13:32:43 <spotz> #startmeeting uc
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13:32:55 <spotz> #topic ROll Call
13:33:00 <spotz> just to be official
13:33:11 <melsakhawy> o/
13:33:16 <belmoreira> o/
13:33:30 <spotz> #chairs melsakhawy belmoreira spotz
13:33:41 <spotz> #chair melsakhawy belmoreira spotz
13:33:42 <openstack> Current chairs: belmoreira melsakhawy spotz
13:33:50 <spotz> always geet that backwards:)
13:34:29 <belmoreira> :)
13:34:54 <belmoreira> first of all congrats to spotz for joining the board
13:35:35 <spotz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
13:35:42 <spotz> Thanks belmoreira
13:36:13 <melsakhawy> +1
13:36:31 <spotz> FFOr the agenda today for old business I put down elections and ambassador program, new business Vancouver
13:36:37 <spotz> Thanks melsakhawy
13:36:55 <spotz> #topic Election Update
13:37:23 <spotz> So on Monday I sent out the nomination open emaill as weell as tweeting a llink to the email
13:38:11 <spotz> Yesterday Jimmy got the llist of AUCs to Rain and I. belmoreira did you see the email from Jimmy about a couple WG?
13:38:47 <belmoreira> spotz, not yet...
13:39:43 <spotz> Ok that might change the AUC list a little but I did leet him know you had just gone through all the groups beforee the Fall election
13:40:42 <spotz> So far no candidates, I know John menetioned he woulld run if there were 3 seats open which there are. belmoreira you were undecided at the time
13:41:07 <spotz> Close of nominations is 2/16 as voting will start on 2/17
13:41:31 <belmoreira> I decided not apply this time
13:42:32 <spotz> Thanks for all yor hard work on the UC in case I don't get another chance to say it!
13:43:12 <spotz> That's the only election update I have at this time. Anything else?
13:43:12 <melsakhawy> Thanks Amy we will miss you
13:43:27 <melsakhawy> I guess we'll have to wait to next week
13:43:41 <belmoreira> thank you all. It was a great experience being part of this team
13:43:51 <melsakhawy> To see how many candidates , if any
13:44:04 <melsakhawy> Thanks Belmiro, we will miss you as well
13:44:16 <spotz> melsakhawy: Thanks, with so few leadership positioins even if technically I coulld have done booth I didn't think it right. But I'll allways be available if needed to answer questions, mentor, etc
13:44:44 <melsakhawy> Thanks !
13:44:59 <spotz> Well so far we're at 0. I did suggest running to someone and they're thinking about it
13:45:35 <spotz> #topic Ambassador Update
13:45:45 <spotz> melsakhawy: Anything new to update on?
13:45:57 <melsakhawy> I've made progress on the roles for the Ambassador program
13:46:30 <melsakhawy> Specified the rules of ug mentorship and the outreach part
13:46:50 <melsakhawy> Have a look at it and let me know
13:48:38 <spotz> I like the mentoring part and the Outreach. I'd be tempted to mention the OPS Meetup group and their events but we won't be able to provide any travel forr aattendancee I don't think
13:49:48 <melsakhawy100> Sorry got disconnected
13:49:55 <spotz> I like the mentoring part and the Outreach. I'd be tempted to mention the OPS Meetup group and their events but we won't be able to provide any travel forr aattendancee I don't think
13:50:00 <spotz> that was the last thing
13:50:27 <melsakhawy100> Does it makes sense to submit it as a proposal
13:50:51 <melsakhawy100> I'd like to keep it as a possibility,  even if unlikely
13:51:20 <melsakhawy100> Just the idea of Ambassadors having to do stuff out of their own pocket doesn't seem good
13:51:39 <spotz> Reading AAllison's comments
13:52:37 <spotz> I think most of what we have written could be done remotely, we haven't really outlined why/when they would need to go plaaes
13:53:42 <melsakhawy100> I can think of dropping by ugs and possibly visiting operators are some of travel examples
13:53:53 <spotz> And could we possibly utilize Kendall and Ildiko at events? Though their titles are on the dev side of things
13:54:41 <spotz> Ok then let's flesh that out showing the reasoning, possible putting a limit on costs, etc?
13:54:53 <melsakhawy> Sure that's doable
13:55:55 <spotz> It may not go through but it'll help to give structure and reeasoning behind it
13:56:40 <melsakhawy> Sounds good
13:57:12 <spotz> Anything else on this?
13:57:56 <melsakhawy> Nope,  will get it updated , hopefully for a final draft by next meeting
13:58:07 <spotz> Cool thaanks
13:58:18 <spotz> #topic Vancouver
13:59:11 <spotz> I put Vancouveer down under new business as I wanted to see if the group wanted to request any room slots for sessions
14:01:56 <spotz> jayahn: if you see this when you get back inside let us know if you think you'll bee in Vancouver
14:02:10 <spotz> melsakhawy: Do you know if you'll be there yet?
14:02:56 <melsakhawy> I don't think so
14:03:23 <melsakhawy> Will be traveling mid june so a bit hard to do both
14:03:45 <belmoreira> I will not be in Vancouver
14:06:03 <spotz> Ok I won't put in for any space but we can see if jayahn or any new UC members will be there and if it's not too late grab a slot
14:06:17 <spotz> That's all I had.
14:06:23 <spotz> #topic Open Discussion
14:06:33 <spotz> If anyone has anything else to bring up?
14:07:08 <melsakhawy> You guys coming to next meeting , right ?
14:07:38 <belmoreira> I expect to attend until the elections
14:08:06 <spotz> Yep, we'ree still on the committeee untill aftre the ellection
14:08:26 <melsakhawy> Thanks , that sounds good
14:09:29 <spotz> And I'll probably do the one right after for handoff. You'll probably need to discuss meeting times again at that point possibly
14:10:04 <melsakhawy> Yah , depends on how the elections go
14:12:04 <spotz> Right now we weree lucky to havee peoplee all over the worlld, ddownside was finding a good time for everyone
14:12:26 <spotz> Pony has not minded Thursday mornings off:)
14:12:56 <belmoreira> :)
14:13:30 <spotz> Ok lets have 15 minutes back. Thanks for coming!
14:13:34 <spotz> #endmeeeting
14:13:46 <spotz> #endmeeting