13:30:37 <spotz> #startmeeting UC
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13:31:05 <spotz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
13:31:10 <spotz> #topic ROll Call
13:31:43 <belmoreira> o/
13:31:44 <jayahn> o/
13:33:34 <spotz> I just saw melsakhawy log in and John wrote he won't be here aas he's still on vacation.
13:34:47 <spotz> #chair jayahn melsakhawy belmoreira spotz
13:34:48 <openstack> Current chairs: belmoreira jayahn melsakhawy spotz
13:37:05 <spotz> Normally this would be the turn over meeting for the new UC. melsakhawy said he's afk and can just monitor the meeting. jayahn do you want to run it or would you like me to? In hindsight I gueess I could have re-ran but wanted to leave the spots available for new leaders. And if you all need help I can stick around in the future unofficially.
13:39:23 <jayahn> could you please run it for now?
13:40:09 <spotz> Ok
13:40:16 <jayahn> let's prepare turn over in the following week.
13:40:45 <spotz> We'll skip chair and co-chair as melsakhawy isn't really here. I'll move to next week's agenda
13:40:59 <spotz> #topic Vancouver
13:42:21 <spotz> I did get a reply from Ashley in regards to this, there will not be any bigger level workshops and I'd say the opportunity for more advanced ones will be few if any. jayahn you thought you might still be able to go for Airship?
13:42:58 <jayahn> honestly, not sure. it will be much clear around the end of March
13:43:25 <jayahn> when annual plan and budget is finalized
13:44:43 <spotz> jayahn ok and we need to request space the first week. If yuo want I can always request it and fill in on sight if needed
13:46:51 <jayahn> do we need discuss what UC will do at the Vancouver? since this is not a usual summit we know.
13:47:22 <jayahn> any discussion will happen especially regarding uc tc merger, or anything someone from UC must attend? spotz: any idea?
13:47:23 <spotz> I think it woulld be more thee joint leadership meeting and be available to meet with others for discussions
13:47:30 <jayahn> okay
13:47:45 <spotz> I do think it'll be an opportunity to discuss the merger in person
13:48:11 <spotz> Now whether that would be in 'our' rerquested spacee the tcs or in the hallways
13:48:28 <spotz> I can't see UC rerquesting morre then an hour of room space
13:48:47 <jayahn> i need to find out if ops session will happen in Vancouver. I definitely need to discuss ops meetup at Seoul planning for Sept this year.
13:49:07 <jayahn> that will be a good reason for me to get travel fund from the company
13:49:41 <spotz> I do know Erik is planning on being there and I think Chris, Seaan will definiteely be there, not sure about Shintaro. Aand I plan on being there
13:50:11 <spotz> So I'm preetty sure that can be aarranged on OPS Meetup side:)
13:50:31 <jayahn> okay, then there is high possibility I can go Vancouver. :)
13:50:59 <jayahn> since my company is hosting OPS meetup in Sept. in Seoul
13:53:27 <spotz> Perfect. Ok I'll go ahead and request and hour slot for UC, Chris will request a slot for OPS Meetup as we discussed in that meeting on Tuesday morning actuaally
13:53:39 <jayahn> great
13:53:53 <spotz> Anything else on Vancouvere?
13:54:22 <jayahn> nope
13:54:33 <spotz> #topic Merger
13:54:56 <spotz> So the last thing I had under old business was the merger.
13:55:59 <spotz> From the post-election talks, UC will be maintaining work on curreent projects but planning for the merger. I'm not sure the merger will be completed by the Fall election but it's a good goal
13:57:11 <belmoreira> It would be great to merge it before fall!
13:57:46 <belmoreira> otherwise the UC can be in a backhole situation
13:59:20 <spotz> From what Thierry said in the TC meeting I had posted the log to merging will be veery time consumming governance wise. It would definitely be easier to just disband the UC:(
13:59:43 <jayahn> :(
14:00:50 <belmoreira> I don't think next TC elections will be as popular as in the past. Considering also the UC situation, a new governance body should be a priority for the community.
14:01:02 <spotz> It did seem from the emails that they would find a way to include AUCs in the voting
14:01:59 <spotz> I do agree bel, even the Board eeleections didn't have a lot of non-eelected candidates. albeeit getting 10 nominaations by the deaadline does keep those list oof nominees doown
14:02:15 <spotz> dang tab belmoreira
14:05:06 <spotz> I think the problem is fewer companies involved and fewer individuals doing it on their own
14:06:19 <belmoreira> +1, so we can't continue with the same governance structure from 4? years ago
14:06:31 <jayahn> +1 as well
14:10:20 <spotz> Yeah that's kinda whatt I see the trend being. Some parts of our governance are great and led the way for others but it's looking like we need to adapt
14:11:46 <spotz> We did haavee 1 candidatee get manageer permission to run afterr nominatioon periood closeed:(
14:15:42 <spotz> Ok anything else on tthis? We have 15 minutes for newe business or open discussion
14:17:59 <jayahn> no
14:18:32 <spotz> #topic Open Discussion
14:18:43 <spotz> Aand if no one actually has anything we can close out
14:19:24 <jayahn> thanks everyone. please get healthy.
14:19:31 <jayahn> keep healthy
14:20:17 <melsakhawy> Thanks everyone
14:20:40 <spotz> Take carere all
14:20:44 <spotz> #endmeeting