13:30:08 <melsakhawy> #startmeeting uc
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13:30:13 <jayahn> hi
13:30:28 <melsakhawy> hey Jayahn , how are you doing ?
13:30:49 <melsakhawy> #topic Roll Call
13:30:53 <jayahn> crazy busy.  and being careful
13:30:56 <jayahn> :)
13:31:12 <melsakhawy> o/
13:31:24 <melsakhawy> yeah I am guessing , same here trying to stay in most of the time
13:31:59 <melsakhawy> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/uc
13:32:16 <jayahn> i am just arriving home..
13:32:28 <jayahn> pls give me a minute
13:32:35 <melsakhawy> sure
13:35:08 <jayahn> back
13:35:47 <melsakhawy> I posted a link to the etherpad. I could only think of  three items
13:36:15 <jayahn> yeah
13:36:54 <melsakhawy> First one is the current UC strcuture, I think we should maintain a structure in the transition period
13:37:16 <jayahn> i agree. what needs to be done to maintain a structure
13:37:17 <jayahn> ?
13:37:49 <melsakhawy> one of us has to be the chair , no need to maintain a vice-chair
13:38:23 <melsakhawy> basically someone to maintain meeting minutes, and communicate stuff out to the TC until we merge
13:39:00 <jayahn> okay, I see.
13:39:13 <melsakhawy> I'm indifferent , either you or myself , both are good
13:40:22 <jayahn> same here, though, could you be the chair?  time difference makes me somewhat difficult to do communication sometimes.
13:40:42 <melsakhawy> sure no problem
13:40:45 <jayahn> thanks
13:40:53 <jayahn> :)
13:41:29 <melsakhawy> So the second topic is the merger
13:41:39 <melsakhawy> #topic Merger
13:42:18 <melsakhawy> Last meeting we defined a couple of items that we wanted to see in the new merged committee
13:42:37 <melsakhawy> - Represent the user community to the boarder community (Board of directors, TC...)
13:42:51 <melsakhawy> - Work with user groups worldwide to keep the community vibrant and informed.
13:43:04 <melsakhawy> and - Manage OpenStack Working Groups that are not under TC or Board of directors
13:43:21 <jayahn> yes, i remember, and they are written in etherpad
13:44:06 <melsakhawy> I reached out to the SIGs,, i thought that some of them are inactive. But after reviewing the emails and reaching out , I couldn't find inactive ones
13:44:34 <melsakhawy> so I think that item needs to stay
13:44:41 <jayahn> okay
13:44:57 <jayahn> can you direct where I can see the list of SIGs?
13:46:05 <melsakhawy> sure
13:46:07 <melsakhawy> #link https://governance.openstack.org/sigs/
13:46:46 <melsakhawy> I wanted to know your thoughts on Thierry's email regarding the merger
13:46:54 <jayahn> I can take some part of managing SIGs. I, first, need to learn what I need to do for managing part though.
13:48:11 <jayahn> I need to take some time to read and digest it. for the last several weeks, i was very busy with company works. :( most of thing will ends on the next week finally
13:48:36 <jayahn> I will make sure I will read through Thierry's email, and get back to you
13:49:18 <melsakhawy> no problem , I understand it's been crazy here as well :)
13:50:10 <melsakhawy> regarding the SIGs, as far as  I know , the UC did regular checks to verify the activeness of the SIGS and assist if they needed help
13:50:32 <jayahn> so regular reach out
13:50:41 <jayahn> asking if they need something
13:50:51 <melsakhawy> yeah more or less
13:51:06 <jayahn> then communicate their needs to the foundation or TC, wherever necessary
13:51:15 <jayahn> okay, got it
13:51:52 <melsakhawy> I think we would want that responsibility to be shifted over to the new body once the merger happens
13:53:48 <jayahn> of course
13:54:14 <melsakhawy> let's move the merger discussion to next week then, makes sense ?
13:54:31 <jayahn> sure
13:54:48 <melsakhawy> #topic New Business
13:55:44 <melsakhawy> there's been some discussion on the openstack-discuss regarding moving the PTG to virtual
13:56:02 <melsakhawy> I may attend if that's the case
13:56:48 <melsakhawy> nm , it's actually goiung to be virtual https://www.openstack.org/events/opendev-ptg-2020/
13:57:32 <melsakhawy> would you consider attending if it's virtual ?
13:57:37 <jayahn> yes, if it runs virtual it will be easier to attend. On the contrary, if virtual meetup happens on USA time, it will be much difficult for us in Korea to attend since it will be the time we are usually sleeping.
13:58:13 <melsakhawy> yeah right, I keep forgetting of the time difference
13:58:15 <jayahn> it will be really difficult to keep wake during night time for hours.
13:58:59 <melsakhawy> yeah , that'd be tough
13:59:40 <melsakhawy> I've put my name in the PTG etherpad
14:00:14 <jayahn> I need to attend some of PTG session, I really need to think about how I can manage myself "not sleep".
14:01:25 <jayahn> btw, having discussed PTG being virtual
14:01:26 <jayahn> because of COVID-19, Korea User Group cancled open infrastructure day this year.
14:02:04 <jayahn> we are discussing what to do, but not much idea. will it be a good idea if the foundation can support each user group to do virtual open infrastructure days?
14:02:17 <jayahn> for instance, supporting with a paid zoom account... etc.
14:02:31 <melsakhawy> good point actually , we can ask about that
14:02:55 <melsakhawy> not sure if aprice is here
14:03:24 <jayahn> I will send an email on mailing list (and to aprice) about this idea then
14:04:06 <jayahn> in addition, I am going to host ops meetup on september. I need to make a decision on that too, not now but probably soon.
14:05:18 <melsakhawy> yeah true
14:07:08 <jayahn> probably us send out an email to ask if community (users and operator) needs any help regarding COVID-19 situation to keep the community active? not sure if it helps
14:08:35 <melsakhawy> it's actually a good idea. Paid virtual meeting software would probably be the best thing to provide right now
14:08:47 <jayahn> yeah, i think so
14:09:01 <melsakhawy> let's first see what the foundation can offer with the Korea open infra days
14:09:10 <jayahn> okay
14:09:22 <melsakhawy> to basically hae some guidelines on what we can assist with
14:10:47 <melsakhawy> Okay If we have nothing else on this item, the last thing I have in mind is the Ambassador program revamp . We submitted it to the foundation around a month ago , I need to check where it's at,
14:11:25 <melsakhawy> but that's it from my side today :)
14:11:58 <melsakhawy> Any items you want to discuss ?
14:12:24 <jayahn> no, i don't have anything more today
14:12:43 <melsakhawy> okay that sounds good , let's call it a meeting then
14:13:00 <melsakhawy> have a good night and stay safe !
14:13:01 <jayahn> okay. :) stay healthy.
14:13:13 <melsakhawy> thanks !
14:13:17 <melsakhawy> #endmeeting