakhawy> sounds good
14:31:54 <spotz> Anything ellse?  We're a minute over
14:32:55 <belmoreira> bye bye
14:33:21 <spotz> Have a goood day/night:)
14:33:25 <spotz> #endmeeting