13:31:06 <spotz> #startmeeting UC
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13:31:13 <spotz> #topic Roll Call
13:31:33 <melsakhawy> Sorry folks for the late notice, I will mostly be non-participating today
13:31:40 <belmoreira> o/
13:31:50 <melsakhawy> o/
13:32:00 <melsakhawy> Will be keeping an eye though
13:33:34 <spotz> Might just be us, we'll see if anyone else shows in the next few minutes
13:33:48 <spotz> Ha belmoreira you're name is the same length as melsakhawy:)
13:34:28 <spotz> #chairs belmoreira melsakhawy spotz
13:34:33 <spotz> #chair belmoreira melsakhawy spotz
13:34:34 <openstack> Current chairs: belmoreira melsakhawy spotz
13:34:37 <belmoreira> finally you noticed!
13:34:56 <spotz> heheh
13:35:28 <spotz> Agenda link
13:35:28 <melsakhawy> Lol
13:35:31 <spotz> #llink https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
13:36:43 <spotz> melsakhawy: While you're still about anything on the Ambassador program?
13:37:56 <melsakhawy> Sorry haven't had a chance to update anything over the past two weeks
13:38:13 <melsakhawy> Out of office, will be back and following on it next week
13:38:35 <spotz> Ok I'lll move it to next week's ageenda
13:39:17 <spotz> belmoreira: You want to go over the eetherpad then?
13:40:16 <belmoreira> there is not much info in the etherpad
13:40:33 <belmoreira> this was the result of a very short session
13:41:08 <belmoreira> and most of points are known
13:41:26 <belmoreira> you do have any comment or think about any particular action?
13:41:34 <spotz> OPS mmetup team hasn't met since we put this on our agenda so haven't had a chance to mention the Japan item to them
13:42:23 <spotz> Looks like Chris waas in attendance though
13:42:58 <spotz> #topic Elections
13:43:48 <spotz> We are still short an election official. I will not be running as I was elected to the board.
13:44:03 <spotz> aaprice do you know if I can serve as an official if not running?
13:44:07 <spotz> aprice do you know if I can serve as an official if not running?
13:45:46 <spotz> Hopefully she'll see and answer later that will solve that problem at least
13:47:07 <spotz> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/703251/ is the patch for the election so please review
13:47:42 <spotz> #topic New Business
13:48:14 <spotz> We're not really at a quprum with melsakhawy not reeally here. Is there anything you want to bring up belmoreira?
13:48:27 <belmoreira> not really
13:50:04 <spotz> Ok let's call it then.
13:50:09 <spotz> #endmeeting