13:30:17 <melsakhawy> #startmeeting uc
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13:30:27 <melsakhawy> #topic roll call
13:30:34 <jayahn> melsakhawy: I am still driving back home from the work
13:31:03 <melsakhawy> no worries drive safe
13:31:47 <jayahn> sorry, it was unexpected additional work. I stopped at sidework.
13:32:05 <jayahn> I can do quick meeting
13:32:20 <jayahn> sideroad? sidewalk? anyway
13:32:55 <melsakhawy> sure , we needed to quickly go through feedback for the merger email
13:33:04 <melsakhawy> did you have a chance to go through it
13:34:12 <jayahn> I did.
13:34:18 <jayahn> ni
13:34:40 <jayahn> you did write most of things well
13:35:28 <melsakhawy> perfect , in this case  I'll send it out to the mailing list to start the discussion
13:35:52 <melsakhawy> the other thing is PTG meeting for UC, which I think may be a good chance to have face-to-face meeting with TC members as well
13:36:19 <melsakhawy> I reserved a room for UC during our normal meeting time
13:36:31 <melsakhawy> on JUne 4th
13:36:49 <melsakhawy> makes sense ?
13:37:15 <jayahn> face-to-face? offline?
13:37:26 <melsakhawy> yeah over video conferencing I mean
13:37:30 <jayahn> yeap
13:37:58 <jayahn> sorry, in korea, face-to-face often mean offline
13:38:07 <melsakhawy> ah i see
13:38:24 <melsakhawy> i think same here, I just may have mis-said it
13:38:30 <jayahn> I will make sure I am joinjng meeting, when would it be?
13:38:39 <melsakhawy> perfect, that's it , I will send the email out sometime today
13:38:46 <melsakhawy> you have a safe drive back :)
13:38:48 <jayahn> sure. thanks!
13:38:50 <jayahn> yeap
13:38:57 <melsakhawy> #endmeeting